A Late Summer Sephora Haul

Hello lovelies!

I’m laughing as I write this post because as of right now, it’s early August, and I know this post won’t go up til the end of the early to mid September. Why, you ask? Because the end of August is my birthday, and I always hold off ordering from Sephora in July because I want the Sephora birthday gift.

That means I spend the whole of July restlessly surfing the Sephora site and app and adding things to my basket. Come August 1st, I slam dat checkout button! It also helped that eBates was at 8% cash back. eBates as a affiliate program where you can get cash back on your purchases from different retailers – I always use it when shopping from Sephora because you get money back!

Check it out here.

So here is a haul in two parts – enjoy.

PART 1 – The Tools & Accessories

Although it looks like I bought a lot, there isn’t too much here. My cart hit exactly $50 (woo free shipping,) but there were a few things in the sale section that I wanted to pick up.

Sephora Collection Sprinkle Me With Kisses – The Voyager

I basically spend every weekend at the boyfriend’s house, which naturally means that I’ve brought a set of skincare products and have taken up residence in his washroom cabinet.

I wanted a nice medium size makeup bag that was great quality and has a cute print… cue the Sephora Collection Sprinkle Me With Kisses Voyager!

I was eyeing this Bouffants and Broken Hearts collection when it first released because the prints were gorgeous, but I knew that they would eventually go on sale (and I was right!) Most of their makeup bags and accessories go on sale at the end of the season to make way for new designs.

It’s small, but not too small – and it can easily fit all of the essentials.

Sephora Collection always has really nice makeup bags. My current everyday makeup bag is the Sephora Weekender (which is currently on sale for half price, down from when I originally bought it for $50. I don’t regret it though, I traveled with it a ton and it fits everything I need.

What I do like, though, is that the Voyager has a plastic outer which makes it easy to wipe down. The opening is structured with a metal frame which helps the bag keep it shape.

It’s living at the boif’s house now. 🙂

I think the best thing was that this bag was on sale for only $14!

Sephora Collection Pro Airbrush Blender #78

I have never spent more than $15 on a single makeup brush. I’ve been really lucky at brushes – I found a really good set on eBay for $11 a few years ago and that’s all I really used. I picked up a Real Techniques set here and there, and a received a few sets from various PR.

However, I was in desperate need to replace my current foundation brush, which had started shedding. It was a flat-top synthetic brush and worked really well!!

While perusing the sale section of Sephora, I spotted this brush. It looked promising from what I saw in other reviews. The brush itself is quite large but densely packed, but soft enough to blend out makeup effortlessly.

It really does give a flawless, airbrushed finish!

I used this with my Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation (which I find is a slightly thicker, creamier formula than other liquid foundations,) and everything blended out beautifully.

It’s a great face brush, meaning it’s a little more difficult to work around the eyes, but the tapered point of the brush helps you get in around the undereyes and side of the nose without issue.

Overall, if you’re thinking about picking up this brush – go for it! It is currently on sale for $24CAD. It’s about half price and worth it in my opinion, if you want a great quality brush that will last you a long time.

Testing the Makeup Eraser out. The amount of makeup that it removed really surprised me! This was just from adding water and rubbing it on my face. The side with the longer fibres removed all of my makeup and lightly exfoliated my face.

The Makeup Eraser – Heart

This product tho! As you guys know, I’m a total sheep and love jumping on hype trains to see what all the fuss is about. I remember hearing a lot of buzz online when these first came out and decided to buy one of the Makeup Eraser Hearts to leave at the boyfriend’s house so I don’t have to worry about leaving makeup removers/ wipes there!

The Makeup Eraser is basically a soft polyester cloth that removes makeup…and I mean like, all of it! I don’t know how, but when water is added, it buffs away even waterproof makeup.

The Heart Version is small, but I wanted a travel-friendly size that I could bring with my on trips.

You can also find the Sephora brand makeup removing cloths here (which are a dupe for the Makeup Eraser brand,) and they basically do the same thing. I think I’ll buy these next time because you can get 2 cloths for the price of 1 small Makeup Eraser.

Buxom Lip Polish in Brooke

I bought this a while ago and forgot to blog about it! I was at a friends house and decided to dig through her makeup bag (of course) to see what products she was loving. She told me one of her die-hard faves was a Lip Polish by Buxon (can’t remember the shade, but it was a nude colour.) So obs I had to try it on, and I loved it!

This lip gloss gives your lips a tingling feeling and claims to plump them up. Not sure how true this is as I didn’t see much of a difference, but I loved the overall look nonetheless! Brook is described as a “sunburnt rose,” which essentially means a tawny-pink gloss with gold micro-shimmers.

I ordered this blindly because it was impossible to find swatches online, and my local Sephora didn’t carry this shade in store. I figured if it arrived and I hated it, I could return it. Fortunately the shade was exactly what I imagined and I’m in love! My one complaint (if anything) is that it has a sweet vanilla cake batter scent which lingers for a bit and is a little too strong and sweet for my liking. It’s ok, I’ll endure it so I can have pretty and glossy lips. 🙂

Sephora Birthday Gift

My birthday isn’t until August 30, and I placed my order on August 1st (I couldn’t wait LOL) so I decided to pick my birthday gift up along with this order. Originally I had planned to pick up the Caudalie gift, however I really do not need any more skincare products, so I went with Tarte.

Last year I got the Fresh Skincare set (The Marc Jacobs set looked boring, and I have about a million kohl eyeliners that I don’t use.) Which one did you pick up?

I haven’t bought much makeup this year compared to last! For the past year I have only used one blush, so I decided to pick up the minis to add to the ~boyfriend makeup bag~.

The makeup gift set includes Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Paaarty and Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Birthday Suit. Both are a mauvey-nude colour, which is pretty safe. I’m a fan of Tarte’s blush formula and the packaging is sleek and slim, which makes it ideal for travel.

These sample sized products are going to last me forever – It’s taken me two years to hit pan on a travel size Tarte Bronzer.

Finally, the minis.

I have two deluxe sample size products. The first is the Benefit Roller Lash mascara – I’ve heard youtube gurus harp on and on about how amazing this product is for years now. I don’t like spending $$ on mascaras because drugstore always seems to do a pretty good job, and Sephora always has mascaras as their 100pt perks. I never bother saving up for the bigger perks because they always sell out so fast.

The second one is the Guerlain Meteorites Base Perfecting Pearls deluxe sample. I don’t wear primers that often and I wanted to try out a more luxurious brand. (The only time I’ve ever tried Guerlain was when I bought the Meteorites Pearls as my mom’s Christmas gift.)

Finally, my three samples: Versace Eros Pour Femme Eau de Toilette (a wonderfully fruity, feminine scent,) Versace Dylan Blue (I always pick up a cologne so I can spray Matt and subsequently stick my face into his neck,) and finally Briogeo Rosarco™ Repair Shampoo & Conditioner Duo (I tried their heat protectant creme and wanted to test out their hair washing products.)

Hello again!

Checking in at the beginning of September, as promised!

I only have two more bits to show you guys. For my birthday, my sweet lil boif wandered into big scary Sephora and tried to buy me a Naked palette because he heard me talking about it! Unfortunately he didn’t know which one to get (I guess I should have specified) so he walked out with the Naked 2! A+ effort but I already own that palette, so he gave me the receipt and told me to head back and exchange it for the correct one!

I was going to pick up the UD Naked Heat except I saw stands for the new Too Faced Just Peachy collection! The Too Faced Just Peachy Velvet Mattes collection was an absolute dream and the colours were much more appealing to me than the Naked Heat, so I went with that instead. The colours are much more wearable in my opinion.

My favourite shades are Just Peachy, Fresh Picked, Peach Cobbler, and Peach Punch. I like them because they’re soft and warm and very wearable for work! Peach Punch is bright but muted so it’s not too crazy for me. I also really like the smoky shades on the right column because they achieve a very hazy smoky effect, and there’s no black! I hate black shadow in palettes because I never use it, so hooray!

My only issue is that I think the packaging looks cheap (or as my bf described it, “it looks like makeup for kids,” but I think that’s Too Faced style of packaging. It has a nice mirror inside, so I think it’ll be a nice one to travel with. Overall, this palette is a winner for me. And it smells like Fuzzy Peaches!

Aaaaaaaaand finally, I picked up the Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation, but I’ll have an indepth review on that later along with some other Guerlain goodies.

Did you pick up anything from Sephora recently?

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