The Ten Spot – Port Credit | My Experience & Review

The Ten Spot – Port Credit

Hello lovelies!

I was invited to check out The Ten Spot’s newly opened Port Credit location. In my last post I talked about places to check out when visiting Port Credit, and I wanted to feature this spot for all my beauty loving readers here in the GTA! The Ten Spot is a chain of beauty bars, known for their waxing, facial, and nail services. Christina and I popped by for some gel manis and spoiler alert – it was one of my favourite nail experiences…ever! Keep reading to find out more…

Now, let me preface this review by saying the services were provided to me on a complimentary basis, and this will be a full honest review of my experience. I’ve had my nails done a few times at various independent beauty salons so I’ll be basing my review against that!

Unfortunately I was about 15 minutes late for my appointment due to traffic (highway construction turned a 15 minute drive into a 45 minute one). The staff at The Ten Spot were understanding and very friendly, which made the experience so much better! I jumped straight into my mani with Gloria Rose πŸ™‚

First, let’s take a look inside!

Instantly, I noticed the bright, fresh decor and the large windows – they let in lots of natural lighting and just make the space feel inviting and comfortable. There are manicure tables right by the window and pedicure seats set up against the front-facing wall.

The Ten Spot is incredibly clean.

I was seriously impressed and I can’t get over how well everything was maintained in this establishment! I’ve been scarred by previous experiences at seedy nail parlors where nothing is sanitized – honestly so gross. I once went to a place where the lady filed down my nails , opened a drawer on her side of the table, and used a dirty brush to sweep the nail powder inside! And the drawer was filled with white nail powder! I’m honestly super surprised that I didn’t a) throw up or b) pass out.

Noooo thank you! πŸ™

The estheticians use a fresh buffing and shaping pad attached onto a stainless steel tool to ensure everything is sanitized correctly. As I was getting prepped for my manicure, I watched the girls clean the pedicure tubs and prepare waxing rooms, so everything looked like it’s in tip-top shape.

Gel Manicures

As I mentioned, Christina and I got gel manis done. It started off with full cuticle work (pushing back, clipping, and buffing), as well as fully buffing and shaping the nails. Aly (the owner of the store) also got his nails done next to us! I might have to bring Matt with me next time since they seem totally open to guys coming in as well πŸ™‚ The manicure ended with an arm massage which was super relaxing.

Now can I say – the customer service here was absolutely incredible. Our esthescians, Susan and Gloria Rose, were such sweet ladies and it was a pleasure sitting and chatting with them while they did our nails. The whole vibe of The Ten Spot is so inviting, and would be a lovely place to get your nails done, or even treat a special person in your life to something sweet. I think I’ll be treating my mom to a mani here soon!

I find that their services do fall on the pricer side compared to little hole-in-the-wall nail salons, but you’re paying for the cleanliness and customer service that you normally would not find at most nail salons!

They have a wide selection of Essie and OPI polishes for regular manicures. I wanted something quite simple and nude because I work in an office setting and have a slew of presentations coming up soon that I want to look polished for.

I got a gel manicure done with OPI gel polish in “Put it in Neutral” (sheer milky nude) and an accent nail with OPI “Petal Soft” (clear topcoat with light pink glitter and petal pieces.)

Christina went for a bright pink and silver glitter accent nail. So bright for summer.

Wax her up!

So while I was getting my nails done, I asked what services they specialize in. Gloria Rose said The Ten Spot is known for great manicures (both regular and gel), as well as their brazillian waxing service. She told me that The Ten Spot maintains the highest standards for cleanliness and does not double dip for wax.

I’ve never been waxed before so I asked her what that meant. Apparently at some places, they’ll wax you, and then dip that wax back in the pot!! So the wax you’re using has also been used on other people. Nope nope nope nope nope. I didn’t even know that was a thing. So if you’re thinking about getting a “brazilly” (as they call it,) get it done here and rest knowing that your wax is fresh.

You can also get facials done here! A friend of mine had a facial at another location and absolutely loved it, so I’ll trust her word.

Overall, I had an incredible time at The Ten Spot. My nails looked great, the store was incredibly clean, and the staff were super friendly! Definitely book an appointment if you’ve been eyeing their store!

Thanks again to The Ten Spot for inviting me over to visit the store. πŸ™‚

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