Hello 2019!

Hello all!

Happy 2019! I’m back after a few months/ years of hiatus lol… After much reflection, I realized what my issue with blogging was…

I was trying so hard to turn my blog into a beauty focused blog, trying to up my production value and have super high-quality photos with complicated post formatting (like this post, which I still love but literally took so much effort to photograph + write + format).

It was just too much effort for me at the time. I think that really put me off since I felt like all posts had to reach that standard. At the end of the day, I just didn’t feel like blogging anymore because it was so time consuming… A shame really, since I enjoy blogging.

So here I am, with a simplified layout, just here to blog for fun. I’ll continue with beauty posts but I would like to reintegrate lifestyle, travel, food, fashion, as well as starting to record my fitness/exercise journey!

I’m reclaiming my space on the internet!

I think a nice way to start off the year would be to recount some of my favourite 2018 accomplishments!


  • Contract renewed at my job (which I’m basically working full time, but the nature of my work has a contract culture)
  • Started streaming regularly with Facebook Gaming and became a partner!
  • Brought Matt with me to LA for AX. It was his first time visiting and he loved it!
  • Flew to Gamescom with Fortnite as I placed 3rd in their cosplay competition. Matt came with me and it was like a mini vacation.
  • Matt and I moved into our first condo! It’s a small 1 bedroom but we love it.
  • Adopted my smooshy lil baby Matcha. He’s a silver shaded British shorthair. I’ll make a post about him soon.  
  • Worked on a bunch of really cool campaigns with Warner Bros Canada

2018 was kind to me, and I’m hoping 2019 will be even better!



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