Cosplay / Convention Schedule 2011

Was in the middle of sweatshopping my final project for International Business class when I saw Ackson‘s newest video on youtube.

After seeing this video (and mostly being in a state of fangirly awe for Tracy + Lauren’s Magna Carta cosplays), I suddenly developped the urge to start a new project! A fairly big one I guess.

Cosplaying Black Gold Saw made me change my mind about having a massive prop cosplay. I never realized how tedious they were haha! I mean they’re fun and you get a lot of attention in them but they’re just so tiring to wear! That’s probably how my love for Mio skyrocketed because her outfits are so easy and comfortable to wear.

Decided to do an Atelier cosplay! The character I want to do has a cute but detailed outfit, a medium sized weapon, and is really cute! She’s from a not very well known video game… Mimi has a very cute design, and  it’ll be a fun project to take on.

I’d really like to get more involved with fully making my own cosplays… It takes a lot of work but I think it’ll be worth it! I’d love to enter a masquerade some day… my goal is to enter with this costume! πŸ™‚
Also, going to take this time to plan out my convention/cosplay schedule for the year.

Cosplays (To Do)
– Akiyama Mio (Fuwa Fuwa Taimu – performance outfit) – K-On
– Akiyama Mio (NO! THANK YOU – alternate white dress outfit) – K-On
– Akiyama Mio (NO! THANK YOU school uniform) – K-On
– Akemi Homura – Puella Magi Madoka Magica
– Mimi Houlier Von Schwarzlank – Atelier Totori

(I bet you can tell who I love cosplaying the most XD)
Also, do you think it’s a coincidence that they all have black hair? Hahaha!

Convention / Cosplay Photo Event Schedule for 2011:
– Centre Island Cosplay Picnic/Photoshoot (June 25)
– Con Bravo (maybe)
– Fan Expo
– Youmacon (maybe)

Also planning (2012)
– Otakon

Finally, my youtube channel will soon be converted more to a cosplay/vlogging channel. I know I’ve been saying that I wanted to do it in the past, but this summer I’m actually going to be uploading more vlogs/cosplay progress/reviews…etc. I know my vlogs don’t get many views, it’s mostly my dance covers (which aren’t that very good anyway.)

I’m still going to upload dance covers, probably not too often now though… I only really uploaded once per month so I’m going to think of the vlogs as something that will fill the inbetween time!

What do you think?


Hey guys!
Here’s the post that I’ve been promising you… the photos of my Black Gold Saw cosplay from Anime North!
I won’t post too much text since I’m tired ( I’m scheduling this post for Saturday, but I’m writing it at 10:30ish PM on Friday)

This post is going to be very image heavy! So I’m warning you now haha!
All credit goes to the photographers.

First off, this is what Black Gold Saw looks like!

After Ringo and I watched the OVA, we immediately knew that we wanted to cosplay it! Luckily enough Jeanie and Carmen decided to cosplay with us as Dead Master and Black Rock Kaito!

LOTS OF PHOTOS under the cut!


Wil (manly Black Rock Shooter) helping Eric’s (Manly Dead Master) horns! Aww, cute!  BRS x DM ~!

Time for the Black Gold Saws to come out to play!

One of my favourite pictures! Jeanie and I are pretty cute, I must say :3



Daytime Photoshoot with THOMAS TRUONG

Thomas was nice enough to take MOETRON + Sydney + Carmen + Manry BRS group for a photoshoot!
We shot beside the TCC on the Saturday.

LOL TROLLFACE. I always have to mess up pictures haha…


This shoot went until two in the morning…my eyes had been dying for most of the night since my contacts decided to dry my eyes out to the point where my eyes couldn’t focus properly…orz

I think that’s enough photospam for now haha! I’ll upload some crack pictures sometime later on! πŸ™‚
Hope you liked the pictures! We’ll be wearing BLACK ROCK SHOOTER again for FAN EXPO 2011.

Also, did you notice that I added the new “COS” section to the link header? :3


Sorry, I’m dragging the Anime North posts out too much. I’ll try to finish these up quickly! 
I just love blogging about conventions, they’re so much fun!

Anyway, onto more pictures!

Stephen and Jeff were just hangin’ out off to the side so we met up with them!
Jeff was wearing Sanji from One Piece, Stephen was doing Garterbelt from Panty & Stocking!

Stephen makes such a bitchin’ Garterbelt, don’t you think? DAT AFRO!  SO MUCH HAIR!

“Manly” posing done by some cosplayers! Grey from Fairy Tail, Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist, and Black Star from Soul Eater! 
That Grey was one of the only good ones I saw that weekend to he honest… The other Grey cosplayers were just shirtless guys with the Fairy Tail tattoo and no wig! I wish people would put more effort into their cosplays sometime haha… 

The sky was getting a bit darker, threatening rain. 

Random people~

PEDOBEAR SPOTTED! Although I question the looks of the guy on the right… 

Obligatory Pedobear picture!
Ringo (running to me after): “HE TOUCHED MY ASS ;____;”

Some Japanese Jrock band was playing a set in the rave patio area. I don’t know what they were called…HITT or something? 

It was too loud for our tastes so we went back into the dealers room.

More pictures under the cut!

JUVIA SPOTTED! She was so cute, and I was so happy to have found a Juvia!  I really like Fairy Tail, and Juvia, along with Erza, are my favourite characters! No Erzas spotted though.

I FOUND SHIMMYCOCOPUFFS IN THE DEALERS ROOM!  I got so nervous though LOL I was freaking out! Immediately ran un tp him for a photo, which ended up looking horrible therefore MIOS FACE WAS PASTED OVERTOP!

NATSU! I remember seeing this guy on and telling him I was going to track him down… lol orz 

/人◕ β€Ώβ€Ώ β—•δΊΊοΌΌ CONTRACT?
A very cute Homura and Madoka doing their shopping. Apparently the Homura made the Kyuubey plush! It was very well made, very talented plushie maker!  

Ringo bought a little top hat thing because she felt the need to buy something in the dealers room! I’ve been to so many conventions and found that so much of the stuff is overpriced, so I resort to buying all of my stuff online now.  

Left the dealers room to meet up with Sai Kit for the photoshoot, 

Ran into Katie! She was cosplaying Dead Master! I’m sad that she wasn’t cosplaying DM for the BRS shoot, she would’ve made a lovely addition to our group! 

Got back to the Double Tree after the photoshoot, and we waited for Ringo’s mom to come pick her up. 

Saw Miranda! Cosplaying somebody from Portal I believe? 

Also ran into Jada, cosplaying Saria from Zelda! Very very cute, she’s such a talented cosplayer! 

While we waited for her mom to arrive, Ringo and I decided to camwhore (again)

Adorable cake rings from Pinkly Ever After! Ringo and I were both given one each by the very cute Peach Pinku! Thank you so much! 



Srs face

Some guy wandering around outside with no shoes on? 


ALONE ;_; 

Ringo went back home. I was waiting for my dad to come pick me up… Went back to the TCC and lurked around by myself for a bit. Was supposed to meet up with Olivia but she was busy buying stuff in the dealers room so I just stayed in the front area and yelled at her on the phone haha! 

Saw Carmen, took a camwhore pic with her~!

HNNG she’s so cute β™₯

Dad came to pick me up, and then I went back home.
And then AN was over. 

All in all, I had a wonderful time! Got to meet up with many friends and hang out, take pictures, and talk~! Hope to see you all again soon!

Oh, and thanks to every body who came up and said hi to me! I didn’t realize so many people would have recognized me from twitter / facebook / youtube / deviantart! XD You guys are awesome!

BRS photoshoot photos are coming some time this week, sorry for the delay! orz


Why hullo there everybody! 

Sorry for the wait!
I forgot to show you these pictures! Jean left her Stocking wig out on the table in our hotel room on Saturday so Ringo and I decided that we needed to camwhore with it. Such a pretty wig haha! 

The cutest Stocking β™₯β™₯ 

Jean, Ringo, and I arrive back at the hotel at around 2AM, having just come back from our BLACK ROCK SHOOTER photoshoot with Ray + Thomas + Michael. Taylor was already asleep when we got back, but we woke him up.  (He fell asleep watching infomercials HAHA. ) We got changed into our PJs. Taylor and Jean were flicking back and forth between Planet of the Apes and Lara Croft to the point where we didn’t know which movie was on haha! We were all like “OMG THOSE ARE SUCH GOOD APE COSPLAYERS, that makeup must’ve been intense, such a good Lara Croft cosplay! So accurate” etc!

Taylor and Ringo fall asleep. 

Sleepy Ringo~ /pedo 

Jean texting somebody on her cell phone~


Jean + Taylor + Ringo + I wake up at around 9:30AM. Jean and Taylor were planning to wake up earlier so they could take their luggage down to the Artist Alley so they could sell prints, but we were all so exhausted from staying up till 2AM that morning. 

First vlog of the Sunday:

As you can see, we were very tired!

Jean and Taylor begin packing up, I lounge in bed, and Ringo goes to take a shower.

Jean and Taylor end up leaving at around 10AM. Ringo and I take about another hour to pack up our stuff and tidy the room up a bit. DoubleTree hotel was offering free baggage check, and we were definitely willing to take advantage of that! Before leaving, we realized that we were basically screwed because we forgot that we had our giant weapons to carry around, as well as our luggage!  

Texted Lulu to come help us but he was busy with some other people. Poop. 
We ended up summoning our inner MANRY MEN and missionned over from the Holiday Inn to the Double Tree (about a 15 min walk), stopping occasionally to re-adjust our weapons and fix our luggage. Dropped our baggage off, and headed over to the TCC to do some last minute shopping and meeting up with friends.

FOUND MORNING LESCUE GUY! HE HAD LEGIT MORNING LESCUE. Honestly, this was my favourite cosplayer at the convention, so cool!

More pictures under the cut!

I didn’t get to keep the Morning Lescue though. 

Passed by the Panty and Stocking photoshoot! This was the pairing shots I think, Panty x Brief!
I also love epic background guy – his cosplay was basically a large cardboard sign with an epic background painted on it!

Saw Jillian @ Panda Logic at the shoot! SUPER PRETTY, and she makes such a beautiful P-P-P-Panty~!
Took a P&S x BRS photo with her on Saturday, will post in my next blog! 

Panty and Stocking sure was popular this year!


They were also selling wigs in the dealers room! They were reasonably priced, I guess. Still too expensive for me though.

Busy dealers room was busy! So many dealers and great merchandise!

One guy was wearing a flag. There were lots of dealers selling fleece bunny/kitty/panda ear hats, tshirts, plushes, etc!

Spotted this and thought of my friends who are obsessed with Dr Who!

Doomed children  Cute kids cosplaying…furries?   S-So many furries this year!

There were also many cosplays being sold this year. It’s good for those who didn’t prepare a cosplay at the convention, as they can just buy one there! 

More dealers room~

FIRST AND ONLY BGS RELATED THIS I SAW AT THE CONVENTION. I would’ve bought the print but I don’t like the art style very much haha. 


We then went back outside and managed to catch the Katamari photoshoot! I always love the Katamari cosplayers, they’re so cute!

The guy in the black furry Katamari suit must’ve been boiling! 
And I thought it was hot in BGS… that must’ve been torture!

My favourite one! Their head had such a cute expression! 

All of them are ridiculously cute! It must be hard walking around with those heads on all day though…

Cute Miso cosplay!

The rainbow head was also very cute!

COW! πŸ˜€

Time for the Katamari Cousins to take a breather! Must’ve been very hot!

Furry Katamari decided to attack some bubbles 

This post is getting a bit image heavy, so watch out for part two which is coming tomorrow!
Thanks for reading~!


Hi guys! Here’s PART TWO of my Anime North 2011 con report! 

I left off when Ringo and I changed into our less restricting, casual cosplays! She wore a cute lolita dress and I wore Akiyama Mio, Listen!! version! 

Camwhored before we left for the convention.

Carmen and I 

I took more photos in this because it was almost impossible to take pictures in BGS! 

Found Stephen (left) and Jeff (right)! These guys are adorable! I know Stephen is cosplaying some guy from Final Fantasy (Sazh I think), but I don’t know the name of Jeff’s character. (Please identify?) Yukimura from Sengoku Basara! Thanks Thomas! 

I FOUND MY HUSBANDO   Omg you have no idea how excited I was to have found a Professor Layton cosplayer! I think I kinda scared him because I was so excited!   I also had a derpily excited and scary facial expression on (it’s not every day you see somebody cosplaying your husbando) so I ended up shopping Mio’s face to hide it… Strange thing is that it actually fits HAHA! Layton x Mio ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY LIKE A DOUBLE RAINBOW~!~!  /idk

My face when some bitch walked across my photo with my husbando. 

MET UP WITH LULU. Pretty Lulu is pretty! PRETTIER THAN ME! 

More pictures under the cut!

We went into the dealers room!
For some reason there were so many furries this year, so we decided that Lulu should join them.
Lulu is sad that he’s not as hot as Ringo and I. 

Ringo decided to become a frog..thing. 

We lost Lulu shortly after… We ran to see some figmas that were on sale, turned around, and he was gone! Which is weird because he’s like 6ft5… You would’ve thought we’d be able to see him but apparently not. 

Veronica as the very cute Kiki from Kiki’s delivery service! 

MUGS! Ended up buying this super cute knitted/crochΓ©ed (sp?) cup thing in the crafters corner! It was quite necessary to take a picture with Kyle, who was cosplaying Godot from Ace Attourney! 

Ringo and I were getting a tad hungry so we went to the Tim Hortons beside the convention. They must have made SO much money, because the line was almost outside the building! 

Blurry myspace anglezzz 

Kyouya and Tamaki from Ouran were behind us in line! 


omg so cute ;u;

Definitely one of the best meme cosplays at the convention! She was so fabulous, such a creative cosplay!

Can’t go without some washroom camwhoring! 

HNNG ALSO FOUND HUSBANDO #2! Justin was also cosplaying Professor Layton, therefore obligatory husbando picture was in order. 

Aw yiss, totally got a picture with black Professor Layton!

Went back to the hotel, filmed a vlog!

We waited for a bit for Jean + Taylor to get back to the hotel. We ate instant ramen + noodles! We had organized with Ray + Thomas + Mike (The “photographer bitches”) for a nighttime shoot, which ended up taking place at like 10PM – 2AM…. orz 

Next post will be Sunday convention report, and then finally the BLACK ROCK SHOOTER photoshoot pics!

Please stay tuned!
>Click here to visit MOETRONcos’ vlog channel, for more convention clips!


Hello darlings~ 

I promised earlier that I would do a convention report for ANIME NORTH 2011.

Anime North is one of Canada’s biggest fan-run conventions. Unlike Fan Expo, which is a complete profit convention, Anime North donates part of the money it makes to the Hospital for Sick Children. 
Anime North is proud to be one of the many fund raisers for the international Hospital for Sick Children Foundation-that is based in Toronto, ON. Our many activities for “Sick Kids” as it affectionately known as, has raised $80,000 in the previous years.” 

 Anyway, onto the con report!

Woke up at around 7:30AM on Saturday morning. I always seem to wake up really early on the days of conventions, probably because I always get so excited! Especially since Anime North is one of my favourite conventions. This was my fourth year at Anime North! 

Checked over all my luggage to make sure that I had everything. (Didn’t realize that I didn’t pack any normal clothes except for my PJs! LOL this is the only scenario where this would work haha  )

Arrived at the Holiday Inn where Jean and Taylor were staying / where we were sharing a room with them.   They left shortly after I arrived so they could sell their art in the artist alley! (Those artsy hipster kids, hehe). Jean was cosplaying Dead Master as part of our BRS group, and Taylor was cosplaying himself. Changed into BGS, started vlogging. 

Ringo arrives about an hour after me, at about 10:30. She gets changed into BLACK ROCK SHOOTER! hnnng sexiest BRS ever

Putting on her wig~

Sachie: *click click click* 

Once we finished getting dressed, which was at around 11AM, we headed towards the convention! It was quite a mission, if you can imagine, as we had to carry two giant weapons and we didn’t have any help!  Long wig + giant sword + falling knee armor = not a pretty sight. But we managed to get there.

First cosplayers we recognize are Tracy and Lauren, cosplaying Juto and Zephie from Magna Carta! They’re such pro cosplayers, and their cosplays looked super super amazing. They’re so cool, I want to be cool like them one day /cheese 

More pictures under the cut!

In my first vlog, I mention that we were probably going to be cold because the weather wasn’t that great. UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR, both Ringo and I were sweating.  We forgot that we had long wigs on and our costumes were basically all black + pleather. Since it was so hot, we had to sit down for a bit. People were even taking pictures of us drinking, orz 

Vlogged again!

Also met up with Carmen! I haven’t known Carmen for long, but we instantly clicked and we’re really good friends now! Not to mention she’s adorable and moe and β™₯β™₯β™₯ She joined our cosplay group by cosplaying BLACK ROCK KAITO! 

It was hard for us to move around since we seemed to be pretty popular that day haha. I mean, girls in bikinis + big weapons is almost guaranteed to get attention, but we didn’t really expect to have that many people mob us!  We managed to make it half way towards the dealers room before we were trapped… So we just ended up heading back to the front area where the BLACK ROCK SHOOTER photoshoot was being held!

Of course, being the super enthusiastic cosplayer that I am, I had to hold the photoshoot haha!

Here are some pics from the photoshoot! 

Jean joined us a little later on after abandoning Taylor for a few hours in the Artist Alley haha!

Jean and I being evil. πŸ˜‰

There was even a STRength at the photoshoot! EXCITED, her costume was really well done and the hands looked amazing!

More DM x BGS

Aww we’re so cute!
Ringo makes such a good BLACK ROCK SHOOTER omg β™₯

We ended up having a photoshoot with Thomas and Michael (who we have dubbed our photographer bitches). Photos of that will come later on. 

After shooting with Michael and Thomas, it was about 3PM and I was bitching about my feet ( which hurt like HELL. ) We decided to go back to the hotel and get changed. We arranged to have a night shoot with Ray Lum + Michael + Thomas later on, I’ll make a separate post for that! 

Vlog #3

Ringo changed into a lolita dress, and I changed into Listen!! version Akiyama Mio!

This post was kinda lengthy, so I’ll make another post for the rest of our Saturday pics! It’ll be uploaded tomorrow, so please stay tuned. Also feel free to go to my cosplay group’s youtube vlog channel for more convention clips. > Click here for MOETRONcos Vlog Channel

More clips/photos tomorrow! 

Akiyama Mio (Listen!!) cosplay – Photoshoot!

 my darlings~!
I haven’t updated recently, sorry! I was finishing up my BLACK GOLD SAW cosplay for Anime North! 

I’ll upload a convention report some time this weekend! I was just really excited to get photos back from Saikit, who was kind enough to take photos of Ringo and I! 

I think this is my favourite picture!
It has a really relaxing and calm atmosphere! 
More uguuu 
SaiKit : Okay, talking shots! Go!
I’ll update again once I get more of the Black Rock Shooter cosplay group photos!


Sorry for such a late post, I really intended for this to be posted earlier but I couldn’t figure out how to do the leg armor… 

I’ll be debuting it at Anime North 2011, which is May 27-29, 2011. It’s taking place at the Toronto Congress Centre! 

Jean will be Dead Master
Ringo will be Black Rock Shooter
Amie will be Kirin from Monster Hunter (LOL so random)

Recently we’ve been having very crap weather… It’s been rainy,cold, and grey for the past week!  Definitely not nice May weather! This definitely does not work out well for our Black Rock Shooter group, as:
1. We will not have much clothing on, HAHAH it’s going to be quite cold, meaning we’ll have to camp out at the DoubleTree for most of the day.
2. We have massive weapons , so they might get damaged. 
3. Our hotel is a 10 minute walk from the convention centre… So it’s not going to be very nice if we have to walk all that way! 

I don’t care if it’s grey, I just want it to be 20Β°C or higher, and NOT rainy! NO RAIN! /does rain dance/ 

Anyway, here are some progress pictures for my BLACK GOLD SAW cosplay!

My jacket arrived! Thank god for reliable eBay sellers , and not the stupid commissionner who I ordered from. Seriously, they said they’d have it to be by the 14th of May, hardly sent me any emails, and when they did reply they gave me short answers with no pictures of my commission. I’m giving them until the 1st of June and then I’mma get ANGRYYY.

The only issue that I have is that the sleeves are a tad long, but that’s okay since my claws make my hands super long! (I usually have the problem of short sleeves, but it’s better to go over than under the measurements right?) 

My desk…. My workspace always gets SUPER messy when I make cosplay! Especially this once since there’s so much armor, orz

First glove is 80% complete! Just need to buy some more clay and spandex so I can finish the left hand, and then stick on the top hand plate! 

Horns and knee blade things. Still need to fix horns onto a headband and then into my wig. 
Never doing armour cosplays ever again…

My super ghetto boots. Going to paint them again.

Trying on my cosplay with my jacket, shoes, thigh-highs, and sword. 

WHOA OKAY took this photo and idk why, but I think I look really toned here? (My midriff area). I DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND but I’m not going to complain  HAHAH πŸ˜€
(I’m wearing a black bikini top in this picture OKAY? )

I’m going to post complete pictures sometime this week when I’ve finished making the entire cosplay!
BGS’ knee armor is taking forever to make! 
 This is my third attempt…. 

  • Buy black Sculpey + paper clay
  • Buy a white belt
  • Buy black spandex
  • Make belt buckle
  • Fix thigh-highs
  • Finish armour
  • Finish left claw
  • Fix horns onto headband / wig
  • Make bikini top
  • Make shorts
  • Make pouches for Ringo and I for phone/wallet
  • Make Ringo’s BRS eye flame
  • Start Packing



Oh and one more thing!
Ringo, Jean, Amie, and I have started a cosplay group VLOG channel on youtube!
We’re going to upload vlogs of our con adventures!

Cosplay Progress: Horns

This is going to be a quick, scheduled post because I’m working on my English ISU [Independant Study Unit] WHICH IS TEDIOUS. :<

This is a short post on how I made the horns for my BLACK GOLD SAW cosplay.
Here’s a reference!

How I made the horns: (I asked the fabulous owldepot for help! Amazing cosplayer β™₯)

I didn’t have any aluminium foil so I used taped up wrapping paper instead. Then I put on about 2 payers of paper mΓ’chΓ©, and covered it in paperclay. Sanded it down and painted it. Covered with Sculpey air dry gloss.


Base shape made from wrapping paper and tape.
Completely taped. Trying to get an idea of what it would look like. Not using this headband, it was just used to get an idea.
Paper mΓ’chΓ©’d
Clay #1 – basic shape, unsanded.

Sanded and painted. Still need to paint the tips more red.


Hello everybody~!

Today I’ll be posting pictures of my BLACK β˜… GOLD SAW (γƒ–γƒ©γƒƒγ‚―β˜…γ‚΄γƒΌγƒ«γƒ‰γ‚½γƒΌ) cosplay! Specifically, the progress pictures on my giant sword. (For those who aren’t following my Facebook page!) 

For those who don’t know what cosplay is;
Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure), short for “costume play”, is a type of performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. Characters are often drawn from popular fiction in Japan, but recent trends have included American cartoons and Sci-Fi as well as other pop-culture. Favorite sources include mangaanimetokusatsucomic booksgraphic novelsvideo gameshentai and fantasy movies. Any entity from the real or virtual world that lends itself to dramatic interpretation may be taken up as a subject. ” – Wikipedia

I’ll be wearing BLACK β˜… GOLD SAW to Anime North 2011. AN is a convention that takes place in Toronto from May 27 – 29! (So if you like anime,gaming,cosplay, and live in Toronto, YOU SHOULD GO!)

So badass, right? πŸ™‚
I’ll be cosplaying BGS, with Ringo as my Black Rock Shooter, and Jean as my Black Devil Girl

Pictures  under the cut! 

< Oh and before I start, these are picture sent to be my commissioner! I’ll explain at the end!>

 The drafting process!
The wood for the handle!

Skull that goes at the top of the handle!

Handle now has the carved in areas to give it the protruding shape!

Insulation foam has been cut, and handle has been inserted inbetween the 2 pieces of foam.

The zig-zag part has also been cut out in the foam. This is what makes BGS’ weapon so awesome – it’s like, half sword, half saw. THE BEST.

Sword has been coated in primer, along with first layer of paint.

Ridges have been cut into the top side of the sword.

Coated with another layer of paint!
Later on, the sword will be coated in fibreglass so it will harden and won’t get scratched! 

Isn’t it beautiful? I love it!
I have a feeling that I’ll be wearing this to many conventions!

The cool thing about this sword is that I got an amazing prices for it!  I originally posted a wanted ad on looking for a commissioner to make my BGS jacket! (I would have made it myself but I don’t have much sewing experience, and sewing with pleather for the first time scares me. ) I received a message from a prop maker saying that he saw the ad and instantly fell in love with BGS’ sword design and had to make it! He gave me an amazing quote so I let him make it!  Haha he actually really likes it, and asked (jokingly) if he could refund my money and keep the sword! Haha! 

I’ll post more cosplay progress pics when I get them! I also want to start making my claws soon as well! So excited for those! 

chamaro photo spam


She’s perfect. So beautiful. SHE HAS THE PERFECT FACE.
AHHH <33

Cosplay picnic photos!

Here are some of the photos that were taken at the cosplay picnic!

As I mentioned before, I cosplayed Busujima Saeko from Highschool Of The Dead!

Louis took this picture of me and I think it’s my favourite! πŸ˜€ My face doesn’t look all too round and my facial expression is mysterious. ;D

I think I was watching Nikki and Jeff do their photos… My facial expression is all like
“I’m not amused ;I” I also think I don’t look all that tall! XD

Photobombing Nikki! Trololo, Jeff and I made silly faces. Nikki’s face is so bloody haha!

Kami/Medusa is om nomming on Jeff/Takashi’s hand! XD

(=n=) face

It was getting chilly so we decided to stop for a bit and eat. πŸ˜€

Circle of cosplayers! πŸ˜€ Also love Kami’s nomnom face. XD

It was a really fun time! πŸ˜€ Can’t wait till the next one on Oct 16!! :3

Fan Expo – Sunday/Day 3

Wow, sorry for updating so late guys! D:

This is what happened on the Sunday of Fan Expo! (/what happened last weekend)

Got up at about 7:30, got dressed in my Mio outfit (minus the wig) and put my makeup on. I chose to wear Mio again because it’s casual, easy to move in, and people who see me would think I’m a girl going to a private school instead of somebody who likes to dress up like anime characters. Plus it’s not as weird of having to explain why I’m dressed like that when I see my friends or classmates at the train station. XD

Met up with Sami, her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s friend on the train! We talked as we took the train up to the station near the convention hall. When we got off, we walked to the hotel where Jean (Yui cosplayer) was staying and went to the washroom where we put on dem wigs! (Sami wore a really cute white one, she didn’t cosplay though. She just wore a cute outfit :3) We walked back outside and got in line to get into the convention! The line wrapped all the way around the block! Sobsob! It was so long, and was torture for me because dark uniform + long black Mio wig = dying of heat. Sami’s boyfriend and his friend went to wait in line to buy their tickets. (The ticket buying line was so much shorter than re-entry!)

We went inside, walked around the dealers room for a bit. After that, we met up with her boyfriend and friend again! Since it was his friend’s first con, Sami decided that we should do some events. We went to Anime Name That Tune!

As soon as we got in, I got a call from Mika that went “COME HERE RIGHT NOW I NEED TO MEET UP WITH YOU WHERE ARE YOU OMG MEET ME BY THE ESCALATORS” so I had to leave Sami &co. Dx
Mika was ditched my by her boyfriend who met up with my friends, and naturally used me as her backup friend! πŸ˜›

We walked around the dealers room for a little bit where we met up with her brother Reese and her boyfriend Nathan. Mika got me a really cute Rilakkuma planner/stationery thing, while Reese and Nathan got me 4 cans of coke. (It was a joke because my food supply for the weekend pretty much consisted of cans of coke. :P)

After that, they left because they wanted to go get somebody’s autographs therefore ditching me AGAIN D:

Guy called me and met up with me again! Ahh it was so nice of him because I think I dragged him away from his friends >: So we went up in dealers, looked around for a bit! I bought these really nice artsy postcards/prints! Guy was leaving later on and his phone was running out of batteries so we walked to his car and got his charger. We walked to the lobby of the hotel and sat there in the really nice chairs/couch for a bit while he waited for his phone to charge! It was really nice having a real conversation with him because I don’t get to talk to him often, face-to-face.

Ackson and a bunch of other people joined us and sat there talking. Guy was talking to some of his friends, Ackson was talking to one of his photographer friends, I was alone and felt really awkward so I got up and left. XD Nobody seemed to notice me as I left because a few minutes later I got a text from Guy going “Where did you go?”. Met up with Mika/Reese/Nathan for a little bit afterwards where they bought me some fries. :3 They wanted to go take some photos of Mika in her maid cosplay so they left. Met up with Sami&friends afterwards, left the convention early because it was getting boring.

All in all, it was an okay convention. Not sure if I’ll go next year. (I probably will, but I’ll just hang in the back by the CNTower to cosplay/do photoshoots or something.)
Fan Expo was a really unorganized convention this year. I can’t really complain that much though because I got in for free. πŸ˜€

Here are some more photos!

Jeff and Nikki! AH THEY’RE SO CUTE! Both cosplaying from K-On’s “Don’t Say Lazy” – Jeff as Male ver. Yui and Nikki as Mio! THEY MADE ME A CARD TOO! But I didn’t see them on Sunday so I didn’t get it! ): They mailed it to me though, still waiting for it to arrive! ~<3

Fushi and her friend as Dead Master and Black Rock Shooter! OH GOD THAT GUN! <33>

More Hiiragi cosplay from the Saturday~

Jean and I cosplaying Yui and Mio! Our picture was taken for Super Kawaii Magazine! πŸ˜€ She looks so moe in this, omg <333>

YEAH .HACK COSPLAY! :DDD Finally found some .hackers! Emily cosplaying an amazing Haseo (Xth form)! Ahh so badass! And lovely Sarah cosplaying Shino (wedding dress version)! Too bad we couldn’t find the Zelkova or Endrance – I saw them in the con but never got a chance to take a pic with them! >: NEXT TIME!! πŸ˜€

That’s it for now~ If I can find the picture of the design tattoo that Jean painted on my back for my Hiiragi cosplay, I’ll post it!

I might not be able to most as much because of school work, but I’ll try! (Since I love blogging so much :3) I’ll try blogging in comtec class!

Also, here’s a sneak peek at my newest cosplay! Saeko from HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD!
We have a cosplay group for the Toronto Zombie Walk – it’s like a parade where everybody dresses up like Zombies! Hopefully I’ll be able to get some good pictures with my group! I’ll ask Ackson if he can shoot some photos for us. :3
Bloody Saeko is bloody~ I look really tired and have huge eyebags, but I think you would look that way too if you were living in a zombie infested city! πŸ˜›

See you~

FAN EXPO (Saturday)

O hey guys! Time for FAN EXPO CON REPORT – SATURDAY!
(Before I continue though, I found a picture of my Mio cosplay from what I wore on Friday! :D)

This dude came and took so many pictures of me – hopefully I can find them! πŸ˜€
And hooray for doing the same pose all weekend! /shot – I wasn’t even doing the moe moe kyun pose, just kind of reverted back to this one! ;-; I WILL MOE MOE KYUN WHEN I GET A MAID COS. πŸ˜€

Saturday morning – I woke up at about 7am but Chelsea was still fast asleep so I decided to let her rest for a bit. (I think Friday was a bit emotionally draining for her with the con being so crowded and all!) I have no idea why but I decided to play RuneScape for an hour. Honestly haven’t played that game in so long, and was surprised to find that I was like level 60 something. (I have very high fire-making and cooking levels, ohohoh /shot repeatedly)

When she woke up, we ironed out our cosplays one more time and then went upstairs to put on our makeups and gather our things. I had to stuff an extra pair of shoes into Chelsea’s bag just in case my Hiiragi shoes started hurting. I also brought a light jacket because I found it to be kind of chilly outside. (Hiiragi practically has no top.)

My dad went and ranted for like half an hour, telling me not to go on public transit because I was going to be raped or something. Which was fine because I doubt I would een have the courage to get on public transit dressed as Hiiragi, LOL! He drove us there and dropped us off outside the convention centre!

OMG THE LINES. The lines were freaking ridiculous! Holy crap. I’m not even joking- the lines wrapped around the entire block! And those were the lines for re-entry! (Re-entry means you already have your pass so you want to re-enter the convention hall) Oh god. It was horrible. Chelsea decided to wait in line to save me a spot while I went and had my .hack symbol tattoo thing painted on my back by Jean. (All .hack characters have strange tattoos or symbols on different parts of their body – Hiiragi has these awesome designs on his back! I’ll see if I can find a picture of my back~!)

When I came out, people had already started going inside the building and the line had shortened quite a bit. I’m not sure how, but I got through the VIP entrance which meant I didn’t have to wait in line.

Chelsea and I met up for a bit – she wanted to explore the dealers room some more so I stayed downstairs and watched her stuff. I lounged around there, met some of my cosplay friends, took some pictures. Guy (:iconthornrose: on deviantart) came over to my spot and gave me the Black Rock Shooter poster he bought me at Otakuthon. HOTTEST POSTER EVER, nuff said. (I think it was drawn by Nayuki-chan on deviantart?) He was really nice, so much taller than I thought he was. D: I wanted to see his Lelouche cosplay so I told him to go change.

After Chelsea came downstairs, I bought her some food/drinks because she didn’t have any money left. She said that she felt really tired and didn’t really want to stay for that long. :C I honestly really didn’t want to leave the convention that early, especially on the Saturday. So we sat down for a bit by the glass windows. There were large groups of people outside that were lined up because apparently the convention oversold tickets and they weren’t allowing any more people inside because of maximum capacity! o___o!! That’s when we saw Guy again, this time dressed in his beautiful Rerouche cospray. And then Dario came over to the glass. We couldn’t really talk because there was a glass separating us, so we started typing things onto our cells and holding them up to the glass so the other person could read what we were trying to say.

Then apparently Matt Chin from the Conventioneers came over to us and started talking to us about how insane the lines were. (He was on the inside and the camera man was on the outside). I had no idea who he was – I thought he was just some random asian guy talking to us for his webshow or something… But yeah, at least he didn’t start insulting us like apparently he does to other cosplayers. :3

Chelsea was really tired and cranky at this point, so I lent her another $5 so she could take the GO train back. She was also kind of pissed off for some reason and made me carry my extra crap instead of being a good friend and taking it back to my house. (She had to go pick up her things from when she slept over.) I had so many things to carry around. ;-; I was pretty much ditched the a second time that weekend, so I texted Guy to come save me sob;; I went outside and we met up with Lauren and then went behind the convention centre to where my other con friends were waiting. (Nicole, Dario, Nikki, Jeff, etc).

We sat there for a few hours and I thin Guy left, so Nikki, Jeff and I then went off to the side entrance where we sat again for about an hour and talked. It was getting late and I didn’t want to take the GO back by myself when it was really late so I left.

Then omg, scariest thing happened. This guy who met me at Anime North 2010 who started messaging me that he “liked” me, spotted me walking through the convention centre and like, confronted me. D: He was all like ” Seriously WTF, you’ve been ignoring me all weekend. You’ve been ignoring my messages and like, you’re being a total bitch. I come all the way from Thunderbay and you don’t even give a damn about meeting me?” etc etc, all these other mean things. I got really freaked out and got really anxious – being in crowded spaces with no real place to escape to made me start to panic. LUCKILY Mika’s brother Rhys was there and spotted me and ~CAME TO THE RESCUE~

Thank god, I think I would have started crying. ;-;

Anyway, Saturday wasn’t that great. Only went up in the Dealers like, once, and it was so crowded. D: Saw a Moe Moe Kyun mio figure but it was $170 fffffffff D:

Anyway, here are some pictures! πŸ˜€

Picture of my Hiiragi cosplay! One of the few pictures I’ve found sob;;;

Two pictures from when we were hanging out at the side – Jeff is the Simon beside me. πŸ˜€

I tried talking to Bianca and Wil but we kept on getting bombed for photos! Bianca is the sexy Gundam Girl the left, Wil is the Traditional outfit Kaito on the right. πŸ˜€

Screenshot from Ackson’s FAN EXPO 2010 VIDEO! πŸ˜€ I’m at 1:06
Here’s the video!

Memorable cosplays!
Ackson’s Lelouche (school uniform). How is this photo (bomb) not memorable? P:
Wil and Eric’s MAGNET GROUP. Omg so beautiful +100 β™₯ for the glowing LED headphones!
Bianca’s GUNDAM GIRL cosplay. HOLY CRAP THE MOST AMAZING THING EVERRRR. Can you believe that almost the entire armor part is made out of craft foam? AMAZING omg β™₯
Miranda’s AndrAIa fronm Reboot cosplay! Oh god, she looks amazing! Perfect! πŸ˜€
Guy’s Lulu cosplay. Ahhh pretty Lulu is pretty. And the eye omg β™₯
I’ll update with more stuff about Sunday later! πŸ˜€

FAN EXPO (friday)

I’ll write about Saturday and Sunday later when I get more pictures!

Didn’t take that many pictures this year, no video. Either had too much stuff to carry around since we didn’t get a hotel room or I couldn’t because it was WAY TOO CROWDED.
Honestly, this year Fan Expo should have been called ‘Fail Expo’. Or Linecon. It was pretty bad. >:
But I shouldn’t be complaining too much because I got in for free. (Volunteered last weekend.)

Chelsea arrived at my place on Thursday and we worked on finishing our costumes. We marathonned 6 episodes of ‘High School Of The Dead’ – which is a pretty good animu, I must say. πŸ˜€

We finished painting her bomb for her Link cosplay (we added the word ‘Photo’ onto it so it was a ‘photobomb’ – GET IT? :D) And finished painting her sword. We ironed everything and set everything so it would be ready for Friday. I, being the loser that I am, decided it would be cool if we put a sparkler in the fuse part of the bomb so it would look like it was really lit. Except I pushed the sparkler too far down so it melted some of the rope. (which was made out of a plastic hula skirt we bought from the dollar store orz)

= melting plastic /sob;

On Friday, we woke up at about 10 and went to buy chinese buns and chips to snack on. We bussed to the subway station (the ticket collector thing wasn’t working so we got on the bus for free!) We took the subway up to Ossington station where we were forced off the subway because of a ‘smoke detection’ at Spadina station. We found these other 3 guys about our age who were also going to the convention and we hung out with them. One of them said their mom could drive us. ABOUT 2 HOURS HIS MOM DID NOT ARRIVE so we decided to ditch and go to the subway and just go and pick up our tickets. They tagged along, but Chelsea and I kept giving him angryfaces because he wasted 2 hours of our life >___>. Lesson: DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH FAILURES. D:<

When we arrived, there was a huuuuge line waiting to get into the building. We went into the hotel to pick up our passes and got in ahead of everybody else! We sat there for a bit, Chelsea photobombed people, lurked the dealers room a bit and met up with some people. Also met up with Ackson, who decided to be a jerk towards me like usual. πŸ˜› He had his awesome steadicam and everything! He was shooting footage for his new Fan Expo video! (I’ll post a link when it’s up~) Friday was really quiet so we went home.
Oh, I was also cosplaying Akiyama Mio. (school outfit version) :3

Chelsea was really motivated because this was her first big convention. I was finishing up Hiiragi and getting everything ironed and finished painting our fans. This is what the downstairs bedroom looked like! So messy, sobsob;;;

I was werkin on dem cosplays and Chelsea was really tired. This was taken at like, midnight.

Supplies everywhere! I was making my last minute gloves, yarrr. Hooray for last minute hotglued gloves!

So messy! XD

Also, here’s the first picture I found of our Saturday cosplay! XD
I looked really bad. ORZ I’m not very photogenic ;-;

Cosplay progress!

YUS ANOTHER PROGRESS POST – with better pictures! πŸ˜€

Finished my skirt and the outside cover part – just need to stick on the diamond designs! :3
Also finished the top and wig. The last things to do are finish gluing my fan stuff and make gloves.

Anyway, onto the pictures.

Wig – front. Not really styled right now – just need to add in some more wefts and paint a front part red.

Back of wig – long wig is long. Hiiragi’s hair is supposed to be shorter but I just can’t bring myself to cut it! ;w; It’s so nice and pretty! D:

Back of skirt – with the back cover. Still need to glue on diamond design.

Front closeup! πŸ˜€ It doesn’t normally puff off to the side, idk why it did now. D:

Skirt – full view! πŸ˜€

I’ll have full pics of my entire cosplay tomorrow.
I think I’ll end up going as the ‘female’ version of Hiiragi. Which shouldn’t really matter because 1) he is a minor character who pretty much nobody knows about, and 2) he’s practically a girl anyway. P:

I think it’s still pretty good for my first sewn costume! :’D

Also, I’ll be going to Fan Expo on the Friday as well. Chelsea and I figured it would be easier to go on Friday to pick up our passes so we wouldn’t have to wait in that huge line to get them on Friday.

That reminds me, I had to volunteer for 8 hours with Sami to get those free passes! It was fun but kind of tiring…
We got lots of photos taken with us, probably from tourists! (These adorable japanese people came up to Sami because she was dressed as Hatsune Miku and were like “AHH KOSUPUREI KOSUPUREI SUGOIII” XD So cute!

We were at Yonge/Dundas, near Nathan Philips Square. Here are some photos:

A street performer dressed as Charlie Chaplin – we paid him $0.10 to get a picture with him but as soon as we went to pose, like, everybody whipped out their cameras to take pictures. We’re so nerdy. XD
OMG THERE WAS A DIAGONAL CROSSING. We were such tourists, we took a picture when there were like 10 seconds left to cross. = cool people.

Most people were nice, others tried to convert us to become a catholic, others were like wtf fetish. πŸ˜›

Oh well, I’ll update later D:

cosplay progress~

You’ll have to excuse my crap webcam photos, I can’t take any pictures with my other camera because it’s charging. (I was going to plug it in last night except I forgot, ORZ)

Anyway, I’ve finished my skirt for Hiiragi! I think it looks pretty good!
I’ve finished the top, the skirt, one of the fans, and one of the red tail things he has.

Here’s what he looks like~ (Fabulous gay man is fabulous)

click to zoom
For a bigger image, click (here)

And this is what my skirt looks like so far:

It looks kinda bent out/sticks out in a weird way, but that’s because I haven’t ironed it yet. Also need to add one of those yellow um, line thingies. And border the green part with black ribbon.

Also, to clarify, I’m wearing a black bikini top under the top, because I’m not doing an open chest binding. (Too risky and painful, also my mom was like LOLNO)

I’m going to try to find some stocking material so I can make a binding/top thingy. I don’t want to have to do a ‘female version’ of Hiiragi, but I might have to if I can’t get it ready in time. ):
I went to Mika’s the other day and she tried helping me with bindings. We bought some sports bandage stuff but it wasn’t my skin colour and looked really weird. (It was this faded red/orange/tan colour and looked painfully obvious) so I was like eh, I’ll have to do this I guess if we can’t find anything else. But after 15 minutes of wearing them, they started to become loose and start slipping = DANGER.

Anyway, bikini will be the last resort.
Also, after I posted this to my facebook, I got a message on msn from one of my friends (?) who I haven’t talked to in a while who said my costume was hot but kind of slutty.
WTF. HOW IS THIS SLUTTY? I’m wearing a knee-length skirt and a top with a bikini top underneath. I don’t see how this is any more revealing than a Yoko costume. .___.
Idk, they pissed me off so I blocked them, ohoho. P:

Now, here’s a list of things that I need to finished for my cosplay~
  • Finish painting last side of final red tail, sew onto skirt
  • Make that yellow and red thing that’s at the back of his skirt.
  • Finish second pair of fans and attach thread to make sure the fans open properly
  • Make gloves
  • Get a black sheer stocking and make his weirds stocking thing. Also make ankle cuff.
  • Wait for wig to arrive and get a red extension, then style.
Yeah, I hope this doesn’t end up being a failure for Fan Expo. Sobsobsobbbb

Also, next weekend I will be standing outside of an AMC downtown Toronto dressed in lolita handing out flyers or something to promote the convention. I think it’s supposed to be near Eatons? Anyway, if you happen to see me then say hi. πŸ˜€ There will be other cosplayers there as well! :3
I’ll be with Sami, ohoho β™₯

Inspirational cosplayers!

As you probably know, I am really obsessed with cosplay! I’ve got a convention coming up soon at the end of August (Fan Expo in Toronto) and I’m really excited!

Anyway, there are some really gorgeous cosplayers out there that I really admire! I mean, these girls are drop dead gorgeous! Their cosplays are always top-notch, beautiful, and accurate!
So when I’m preparing for a con, I like to make sure my cosplay is as good as possible! :’D

Here are some cosplayers that I find inspirational!

My current favourite cosplayer: Chamaro
She’s so beautiful, honestly, the most gorgeous person I have ever seen in my life everrr β™₯β™₯
My favourite cosplays she’s done:

Ahh, she’s so cute! <333

Next is Kipi! Kipi is probably one of the most popular cosplayers on the net! She’s really gorgeous and really cute! I really like her… but she’s nothing compared to Chamaro! :’D

And of course, finally, Saya! I haven’t really heard much about Saya, but I’ve seen her pictures before and she’s so pretty! I love her cosplays! Again, nothing compared to Chamaro! :3

Sobbbb all of these cosplayers are so flawless, it makes me want to OTL OTL OTL so badly.
Many people would say that these cosplayers have photoshopped their photos like crazy, and maybe that’s true. But still, they’re super gorgeous! I want to be a flawless cosplayer like that! ;-;
Maybe one day~ I wonder what cosplay would look the best on me? :3
Hopefully BLACK GOLD SAW! :’D


So I’m watching the Black Rock Shooter OVA now and I’m completely obsessed with it. IT LOOKS SO GOOD! And the character design, omg.

I’m planning on ordering these two figurines: Black Rock Shooter and Black Gold Saw!

They’re both so hot ;;; I so want them!

Also, I’m planning on cosplaying Black Gold Saw to Anime North this year. Her design is more appealing to me than Anwar – besides, both of them have huge swords so I was going to have to make one anyway. :3

I hope a BRS anime comes out! πŸ˜€

50th Blog Post! :D

Yay, 50 posts! How exciting!

I’m actually quite excited right now! I’ve got alot of things to talk abo
ut! I’m allowed to rant because I don’t think many people read my blog and won’t care! HA~

This week my dad got wireless internet! So that means I can go on the computer anywhere in the house! P: I can also use wireless to play wifi on my DS! But the only thing I can really play at the mo
ment is Animal Crossing since my R4 chip died! D: And Pokemon Diamond! (But my pokemon aren’t levelled up that much! They’re all at around level 60… ) My mom says she’ll get me a new R4 chip because it broke when she dropped it! It’s also because she wants to play tetris! LOL! I hope I didn’t lose all of my SAV data! ;A;

Anyway, new wifi connection = wifi DS gaming, more blog posts, more v
ideos! (I can just watch the dance tutorials anywhere instead of having to download them onto my laptop! So if you have a Friends code and want to play through wifi, just msg me with it! πŸ˜€ I’m more interested in playing on Animal crossing than any other game though!

Oh yeah, I’m also learning a new dance! Ookina Ai de Motenashite! I’m doing a collab with Beckii! But it’s a special surprise! It’s going to be alot of fun! I can’t wait to finish learning it! I’ve learned about 60% of it, I just need to practice it now! But it’s kinda h
ard to find the motivation to dance when it’s 30*C outside!

<– Random picture from the Centre island cosplay picnic!

I’ve also been watching more anime! (Oh yeah, that’s another thing I can do now that I have wifi! ) I’m watching the series called Bakemonogatari! Have you heard of it? It’s really good!! I want to cosplay the character ‘Hitagi’! She’s really great, but she’s very tsundere! I think I have a weakness for tsundere characters… hehe! <33
I also really love moe characters! I know some people don’t like tsundere or moe characters but I really do love them the most! :33 Hitagi [Bakemonogatari], Ami [Toradora], Yui + Mio [K-On] are probably my favourite girl characters! :3 I want to cosplay Hitagi and Ami! And I’ve already done Mio! :3

Speaking of cosplay~~ (Since I pretty much talk about it all the time! ) I bought my wig for my Hitagi cosplay! It was actually from a trade, but it looks really nice! I need to buy my
Hiiragi wig too though for Fan Expo! Which is at the end of August – the weekend before my birthday! I’m not sure how I’m going to look as a blonde! I’ll try hard to pull it off though! πŸ˜€
My friend is going to be Link from Zelda! I sewed her costume! She looks really nice! πŸ˜€

<– Yuuki-chan in her Link cos~

Ahh *__*

I’m sorry, I haven’t been updating alot! That will change next week~

This week many things happened! :3

First of all, we got back from Paris! Paris was really beautiful but it was so hot! Almost 35- 40*C every day! ;3; Hotter than back here in Canada, where it’s been ranging from 25-30*C…
I can’t take the hot weather very well. It was so hot there and we didn’t have A/C! I felt so spoiled (hehe) because the apartment that we were in wasn’t allowed to have A/C. I just spent most of my time when were were in the apartment in front of the fan~

I’ll post some pictures later when I get the USB that my dad downloaded them onto! :3

Next, two days ago my friend Chelsea slept over! For her birthday present, I made her a Link (from the Zelda games) cosplay!

It’s about 85% done, we still need to get her the boots, white tights, and put a cleaner trim along the insides of the sleeves! It was fun making this, although I think I’m more of a prop-maker than a seamstress. πŸ˜›

My bangs are also kinda wonky so I’m going to trim them now~
I’ll be updating the Cosplay feature soon so don’t worry about that for now! ;3; β™₯

Thanks! πŸ˜€

A new blog layout!

I finally got a new, cute layout! It took me forever!
Haha, I spent my entire comtec class and about 2 hours at home putting everything in and making sure it all came out nicely! I hope my hard work paid off! πŸ˜€

So, how is everybody doing lately? :3
Yesterday I was looking on curecos and I found the cosplayer “Yuzukotoki” – the girl who is cosplaying Miku in the image above! She’s so gorgeous! I’ve seen her in Vocaloid live action PV remakes, and she’s so pretty! *__*
Her skin is so nice and she looks so flawless! Click here for her Cure profile.

Tomorrow is my comtec inclass exam! I’m not really worried about it, haha. It’s only comtec after all~
I should probably be reviewing right now! T___T The exam is 100 multiple choice questions. It’s fairly easy. Still, I hope I don’t fail…

By the way, does anybody know how I can put a subscribe button onto my blog? I can’t seem to figure out how! D:
I don’t know how to put the feedburner/ Google Friend Connect codes in so people can subscribe to my blog!
Well, please subscribe anyway!
Here’s how~

Open an account on blogger, copy the URL of my blog ( and, press ADD in the Reading List, paste the URL, and my posts should appear~ At least, that’s how I do it!

Thanks! I’ll tell you how my exam went tomorrow!


Hey guys!

Sorry for taking a while to update, I was really busy last weekend!
I went to a big anime convention in Toronto! Its called Anime North! πŸ˜€

I want to show you guys some pictures of me and my friends/cosplay group! :3

Rozen Maiden cosplay: Suiseiseki
Here’s what Suiseiseki looks like!

Here’s my cosplay for her!


Hina Ichigo, Suigintou, Suiseiseki, Shinku
(Ringo is on the far left, I’m the second from the right)

Just Desu! πŸ˜€

No more Shinku, we lost her for a bit LOL.

Still dolls. :3


the fifth, the third, the sixth, the first
rozen maidens. πŸ˜€

Vocaloid Cosplay – Megurine Luka (Magnet)

Here’s what MAGNET Luka looks like!
(The one on the left)

This is what my cosplay of her looked like!


Luka and Kaito? CRACK PAIRING!

WE HAD BLACK CD’S AS PROPS. They were so cool! πŸ˜€

Creepy Kaito, stop looking at me like that! D:

Pink characters! πŸ˜€

I wore these on Friday afternoon and to the jpop dance! πŸ˜€

Me and Ambebe. She’s so moe. :333

Nyan nyan, nyan nyan, ni hao nyan! πŸ˜€

Jpop dansu! I look so creepy LOL



Okay, that’s it for now! :3
I’ll be posting more pictures and my choice for the Cuties of AN10! πŸ˜€




So my euphoria pulsing through my veins right now!

If anybody is going to AN, tell me so we can meet up and take pictures together! πŸ˜€ β™₯

See you all there, desu~

My Rozen Maiden group will have:
Suiseiseki (Me)
Hina Ichigo (Ringo)
Suigintou (Ringo’s sister)
Shinku (Ann)

My friends who will be walking with me will be:
MAGNET Kaito (Calvin)
APH Canada (Dean)

Look for us! πŸ˜€

Woot woot~

Hi everybody!

This week is really going to be hell for me! I’m going to be so busy!

Things to do this week:

Finish french essay – due Thursday morning, second period
Finish English ISU presentation and planning – presentation on Thursday morning, first period
Finish English Handmaid’s Tale package – due Friday
Get Ann’s Shinku bonnet ready – before Friday
Pack for AN – Thursday evening
Iron all cosplays – Thursday evening
Finish Chad’s Magnet Headphones – before Sunday
Finish Micheal’s Suikoden headband thinger – before Saturday’

Buy: Wig caps, lace for Suiseiseki shirt, sweet cherry Geisha Candy, strawberry cakie from the bakery, Dango, white eyeliner

I have to do more stuff! “orz
Please wish me luck! I’ll make sure to spam pictures of Anime North though! I hope to record LUKA LUKA NIGHT FEVER there with my Xacti! :3

Also, I finished my watering can for Suiseiseki!
Here’s a picture~
Do you like it? :3
Everything I used was from the dollarstore, tehe! πŸ˜€

Okay, need to go finish my English homework! I have a feeling I’ll be pulling an all nighter… ORZ

Byebye! xox β™₯


Hello everybody~!
Sorry for not updating in a while, I’ve been really busy!

All of my school projects are coming up, and a big anime convention is next Friday! I’m really excited!
Is anybody going to Anime North 2010 this year?

Here are my cosplay plans:

Wigglytuff Gijinka – Friday
Suiseiseki – Saturday
Sailor Saturn – Saturday Evening (JPOP dance)
Megurine Luka (Magnet Ver) Vocaloid – Sunday
(And maybe Wigglytuff again if there’s a Pokemon photoshoot on Sunday~)

I’m so excited!

But I have to worry for now! I have a math exam in about 2 hours… I’m really nervous!
Wish me luck! πŸ˜€

MTAC (image heavy)

I wanted to post a few of the pictures from MTAC! (March Toronto Anime Convention).
It was really fun~ I forgot the post the pictures up before like I promised… I’m sorry…

Anyway, here they are~

Chelsea as Hatsune Miku, lolita version! It’s her first cosplay, and I think she did a really great job! ^__^
Me as Megurine Luka, Magnet Version! Chelsea and I would have done the Luka/Miku pairing except she didn’t have time to get her magnet cosplay together… We’re doing it for Anime North though!
I wish I had painted my eyebrows, they look unnatural… And my wig is getting a bit frizzy. @__@;;

Calvin as Naoto from Persona 4! He has a load of Hetalia buttons on his bag, hehe. :>

Magnet cosplay group! I didn’t know there were going to be so many Magnet cosplayers this year! XD I also look so tall, hehe. :>

Kaito x Len!
There were so many fangirls taking pictures! XD

Dean cosplaying Canada with a few other Hetalia cosplayers! They were really pretty! Dean really wanted his picture taken with them. XD

Calvin with another Persona character! When they saw each other, the were like “ANOTHER PERSONA COSPLAYER OK I NEED PICTURES WITH YOU etc”! She’s cute! :>

Pictures in the big reflecty mirror under the escalator! I think Chelsea looks extra pretty in this picture! :> My head looks strange because of the different mirrors. XD

Calvin the cross cross dresser and Rucas the horseman.

More pictures in the mirror beside the escalator while we were going up. Ruke casually leaning against the back rail like the fancy horseman that he is.

Rucas the horseman and Hatsune Miku are made for each other! XD

Ann and I! (With Calvin and Deanster in the background.)
I look really bad! Strange facial expression… @____@
Ann looks really cute as Shinku! Her wig was a bit knotty though! XD We need to make her a bonnet~

Calvin being a retard and majorly photobombing my picture. >____>

Ann and Wes fell asleep on the subway ride back! Overall, it was a great day! ^___^

Even though I didn’t spend any money (just the $15 admission fee), it was really fun! I met alot of cool people! :3

Okay, that’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed that post! (Even though it was very long and image heavy. XD)

Byebye~ β™₯

Kimi Ni Todoke

Recently I’ve really gotten into a manga called Kimi Ni Todoke!

(They are the same characters that are in my blog header~!)

I really like this series! We are currently watching the anime in my school’s anime club.
My friend and I constantly squeal over how cute the characters are!
We sit at the table and go “Kyaa Kyaa~”! It’s so cute!
My favourite character is Sawako! She’s so timid, but very cute! I’d like to cosplay her one day!
Yano and Yoshida are also really funny characters! And Kazehaya is so cute! <3

I really enjoy watching Shoujo anime~!
If you know of any good shoujo series, please tell me! I’m always looking for more shoujo series to watch and read! :’D

My favourite shoujo manga are Wild Ones/ Arakure and Special A!
Wild Ones is about a girl who is the granddaughter of a Yakuza Boss. She has a guardian to look after her~ Her guardian’s name is Rakuto and he’s very handsome~ Another boy is also in love with her and his name is Azuma. I like Rakuto better though! ^_____^
click to zoom
Wild Ones

Special A is about a girl called Hikari. She is in a special class for the smartest people in the school, and she’s always ranked #2 because her rival, Kei, keeps beating her at everything! The characters in this are very funny and the art is very cute! Hikari is very pretty and strongwilled! I want to be like her, haha~

click to zoom
Special A

I really love anime and manga! *_________*;;
It’s so nice!

Okay, I’ll update later with some more ramblings. πŸ˜€
Thanks for reading!