March: A Mixtape

Leopards laze each 
On plush pillows 
Slender capes
Of red and chrome 

Paperback dreams 
In their deep doze 
Twitch their toes to 
Black mambo

March welcomed us with a cold winds and a huge pile of snow. I’ve been dreaming of stream and it’s a bit of an annoyance that it’s been put off for another few weeks.
This playlist starts off slow and slinky, but builds up into a kickin’ beat…… Hopefully the weather decides to do the same.

February: A Mixtape

Hot love, hot love

Wake up in the morning feeling alone and just with him

You wanna feel the way he’s starting up

There’s nothing better, there’s nothing better

There’s nothing better than your love

I couldn’t do a February mixtape without making love the focus… that would be cruel. This collection of songs builds starts feeling fairly laid back, and builds in energy.
I’ll be spending this Valentines Day with my valentine. It’s such a nice feeling, finally being able to cross off a Valentines Day date off my bucket list.

Here’s to many more to come!

January: A Mixtape

Baby, don’t you wish we could press pause, freeze frame…

The days are long, dark, and cold. Although January is the start of a new year, a start of something new, I’d rather sit at home wrapped in blankets.

I’ve decided to put together little monthly mixtapes. The idea was inspired by one of my favourite blogs, Bramble and Thorn – I urge you to visit her blog, the photography is absolutely gorgeous.

Please enjoy this collection of songs – laid back, chilled out dreary January vibes.

listen here

music favourites 3

Some of my favourite songs from recently~

1. The 1975 – Chocolate
2. Thrift Shop ft Wanz – Macklemore
3. Stay Awake (dotEXE remix) – Carousel
4. Youth – Daughter
5. Nature Boy – Nat King Cole

music favourites 2

I get lots of questions and requests to post my playlist because people like the music I post to my twitter and use on my drawing livestreams. I think I’ll make this a regular feature – where I list some of my favourite songs of the moment!

Found this indie band through Youtube Rewind for their 5 person, 1 guitar Goyte “Somebody that I Used to Know” cover. I love them! They’re a Canadian band that was founded in a city not too far from me! Love finding great Canadian groups.
I don’t follow Taylor Swift’s drama, but I do like some of her songs. And this song is gorgeous – so mature and elegant compared to her other songs. The music video is beautiful.
Awesome live mashup of 39 great songs! I really love these types of remixes on these board things (I forget when they’re called?)
Now, for a french song! This song has beautiful lyrics! If you can’t understand the french, here is the english translation. I think my favourite lines are, Iโ€™m told that fate makes fun of us, /That it gives us nothing and promises everything, /When happiness seems to be within our reach, /We reach out and find ourselves like fools. It really speaks to me for some reason. It has love, fear, and uncertainty, a lot of emotions I’m sure a lot of us can relate to.

What are your favourite songs at the moment? :]

Music Favourites 1

By the time this post goes up, I’ll be working a 2:30-10:30 shift. Now that I’m done classes, I have to work to save up for my exchange next year. So no break for me ๐Ÿ™

Anyway, I want to share some of my favourite songs as of recently!

– breezeblocks by alt-j
– virus by m4sonic
– electric feel by mgmt
– every note pt 2 by mystery skulls
– pop danthology

Leah Dizon~

One of my comtec projects from the beginning of the year!
We had to make a CD cover for our favourite musician. Mine was obviously Leah Dizon!
I know the cover isn’t the best haha, forgive me! ;A;

It was made on Adobe Illustator…
I had to save it as a bmp file to upload it here so that’s why it’s pixelated. ;A;
Leah, I lav you โ˜บโ™ฅ

Leah Dizon~


I’m in a really great mood today!
Yesterday I discovered Leah Dizon’s blog!
Leah Dizon is my idol! She’s amazingly gorgeous and she can sing and dance so well!

She’s so cute! <333 My favourite songs of hers are ‘Everything Anything’, ‘L.O.V.E. U.’, ‘Vanilla’, and ‘Love Paradox’! She’s in different commercials too! She looks absolutely gorgeous! *_____*
I wish I could look like her! :3 She looks like a doll!

My dream in life is to meet her! *_____* <333