Autumn and Winter Essentials ft. Fjallraven Canada

Autumn and Winter Essentials ft. Fjallraven Canada

Winter is coming…

The days are getting cooler, the leaves are changing colour… All just a reminder that in about two months, we’re going to be thrown face first into the bitter Canadian winter. The nights are getting colder and darker and that means more cosy nights spent under a blanket binge watching Netflix *cough* Buffy *cough*! It also means the changing leaves, autumn Starbucks hot drink flavours, and vampy, berry lips! Today, I’ve partnered with Fjallraven Canada to show you some of my autumn and winter essentials!

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Visiting The Getty Museum, Galleria, and Gardens | A Week in California

A Day at the Getty

For the past four years, I have made the trek out to the beautiful and sunny state of California! The main purpose of my trip is to attend Anime Expo, but I usually like to stretch out my stay and fit in a bit of sight seeing here and there.

On the second day of our trip, we headed to The Getty Museum. I remember seeing photos of the museum’s fantastic architectural design on tumblr and longed to visit… now I can finally cross it off my bucket list! The gallery itself houses many iconic works and sculptures by the likes of Van Gogh and Cezanne, as well as impressive gardens and a breathtaking view of the city below.

Admission is free, and there is a small tram that transports visitors from the lower parking area to the upper galleria and museum.

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Summer Fun ft. Adore Me – Swimwear and Lingerie Haul!


Adore Me carries a wide selection of bras, lingerie, sleepwear, and swimwear. There are always new seasonal designs being added to the website which makes it harder and harder to stop myself from going on a treat yo’ self shopping spree! Regular department sizes don’t offer many cute options past 34D, and LaSenza doesn’t seem to offer past 34DD in store. Victoria’s Secret is a bit better, but the cost of a pretty bra and panty set can sometimes cost way more than intended!

Adore Me is a monthly subscription service in which you can order a new pair of cute undies/ swimwear/sleepwear for a discounted VIP price, which is often half the regular price. For those who prefer to pay as they go for one-off orders, Adore Me offers the option to buy the sets at their regular price.  You can read my previous reviews of my ordering experience here and here! I have four sets to share with you today!

Aaaaaaand luckily for you, Adore Me is having a summer snapchat giveaway! Keep reading to find out more…

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Spirited Away with Redbubble + GIVEAWAY!


Spirited Away

As you guys already know, I absolutely love Redbubble! It’s a fantastic website where you can get beautiful artwork printed on almost everything, ranging from clothing, to phone cases, to duvet covers, and notebooks! Not only can you get unique pieces to wear, but you’ll be supporting the artists you love at the same time. I was more than excited to join them for their spring campaign. I picked out a few Studio Ghibli inspired pieces featuring some awesome fanart from super talented artists!

I have a few pieces to share with you today! There’s a fun giveaway at the end where you can win my featured pieces, so keep reading! 🙂

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The Coziest Blush Sweater

The Coziest Blush Sweater

Hello lovelies! Finding the perfect knit sweater was the bane of my existence during the initial autumn months. A wander through Brandy Melville led me to a gorgeous and ultra-soft blush coloured sweater, only to be met with disappointment when the fit was completely wrong. I love Brandy Melville, but most of their clothes either don’t fit or fit weirdly, all thanks to their one-fit sizing. This sweater was long enough for me, the arms were the right length, the body fit well… but the sleeves were too tight and the shoulders felt really weird.

I debated buying the sweater anyway because it was such a perfect colour, but later convinced myself that I wouldn’t wear it if it didn’t feel cosy and comfortable. A week later whilst walking through Forever 21, I found the one.

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Redbubble Gift Guide + Giveaway!

Hiya lovelies!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve already started my Christmas shopping. Yup, the day after Halloween marks the start of 2 months of Christmas in my calendars! I can’t help it, everything about the season makes me feel happy – might have to do with the release of the Starbucks holiday drinks? Shhhh….

Anyway, one of my favourite parts of the holiday season is shopping for presents! It’s true what they say – when you get older, you start to find more joy in giving than receiving. (At least… that’s the case for me!) Don’t get my wrong – I do love a good present or two, but I love seeing the looks on people’s faces when they get open the presents I’ve given them.


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OOTD – Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Do you have any plans for Halloween? I’ll be at home eating candy and watching Friends (like every other night, hahaha). No Halloween plans for me! My friends all quite far now, or they’re at school. Such is the life a new graduate…

I’ll be sitting here playing the TF2 Halloween event! I’ve been getting back into the game after taking a break for about a year. I forgot how fun it was!

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A little haul from Adore Me…

An Adore Me Haul…

I’m a sucker for bows, ribbons, and pretty lace. Fortunately for me, Adore Me exists. I’ve previously done a review for them in the past, which you can check out here! I recently racked up some store credits with them and decided to post a haul!

Many people seem to be curious about Adore Me‘s services. Adore Me is a monthly subscription service, in which you can purchase pretty lingerie sets each month at a discounted price. If you don’t want to pay the monthly fee, you can always just buy them one-off at the regular price.

I picked up two items (on two seperate occasions). I thought I would review them for you!


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Pink&Mint Galaxy | Redbubble #artinmotion

Pink & Mint Galaxy

A little while ago, Redbubble reached out to me in order to collaborate with them on their Art in Motion campaign!

Redbubble is a website specializing in custom printed apparel, prints, and home decor. They’ve got a massive range of artwork and design available for custom printing, with proceeds supporting independent artists. I’ve bought some cool stuff in the past, like this Studio Ghibli fighting game t-shirt! It’s a great way to express yourself through fashion and design, and adding that little pop of originality for wearable art!

I got to pick a few items to share with you guys!

These designs are super cool! Sp8cebit is an artist that specializes in pixel art renditions of galaxy patterns! There offer  two similar designs – in red and purple!

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A Satin Touch with 3Wishes

Sometimes, a girl just wants to feel like a princess. Lacy and flowy and dreamy~ And what better way to do that than with some pretty lingerie~? Whenever I want to feel extra confident, I pop on a nice lingerie set. Nobody’s going to see it, but it’s the thought that counts!

Today I’d like to share a beautiful set from 3Wishes! 3Wishes is an online store that sells costumes, clubwear, and lingerie. They’ve got some beautiful sets…. I have the Satin Touch Babydoll Lingerie Set. I think it’s quite important to spice things up in a relationship, and what better way to do it than make your partner’s eyes bulge out of their head?

This is a 2 piece set, featuring a flowy bra/top, and panties. It’s from a brand called Coquette. I’ve never heard of this brand, so I can’t really compare this set to anything else in their range. It’s a flowy and sheer babydoll top, adorned with lots of pretty pace near at the cups and at the bottom.

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[REVIEW] Petite Cherry Lingerie

Hello lovelies!

A while ago, Petite Cherry (formerly Kaur’s Laurel) contacted me about reviewing some of  their new pieces from their store! Petite Cherry is a cute lingerie store inspired by Asian fashion! I believe they are also operated by the same company that runs Eyecandys Circle Lenses.

I have to sets for review today. I was sent  two pairs, and the reviews are my 100% honest opinion,

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OOTD Adore Me!

Heya lovelies!

A little while ago, Adore Me sent me and email and asked me if I’d like to do a little haul with them! Although they sent these to me, all opinions are my own! 😀

Lingerie was always a bit of a weird topic for me, since I’ve never really spoken much about undies or loungewear on my blog or youtube and although my audience is mostly female, I’ve got a male audience that sometimes gets weirded out lol. I’m a big fan of lingerie and pretty nightwear, or just pretty clothes in general! Wearing pretty undies (especially when they match) is a total confidence booster! 😀

Anyway yes, getting back to the topic. Adore Me is a super cute lingerie website that has a wide selection of styles and fits, with collections ranging from swimwear, lingerie, corsets, and nightwear! I chose two items – a bra/pantsu set and a nightdress/romper thing.

I thought it would be fun to put the first together in a little OOTD! I wore this on Friday 😀

shoes: TOPSHOP | sweater: OLD NAVY | bra/panties: ADORE ME* | leggings: ZARA

The sweater is actually from my friend mle, we did a little clothing swap the last time we met up and it’s really cozy and oversized! I’ve been wearing my Zara leggings/ topshop shoes quite often now because they’re very ~effortlessly chic~, I love the combination of black and gold. 

It’s a nice pop of color under all that black and grey, hehe. The Summer Bra is a pushup bra that’s adorned with some pretty lace. It’s a bright coral color, perfect for summer! The undies are also very lacy – this is their ‘hipster’ style, so it has a bit more bum coverage~
romper: Adore Me*
Next up is this romper! I’m always a bit skeptical when I have to order rompers/dresses online, just because I’m a bout 5’10 and have a really long torso. I was afraid the M wasn’t going to fit me, but it does! It’s a very soft, stretchy material. Pretty sexy and very comfortable to sleep in! 😀
Pretty flowery lace on the torso area!! There’s something very sensual and mysterious about black lace, because you can see just enough but still hide away 😉
What are your thoughts on these styles? I really like them – the color of the bra is really nice and not something that I would usually go for, but it’s a nice change for summer! And the romper is super comfortable! 
You can find them here:
They also have a promotion going on where you can join their monthly VIP membership and get your first set for $24.95 – just click here~ They update new collections and styles every month so there’s always new collections. 
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy these fashion posts! Please look forward to more in the future 😀 

changing of the seasons

Heya lovelies! It’s been a while!
Really liked my outfit today and decided that I needed to get my butt in gear and take a few outfit photos! I’ve really been into fashion blogs/youtubers recently, and I’ve been working on my sense of style! I think it has really improved these past few months haha.

The Bay had a Cyber Monday flash sale on their website which included topshop, so I jumped on it super quick and picked up a few things! I got 2 pairs of jeans and a new pair of shoes, all -40% off their original price! Super lucky for me haha. My wardrobe is slowly transitioning to majority Topshop……which I’m totally fine with. They make 36″ length jeans which fit me perfectly! I can get away with 34″ if they’re low rise but it’s nice to finally find high rise ones that fit.

Glasses: eBay
Coat: Topshop
Shirt: Forever21
Jeans: Topshop (Jamie Moto fit, ripped at the knees)
Boots: Topshop
THESE BOOTS THOUGH, AHHHHH I love them! They’ve got a shiny gold tip, heel, and a thick gold chain across the back. Classy but edgy, yea yea yea. I also like the low heel, doesn’t give me any extra height!! 😀 
So Sachoooo what’s been up with you this past month?
Nothing much, thanks for asking (hahahaaaa) Started classes again. They’re alright, but I think I’ve got senioritis now that I’m in my final year of university. I just want to get out into the real world already since classes just seem tedious, even though everyone tells me that the real world is much more difficult and uni was easy etc etc etc. I’m just so done with essays though…. 🙁
But basically I’m going to use my last 6 months of university to kick my youtube and blog into HIGH GEAR. I want to grow! I want to make something out of this! I want to see if I can make it into a job for myself! So expect a lot more content 😀 But let me know…
What kind of content do you want to see?
For both my blog and youtube!! Comment below at let me know! 😀 
Other than that, social life has been ok, pretty sure I’ve scared off any possibility of senpai noticing me, but at least my fashion sense is pretty good. I guess Instagram #ootd has helped out!!
Watch: Fossil
Ring: found in some vintage shop! It’s got a really pretty blue stone in it though.
Nail polish is some silver one from Revlon!
Other than that…. I’ve pretty much been downtown Toronto every weekend. I’ve been cursed with wanderlust after my exchange and I don’t feel satisfied sitting at home. Downtown is the most exciting place I have access to at the moment so I guess I’ll be exploring more.

I also really want to do more food blogs! 😀 So I hope you guys are prepared.

How have you all been recently? <3


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room tour 2014

Heyo lovelies!!

It’s that time of year again! Time to start school / move into student housing for the year, yay. This year I’m renting off campus, just like I did in second year. Of course, I have to do a bedroom tour. I love looking back on these types of posts!

First year bedroom
Second year bedroom
Third year (kinda?) Not rly much of a tour tho

And now for my fourth year!!

I’m sharing this place with 2 other people! One of my flatmates is a friend from high school who I lived with in second year. The other person is a graduate student from India! Unfortunately, I’m in a basement unit. I don’t mind it too much, didn’t really have much choice because I was in the UK when renting season was going on. I had to send my flatmate from second year to look at houses to rent!!

Here’s the view from the door! I kinda wish we had bigger windows haha… I was spoiled with massive windows + second floor room in second year, too bad we couldn’t rent that house again! 🙁
The random blinds on the side aren’t for the windows, they actually hide a fuse box haha… At least it doesn’t look too bad!

Trusty wooden ikea desk!! My mom gave me her old cosmetics case so now I have a big one to put all of my stuff in! Ahh makeup, so much fun!! My collection has grown quite a bit because makeup seems to be a default gift for me ;v; All of my regular clothes are in the plastic drawers!

Desk! With my lil laptop, tablet (Wacom Cintiq ahhh), microphone and MENMA FIGURE! MENNNMMMAAAAAAAAAAA

Lil futon! Downgraded to a single bed again after having a double at home/in Leeds haha. Its a bit weird facing the back wall but I’d rather not have a fuse box right above my head!

View from the other end of the room! I have my little shelf with all of my figures, plushes, ukelele, cleaning stuff, toilet paper etc! Closet is full of random fall clothes and bags that I have take back home.My mirror is where I do all of my outfit snaps too!

As a bonus, here are two of my recent outfit snaps. Getting more into it I guess? I’m trying to become more stylish I suppose, girls here don’t really put as much effort into their looks as the girls in the UK. I want to make being trendy into a habit so I always look cool 8)

  top – topshop // jeans – primark // shoes – talbots // backpack – cargo

Top: lord & taylor // Shirt: new look // Jeans: topshop // Shoes: talbots

Annnnnd to end this post, here’s a song I’ve been listening to non-stop recently! My flatmate really got me into Arctic Monkeys recently, totally digging them. Super chill beats.

dreamy summer days

Hiya lovelies, I’m finally back~ Back from England, back from LA, back from Anime Expo.

My dad got a couple of new lenses for his camera so I decided to try them out! I’ve always wanted to try doing more fashion posts, and I think fashion photos always look best when there’s more of a blurry background. Tested out dad’s 50mm 1.8!!

Really casual look, not sure if this even worth doing a style post haha.

If you don’t follow me on twitter or facebook, you might not have known that I chopped my hair off! Couldn’t handle such long and thick hair so I mulan’d it, haha. My friend said it was very “k-indie” (korean indie).
I don’t mind because korean indie is one of my favourite genres. One of my favourite songs is called Clover by Standing Egg.

Such a sweet and relaxing song, don’tcha think?

The weather is perfect for just sitting about in the grass!! I’m glad we haven’t had many hot and humid days since I got back.

My lil’ ukelele that I bought in England!! It’s named Marcy after Marceline from Adventure Time 😀 I’m still learning Adventure Time songs and Ghibli covers.

tshirt – leeds university
skirt – thrifted in paris
belt – borrowed from mom
watch – fossil
iphone 5, case by cellaris 
Expect more of these soon <3

zazzle shirts shirts shirts

heya lovelies~
A little while ago, I was contacted by about reviewing some of their products! I was given a store credit and picked a few items! I had previously heard of Zazzle because a friend had bought some shirts from there, so being able to get a few items for myself was pretty cool! 😀 Zazzle offers lots of different items, like phone cases, shirts, and housewares. Most of their items are customizable, or you can choose from a large array of premade designs!

 Of course, the first thing that I looked for was the (heavy breathing) car shirt! 😀 I saw someone wearing a shirt like this in a youtube video, and had to have my own!

 The images are printed on the shirts, and are very high quality! The designs don’t wash out or fade easily. You can also pick what style of shirt / colours you want the image printed on! I chose a while american apparel shirt. :}

 Since Zazzle has the option to print your own designs as well. There’s a design maker that lets you load up your custom design and position it on the shirt to see how the final product will look. I drew this up on photoshop! I was unsure how the small brush-like details were going to show up but everything turned out well!

I chose a light grey shirt instead of white… (I have too many white shirts haha)

Moustachio!!! :{D
You can check out more Zazzle items here! Which design was your favourite?

Like a fashion blogger

Hey guys! 😀
Finally done all of my midterm projects! I’m lucky that my program doesn’t have midterm exams ( we have huge projects worth 20% of our mark instead……..  ) I had 3 of them due in the past two weeks = no sleep, super groggy…  photo 8bc3f10ec9f9a42187e31ff10fed1f78.gif
But I somehow managed to get through the first season of Dr Who!  photo 7812c37d6be42fa94a5c6de12161f0c4.gif Loving it so far~ I’m also up to date with Parks and Recreation! It’s probably my favourite show so far. The new season of Community is great but it’s totally lacking now that the director (?) quit. That’s okay, because Parks and Rec is amazing and totally makes up for it! 
Anyway I’ve been really getting into lookbook + fashion blogs lately! I’m really looking to update my wardrobe since it’s pretty boring at the moment. I really like that streetstyle vibe so I’m trying to update my closet for that! 😀 I figured, since I don’t post very often (trying to put more effort into my youtube channel!), I’ll try doing more blog posts like these more often? They’re quite fun to do!  photo nrwgdsscagtkjek.gif

 jacket – gift from parents  / dress – no brand / leggings – ZARA / boots – Taobao

+++ I made a lookbook! Hopefully to track my progress in becoming a more ~stylish~ person!  photo ynicqdisqlirbdx.gif

Christmas Wishlist 2012

It’s almost time for Christmas! I know I’ve been eyeing a few things within the past week.
I’ve been doing some of my Christmas shopping for friends and family, which doesn’t really leave much left over for myself haha…. But it’s always nice to wish for things, right?

Here is my wishlist for this year.

xmas wishlist 2012

Christmas sweater, 29 CAD / River Island , 6.41 CAD / Falke opaque tight, 56 CAD / H&M , 8.01 CAD / Marc by Marc Jacobs combat boots, 665 CAD / Karl Lagerfeld collar necklace, 75 CAD / Michael Kors yellow gold jewelry, 365 CAD / Bangle jewelry, 20 CAD / Beats by Dr. Dre beat dr dre, 270 CAD / Benefit mascara, 23 CAD / Makeup brush, 17 CAD / Christian Dior , 23 CAD / Space Girl, 9.94 CAD / Phoenix Rising, 9.94 CAD

Of course most of these are just examples from Polyvore, not the exact brands of things that I’d like… But here we go! My 2012 Christmas wishlist.

Sweater, tights, boots – I feel like my sense of style has drastically improved within the last year! Last year, I didn’t really care about how I dressed, it was just go to class, go back to my room, and game/watch movies/be a hermit. This year I’ve really been getting into fashion, and style blogs. I’m a huge fan of the chunky sweater + tights + boots combo! I’d really like to find a nice winter style sweater (ugly Christmas sweater hahaha :D), warm tights, and black boots. I’m sure I can find these when I go thrifting!

Watch – I use my phone most of the time to check the time, but I think watches look so classy! Especially a nice rose gold watch. The only issue is that I have incredibly skinny wrists, so most of the time bracelets and watches end up sliding off, I’d have to get them fitted.

LUSH products – Love the bath bombs so much! I’d really like to try out some more!

Benefit’s They’re Real mascara – I got a sample size mascara in the November Ipsy bag and I love it! Probably my favourite mascara so far – separates lashes very well and lengthens them like crazy! They definitely live up to their hype.

Nail polish – Last year, I had this terrible habit of biting / peeling the tops of my nails off. In order to break this habit, I forced myself to paint my nails every week. I found that I was less likely to bite at my nails if they were lacquered up all nicely. Now, I love painting my nails! I’d like a few more colours to add to my collection!

Brushes – I don’t really have that many makeup brushes, so I’d like to try out Real Techniques brushes that were created by pixiwoo! I’ve heard so many good things about them!

Headphones – This was also on my wishlist last year haha. I’ve gone through so many pairs of earbuds, they usually end up breaking or getting lost. I need a pair of actual good headphones. I’ll probably have to invest in a pair soon for my audio engineering classes + for when I edit my videos, but a good pair of headphones are quite pricey….. weh.

Lighting equiptment – Something along the lines of softboxes, a big ringlight, or umbrellas? There is next to no good lighting in my house, or nice backgrounds that I can shoot against (unless I’m outside or in a public area, in which it depends on the weather/too much background noise.) Right now I’m using regular lights and as much as it works, I still get weird yellow cast on my face and shadows.

Camera lens – Right now I’m looking at the Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens. I’d like something that can allow me to be more creative than my current 18-55mm kit lens, something that can give me the nice bokeh for both photos and video! 

And of course, some nice jewellery 😀 Like cool necklaces and stuff!

But I think, more than anything, I want….

To go to the United Kingdom! I need to start on my exchange application soon…. but if all goes well, I’ll be in the UK from September 2013 – June 2014! Spending my third year of university there! I am so excited. Hopefully I get accepted. From what I understand, we have to fill out an application, write a personal essay, and do a one-on-one interview with the exchange counsellors? As daunting as it is, I’m extremely excited. I am just SO BORED of Canada, I want to get out of here, if at least for a little while!

I’ll make a separate video/post dedicated to this later, but yes. I’d take a year in the UK over everything. 

June Haul~

Well, this is hardly a haul haha. Picked up a few things this week! Needed to replace a few of my key make up items.
First, I needed a new powder! My Lioele powder is almost finished, and my Heroine Make smooth cover powder shattered ;_;. I was running to catch the bus to Ringo’s house (for cosplay sweatshopping) when my powder pact fell out of my backpack and shattered on the floor. There were some bigger pieces that could have been salvaged but I needed to catch that bus so I had to abandon the powder there. Saddest feeling over, orz. 

 Instead of ordering a new Heroine Make powder pact from SASA or ebay, I decided to try out western brands again. Got this Revlon PhotoReady powder, but it’s a tad too light for my skin. I might save it for winter when I get a bit more pale, but it looks like I’ll have to order another Heroine make powder.

This powder is pretty good though, it covers nicely for a matte finish. BUT NOT AS NICE AS HEROINE MAKE POWDER. :c

Also lost my EOS lip balm, so I took a chance with Baby Lips after hearing so many bloggers/vloggers rave about it! It’s quite food, lives to its hype. Hydrates the lips very well!

I bought the peach color because I like to have a peachy tint on my lips. I’m thinking about getting the clear one as well once I wear this down a bit! This color shows up as a light peachy orange. 

Popped by H&M and picked up these purple shoes for $10! I love getting shoes from H&M when they’re on sale. These are quite comfortable as well. I’m pretty sure that H&M was getting rid of their spring stock, so they had loads of shoes, bags, and accessories for sale. These shoes were the only thing that caught my eye.

Also got the candy bar shirt from the Pinku Project booth at Anime North! I love this shirt so much! Ringo also got one that was yellow instead of blue like mine. It’s so sweet~ (。・ω・)ノ゙


Went out and bought myself some cute clothes! I actually bought these a month ago but forgot to blog about these until I was clearing pictures out of a folder.

Found this cute clothing store called ‘Katie’ in a nearby outlet mall! Stuff is so cute, oh god! I’m waiting for them to get new stock so I can go find nicer summery clothes! I need to replace my ‘lazy wardrobe’ (black t-shirts etc) with cute clothes to force myself look nicer! 
THIS. THIS TOP IS MY FAVOURITE. I think it’s actually supposed to be like, a dressy top on small asian girls but I’m too tall haha. I really like the lace/collar trend that is/was happening… It’s so cute! I love it to pieces.
Green floral print dress. I like this since I don’t really have any greens in my wardrobe. It goes to mid-thigh on me. (Sometimes it sucks having such long legs/torso, cute clothes are always too short on me.)
Yellow half-sleeves jacket. It flares out at the side. I usually wear this belted! 
So yeah, that’s it for gets at the moment. Trying to save up for Anime North cosplay materials! I’ll be vlogging about this in the future, so please stay tuned! I’ll be posting more frequently to my youtube account. And speaking of youtube, I made an eye makeup tutorial! I had quite a few people message me about how I do my eyemake up which is surprising because I don’t think I do it particularly well haha. I’ll try to improve though!

    ヽ(*´∀`)ノ RETURN!

    Hey guys, I’m baaacckkkk~ ヽ(´▽`)/

    Sorry about the absence – the past week was the final tidal wave of projects. It was brutal, I hardly slept. I had a history essay, philosophy essay, French dissertation, French test and multimedia portfolio due. ;_; So much stress! I’m glad it’s over.

    This is just going to be a filler blog post for now… I’ve found a new makeup style that I really like, modified version of my past routine but it makes my eyes bigger! (I’ve learned to extend the wing lower, or else I have really Asian shaped eyes.) Also tried a bit more with nose contouring which I’m still trying to get right… I think it was a bit too dark in these photos though lol.

    I filmed part of the tutorial today but then both of my memory cards ran out of memory, and then I couldn’t find the cord to download the clips… So I just deleted them and took a bunch of pictures. Naturally I found the cord after lol, so I’ll finish filming it tomorrow! (っ´ω`c)

    Here are some pictures~

    I tried putting in two different coloured circle lenses because I like the effect! 
    Left = Princess Mimi Sesame Grey
    Right = GEO Cafe Latte

    Totori and I! 

    …Man I wish I could wear my cosplay makeup every day, it’s too much effort though!
    Will start filming vlogs and posting here regularly, so please be stay tuned~

    Also, new favourite song! I want to do her makeup as well!

    PHOTO DIARY – October

    Now that my midterms are done, I’m ready to blog so more!

    Made a little photo diary of the past few weeks~

    Last week was probably the most stressful week of my /university/ life ever! Oh god, I had my cultural studies seminar presentation, history essay, two french tests, and two linguistics midterms! I basically had no sleep that week… so stressful oh god. To channel my stress I consumed this amount of pomegranate green tea (basically all I’ve been drinking for the past few weeks haha!) SERIOUSLY IT’S SO GOOD.

    Sachie collapses after having only 10 hours of sleep over the period of 3 days. I was seriously in zombie mode, it was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced ): Sad thing is that I’ll probably be experiencing this quite a few more times during my time in university…
    Friday Oct 28 – graduated from high school! Our school is super stupid – basically most schools held their graduation in June when high school finished. Nope, our school decided to have graduation, in the middle of everybody’s midterms. It’s supposed to be that we come back and meet our friends again after starting university to catch up and stuff…. It was fun, but I just want to be done with high school haha.

    Had to sit through lots of boring speeches. Lots of people didn’t show up because they had midterm exams or were too busy partying since it was Halloween weekend. 
    +OBTAINED HIGH SCHOO DIPLOMA! It’s about time! 
    I liked high school but I’m glad to move on haha. I sure miss the easy workload and carefree days, but I’m enjoying university freedom much more.
    Woke up one day with crazy bed hair </random>
    I thought this was pretty cool – one of my Cultural Studies classes was a lecture on Lady Gaga! Basically we sat there and watched the Alejandro music video / Lady Gaga having an orgy on widescreen. After this PhD student gave a lecture on Lady Gaga and the cultural impact/influence she holds over people.

     SAW THIS CAT PRINT DRESS AT H&M OH GOD OH MAN I WISH I BOUGHT IT. Was seriously debating it but this dress was a little short on me ): Later I found a blue/white version of the same print in my size but the line was so ridiculously long so I ended up giving up and leaving. I hope it’s still there this weekend! If it is, I’m definitely going to buy it!

    Entered my university’s Media Centre’s Halloween photoshop contest. The theme was to make a horror movie poster. I found this picture of a witch cosplayer on tumblr and thought it would be a good image for a horror movie poster hahaha. 
    The winners for “People’s Choice” was determined on the number of votes one got when it was submitted, and “Staff Pick” was based on which one the staff liked the best. I won staff pick and got this ~amazing~ Mario figure! The first place prize for People’s choice won a $100 gift card to the school’s book store…. D:!!
    Next contest I am spamming the hell out of my entry, I want a $100 gift card Q_Q
    October 31 – was a kawaii meido-chan for Halloween. (Didn’t wear this to my classes though.) This was my first Halloween where I didn’t really do anything- no parties or dressing up for class. It was pretty boring.

    Did murder-doll makeup (from Venus Angelic’s makeup tutorial) because it’s more fun being creepy.
    That’s it for my little end of October photo diary! I hope you guys liked it, even though my days aren’t very interesting at the moment haha~ 
    I’ll be updating with a little gets post soon!

    Style Change

    THIS post on Tokyofashion.come really inspired me – I think this look is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. This girl is super super beautiful in my eyes ;_; I really wish I could dress like this but I typically stay in my comfort zone in terms of my style. But I’d really like to change my hair style – haven’t cut my hair in almost a year and a half now (trying to grow it out), but thinking of dying it? Not a bright colour like this, but maybe a darker colour or black/dark violet shade? I’ve never dyed my hair and I really want a change – I think bangs are cute and I want to try them out but I always feel like my face is too round. My eyebrows are really thick/dark so thinking of lightening them a bit so they don’t look to bad under bangs….
    I don’t think I’ll end up doing this, but I just want a change. 😛

    online shopping addiction

    So, I’ve just spent the last 3 hours browsing wholesale clothing websites, Etsy, eBay, etc. Before that, I spent an hour lurking lookbook accounts as I browsed through different outfits to give me inspiration.

    This is what I’ve ordered so far:

    White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland necklace – Etsy. (bought the only one, hehe!)

    SD Card reader – so I can download the pictures and files off my phone/ load more games onto my R4. I think Alice was getting a bit annoyed that I kept asking to borrow hers.

    Lacey Apricot/Pink coloured skirt. Not so sure about the quality, but it was only around $7.
    It’s cute, hopefully the quality isn’t too bad.

    wholesale Hot Sell Edging Studded Shoulder Bag Camel
    Shoulder bag! I need one. I don’t have any cute shoulder bags, only totes and handbags!
    Hopefully the bag comes in the same colour as the picture. It would match my really nice shoes that I bought a while back! (The ones in my Mio cosplay )

    I’ll review the items when they arrive! Super excited! 


    I’ve always loved patterned tights.

    Recently, I’ve noticed that many girls at my school/fashion bloggers online have picked up on this trend. I love it.

    Being the tall girl that I am, standing at five foot nine-and-a-half inches, I’ve wanted to wear tights. I have very long legs, so a little voice in the back of my head has kept pestering at me to showcase them by wearing cute patterned tights. Before I can get to the mall, reason counters with “It’s too cold to wear tights, so there’s no point~!”

    It’s winter here in Canada, and we have a good amount of snow. I get cold quite easily, therefore I tend to steer clear of wearing leggings or tights in the winter/fall/early spring seasons. Plus, I have to sit through a 45 minute cold bus ride in the morning on my way to school. ( I know, so many excuses.)

    I’m trying to break out of this habit of comfort > style, but it’s kind of hard.

    Two weeks ago, I was at the mall and passed Bebe. A mannequin in the window had the prettiest pair of sheer black tights with little black bows on them, and I fell in love. I went back on the weekend to buy them and found that they were sold out. Which made me very sad.

    I don’t give up that easily! When God shuts a door, he opens a window. An internet window, to be exact.  I went online. Here are some cute tights that I found!

    (These were found on eBay. If you want to find cute cheap tights, search ‘Women’s tights’ or something along those lines. Most come from wholesale shops/warehouses in China, so the price ranges between $2-$8, usually with free shipping)

    The ones that I saw in the window of Bebe were like the first picture. Although the grey ribbon rights on the right are cute as well!

    I also tried putting together an outfit that I would wear with the tights. I don’t really own any clothes like the following picture, but it was fun putting it together! Hopefully my fashion sense doesn’t really prove to be that bad.

    I was going for the cute/girly/casual look. (Heavily inspired by what I’ve been seeing in gyaru blogs and japanese fashion magazines.) This outfit is mainly from forever21 (I just went on the website and picked out some pieces!) I love whites/pinks/light browns, so I tried to incorporate that into this outfit.

    Components of this outfit (click on the listed and you’ll be directed to the actual webpage where it’s being sold):

    Tell me what you think! 
    ♥ Cianna

    NU ABO ☆ favourite clothing style!

    Hey guys! 😀

    So recently I’ve been addicted to kpop [korean music] ! (I think my obsession took place after watching 200 Pound Beauty!) My favourite kpop song at the moment is called NU ABO by f(x)!
    It’s so weird because they’re all generally in my age range! 2 are older (one is 25, one is 18) and 3 are younger! (one is the same age and two are a year younger)! But I guess that’s in idol industry for you! XD

    Anyway, the one with the long brown hair and spotty leggings is my favourite! Her name is Victoria! She’s so gorgeous! And I adore her outfit!
    It’s a simple outfit that looks really great!
    It’s a slightly larger fit black top/t-shirt, black shorts, patterned leggings and black/white hightops! So cute!
    So I thought I’d do a little picture post on my favourite coordinates!
    These are my favourite clothing styles! ♥
    Solid colour flowy top, patterned top, black frilly shorts or black skirt, lacy or sheer tights, solid colour flats! I really love this coordinate! So cute ♥ Maybe a hat or put your hair in a loose ponytail?
    I envy the W♥C sticker she has on her phone! Japanese cellphones are so pretty! *3* ♥
    AH I love this one so much! Simple T-shirt (AH I WANT THAT SHIRT SO BAD ♥) lacy skirt, sheer or dark patterned tights, and tall or ankle boots. Hair up in a high, teased ponytai, and an USAMIMI ♥ And a cute purse, definitely.
    (Last 2 photos are from this adorable blog!)
    I bet you can see what kind of styles I like the best? XD Flowy clothes, lacy skirts, tights or stockings! But they’re so cute! I can’t help it! ;-;
    My wardrobe is nothing like this since my mom is refusing to buy me any clothes so it will ‘prepare me for univeristy’. Which is stupid. >_> So whatever money I make from wig commissions or anything else is going to be put into my clothing fund so I can buy cute gal clothes. :3
    Tell me what kind of clothes you like the best! 😀 Or what your style is!

    cosplay progress~

    You’ll have to excuse my crap webcam photos, I can’t take any pictures with my other camera because it’s charging. (I was going to plug it in last night except I forgot, ORZ)

    Anyway, I’ve finished my skirt for Hiiragi! I think it looks pretty good!
    I’ve finished the top, the skirt, one of the fans, and one of the red tail things he has.

    Here’s what he looks like~ (Fabulous gay man is fabulous)

    click to zoom
    For a bigger image, click (here)

    And this is what my skirt looks like so far:

    It looks kinda bent out/sticks out in a weird way, but that’s because I haven’t ironed it yet. Also need to add one of those yellow um, line thingies. And border the green part with black ribbon.

    Also, to clarify, I’m wearing a black bikini top under the top, because I’m not doing an open chest binding. (Too risky and painful, also my mom was like LOLNO)

    I’m going to try to find some stocking material so I can make a binding/top thingy. I don’t want to have to do a ‘female version’ of Hiiragi, but I might have to if I can’t get it ready in time. ):
    I went to Mika’s the other day and she tried helping me with bindings. We bought some sports bandage stuff but it wasn’t my skin colour and looked really weird. (It was this faded red/orange/tan colour and looked painfully obvious) so I was like eh, I’ll have to do this I guess if we can’t find anything else. But after 15 minutes of wearing them, they started to become loose and start slipping = DANGER.

    Anyway, bikini will be the last resort.
    Also, after I posted this to my facebook, I got a message on msn from one of my friends (?) who I haven’t talked to in a while who said my costume was hot but kind of slutty.
    WTF. HOW IS THIS SLUTTY? I’m wearing a knee-length skirt and a top with a bikini top underneath. I don’t see how this is any more revealing than a Yoko costume. .___.
    Idk, they pissed me off so I blocked them, ohoho. P:

    Now, here’s a list of things that I need to finished for my cosplay~
    • Finish painting last side of final red tail, sew onto skirt
    • Make that yellow and red thing that’s at the back of his skirt.
    • Finish second pair of fans and attach thread to make sure the fans open properly
    • Make gloves
    • Get a black sheer stocking and make his weirds stocking thing. Also make ankle cuff.
    • Wait for wig to arrive and get a red extension, then style.
    Yeah, I hope this doesn’t end up being a failure for Fan Expo. Sobsobsobbbb

    Also, next weekend I will be standing outside of an AMC downtown Toronto dressed in lolita handing out flyers or something to promote the convention. I think it’s supposed to be near Eatons? Anyway, if you happen to see me then say hi. 😀 There will be other cosplayers there as well! :3
    I’ll be with Sami, ohoho ♥

    New blog layout!

    Yay! Finally got around to updating my old blog layout! I like this one alot!

    I used quite a few images from
    After discovering this website, I’m totally in love! I can’t express in words at how much I’m in love with Korean and japanese fashion! I really love korean fashion at the moment because it’s so fresh, clean, and pure! How I wish I could pull off these looks! Maybe I’ll try harder to look better at school this year.

    I don’t think that I could be this adorable though!

    I’ve also been looking at asian clothing stores such as yesstyle and asiajam! As well as W♥C of course!

    I’m applying for a job tomorrow at a local community centre! They’re hiring for the snack bar. It can’t be that bad of a job, besides community centres always hire lots of students! And it’s a snack bar. So it can’t be that bad…
    It pays $10.25 an hour! So I can work a day and I’ll have enough to buy myself a W♥C backpack! And cosplay materials and stuff! AND MY MACBOOK OF COURSE!

    So exciting!

    This will be my first job so I really hope I get considered! I’m also going to apply to ECCO in Square One, but I’ll probably have less of a chance being hired there. Eh, no hurt in applying there. I mean, Jennie got hired at Mexx for her first job! (Ahh SO LUCKY!)

    Anyway, I’m going to finish writing my cover letter now! Let’s hope that I get the job!
    Then I can get more cosplays to dance in!


    Hello everyone! :3

    I really love japanese fashion!
    I’d love to buy some things from W♥C (WAKATSUKI CHINATSU)

    I think that the style is super cute! But it’s really expensive!
    Here’s the website!

    I love everything! I’d especially like to buy the backpack!
    It’s really cute! The design is very adorable in my opinion!
    But I don’t know how I’d be able to buy one from Japan! It’s expensive for shipping!
    Plus I don’t have that much money because I’m saving for a Macbook Pro! I want one for when I go to university! But I also want that backpack! Somebody please buy it for me! ;3;

    I also want these clothes from W♥C~

    I’m also really excited to go to Pacific Mall soon! My mom says we’re going next week!
    They have lots of asian cosmetic stores that sell Japanese cosmetics! Like Dolly wink and Palty hair dye! (I was thinking of getting some Palty! Haha, because Tsubasa was on the front! )
    But I don’t think my hair would look very good if it was dyed a lighter colour! P:

    I do want to get some Dolly Wink eyeliner if I can find some! I heard Dolly Wink is really good!! I don’t need any more false eyelashes because I already bought a load of the internet! I want to try finding some bison bath salts! The ones that make you sweat alot!
    Ahh, I need to get a job soon and buy all of these things!
    I’m going to apply at a shoe store! I need to make a resume now since my other one was on my old USB which my comtec teacher still has… D:<


    Skin Care~!

    I’ve been meaning to do this post since I’ve had about two people ask me!

    I’ll tell you a little bit about my skin care routine and what products I use! And also some reviews, just incase you guys want to try them out.

    Ratings are out of 5!

    I find this product to be really great! 😀
    I use it when I wake up and before I go to sleep. I actually didn’t really intend to buy this product – it came in a value pack with nice makeup remover! () But I needed a new cleanser so I decided to buy this.
    It comes with a rubber scrublet which works amazingly! You put the scrublet inbetween your fingers and pour the cream stuff onto it, add some water, and start scrubbing your face. I find that it works really well – it removes all makeup like concealer and foundation and leaves your face feeling refreshed and tingly. :3
    Sachie’s rating: / 5!

    I bought this while I was looking for a good acne cleanser for when I had bad skin days. I find this product to be pretty good. When you us it, it foams up quickly and feels nice against the skin. However, it leaves your skin to be kinda dry, which I don’t particularly like. When using this product regularly, it quickly gets rid of acne and keeps it away. I’ve heard this product doesn’t really work for all skin types though, but it works alright for me! It also keeps your skin smooth! I like using it with the scrublet from the 360 Clean cleaner. 😀
    Sachie’s rating: / 5

    I find this moisturizer to be really good! I really like it! 😀
    It makes my skin feel really smooth and nice, as well as claiming to have a pure dose of vitamin E. I put it on during the winter and worked well (imo) to fight dryness. It also has some SPF (15) in it, which I guess is a good thing! :3 It also has a really nice scent!
    Sachie’s rating: / 5

    Skin spray moisturizer: Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer
    I actually love this! It works amazingly as a moisturizer! When I first started using it, I had no idea what it was. My mom bought it for me, haha! But it’s really refreshing for the skin – it works great it you put it on before makeup! It has a really nice, light scent and it works great all over the body, even in the hair! I sometimes keep a small bottle on me because it works well to refresh your face if you feel icky. :3
    Sachie’s rating: / 5

    So the order that I normally use this is:
    Cleanser, skin spray, moisturizer. :3

    I actually love using these so much! They feel so nice on your skin and leave your face feeling super refreshed!

    I know they look kinda silly, but they work amazingly!
    I love using these each weekend! xD I feel the blemish mud works so well! Like, when I get acne, I just slather one of these on and sit back for half an hour! It works great! I love it! xD

    Sachie’s rating: /5

    I hope these reviews were helpful? 😀


    I found really nice pictures of styles that I like! ^___^

    They’re from
    I love Jenny and her fashion sense! She has such lovely pictures on her tumblr! I also love her blog!

    I’ll show you some of my favourites!

    amenehkay:  (via fuckyeahjapanfashion)

    fuckyeahjapanfashion:  Wouldn’t it be cool just to walk around the street wearing that :D  Only in Japan~~

    galero:  -rockinghorsefly:  ohyeahgyaru:  (via kila-kila-d-glam)

    (via galero, castersugar)

    (via chouzuru, rurumari)

    (via lovekumicky)

    (via lovekumicky)

    (via supakawaiigurl, hyorina)

    amenehkay:  starpowerrr:  mikitsu:  (via dollygal)