New Hair Favourites & My Current Haircare Routine

Hello lovelies!

As you may have seen me complaining on Twitter and Instagram… I have a lot of hair. I mean, a lot. My hair dresser once told me I had the hair of 5 people (to which I morbidly joked “Yes, I absorbed 4 of my siblings in the womb.”) The point is, I go through hair care products like it’s my job, especially shampoo and conditioner.

Today, let’s take a look through some of my tried and tested favourite hair care products!

The Chop

So I figured it was time to undergo “The Chop.” I haven’t had hair this short since my exchange to England, when I decided to Mulan my super long hair. It feels so light and refreshing! I got it cut by Sandra at Onare Salon in Mississauga, who was lovely and gave me exactly what I wanted. I definitely welcome the change, because long hair was always a novelty to me, but was such a pain when it actually came down to maintaining it.

Anyway yes, I’m a very happy girl now. Too bad my hair grows out super fast, so I’ll be due for a trim soon.

Here are a few products I love using on my hair!

The top 3 things I look for in my hair care products:

  1. Smoothing / anti-frizz.
  2. Make my hair feel soft and clean.
  3. Has a nice scent.

My top 3 hair concerns:

  1. Frizziness
  2. Tangling
  3. Dryness

Shampoos and Conditioners: Live Clean

I recently made the switch to sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. I’ve read in quite a few places that the foaming effect of shampoos with sulfate can strip the hair of natural oils and weigh your hair down!

While perusing the aisles of Shoppers Drug Mart, I came across the Live Clean brand. I had seen them recommended by other bloggers and decided to give them a go.

Now I don’t like reviewing hair products immediately after I get them – I like to see if they actually do something to my hair. Over the past few months, I’ve tried out a few of their lines and I can confidently say that I love their shampoos and conditioners!

So far I’ve tried their Keratin Oil, Argan Oil, and Biotin Extra Body* shampoos and conditioners.

Scent wise, I am obsessed with the Live Clean Exotic Silk Keratin Oil smoothing shampoo! It smells sweet and exotic, almost like coconut or a pina colada without being too overwhelming. It does a fantastic job of smoothing my ultra-frizzy hair while deep cleansing my roots and scalp.

The ingredients are great, chock full of healthy oils and moisturizers.

As a result, my hair feels clean but not dry and it’s very soft.  It does not leave any residue behind and leaves your hair feeling shiny and smooth.

I think the best thing about this shampoo is that it’s only $6 at Walmart – you can also find it at SDM for that price when it’s on sale. Oh, and the fact that they’re cruelty free! Live Clean seems like a very ethical and responsible company, which I love.

I have also been loving the Biotin Extra Body* line. Biotin (Vitamin B7) is a key nutrient for healthy hair, and this shampoo/conditioner claims to promote growth and healthy hair.

I don’t look for volume.

Although volume isn’t really something I look for in hair care products (my hair is very thick so I just naturally have volume,) it did a great job at helping my hair feel soft and full.

So yes, I love the Live Clean line! I have recommended it to so many people already – be sure to pick them up if you are looking for a new shampoo/conditioner. They have so many different types of shampoos/conditioners to choose from!

  • 96-98% plant and natural based ingredients
  • Certified Organic Botanicals
  • Helps hair look thicker, fuller, healthier
  • Adds natural moisture and lustrous shine
  • Enriched with Ginseng and Lavender
  • SLS free/Silicone free/Petrolatum free
  • Paraben free/Phthalate free/DEA free/Phosphate free
  • Contains biodegradable ingredients
  • Never tested on animals, and pure vegan
  • Packaging recyclable

Detangling and Defrizzing: L’Oreal Total Repair Replenishing Detangling Care Spray

One of the things I must include in my hair care routine: a detangler spray. My hair can get super tangled after blowdrying if I don’t dowse my hair in detangler. I’ve been using this one for years: the L’Oreal Total Repair Replenishing Detangling Care Spray. It is specified for damanged hair, but I still use it even though my hair is in great condition.

I work this through my hair once when my hair is damp, and again after it has been dried. It really helps to maintain frizziness and actually allows my hairbrush to do its job!  I have also used their Total Care Replenishing Mask from this line and it works well, almost like a concentrated conditioner.

Heat Protection and Shine: Rusk Thermal Shine Spray

I spontaneously picked this up during a trip to Winners. While perusing the hair care section, I spotted this Rusk spray. I remembered hearing a blogger rave about this, and on sale it was about $9, so I figured why not! It has a typical sweet hairspray scent and comes in an aerosol can.

It creates a soft, silky texture when sprayed through the hair. I like to run it through once when my hair is still slightly wet, and again before blowdrying/ heat styling. It is infused with argan oil and really tames frizziness for a smooth finish.

I’m a fan. I always see Rusk products at Winners so that’s a great place to pick it up if you’re looking for a bit of a discount!

Hairspray: L’Oreal Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold
Hair Spray

I don’t use hairspray very often  because I find that it makes my hair feel stiff/sticky. However, there’s one hairspray that I love, and that’s the popular L’Oreal Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray. It is a super-fine mist that holds down those stray hairs on the days I feel like sporting an ultra-sleek pony.

The great thing is that when I brush my hair out afterwards, it doesn’t feel sticky or hard! The scent is quite strong and lingers for quite a while after I spray though, which is my one complaint – it overpowered my perfume!

Smooth and Shine: Phyto Phytokératine Extrême Exceptional Cream*

I had never really been one for expensive, salon-tier hair products. Drugstore brands typically do the job for me…until I came across this product. I originally received it as a press sample last summer, but recently finished it and bought myself another one! It’s that good!

This crème makes it soft, shiny and not at all greasy. I only use one pump, and apply from the underneath first and then concentrate another pump on the ends. I love love love love the scent! It has a soft nutty scent that fades away after you’ve styled it. It’s so expensive (almost $50,) but it lasts a long time and is so so so worth it! If there was one expensive, salon quality product that I would recommend, it’d be this.

When my Live Clean shampoos run low, I’m going to try out a brand called Avalon Organics*! I receive their Clarifying Lemon shampoo – I can’t wait to have citrusy smelling hair! I’m really into natural and organic shampoos recently so I’ll keep you guys updated.

I also received their bath and shower gel (rejuvenating rosemary scent) and their lavender hand and body lotion!! EVERYTHING SMELLS SO GOOD! 😀

*This post contains press samples.

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  1. The Hair Central November 30, 2017

    Thank you for the tips from your article. Would you recommend a hairspray you’ve used recently that doesn’t cause dryness? I always end up with a dry hair every after using a hair spray. Hope to hear from you soon.


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