Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush

Amika Straightening Brush Review 10

Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush Review

Hello everyone!

Last week was Sephora’s semi-annual VIB sale. And I picked up the Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush! I had been eyeing it for a while and decided to get it during the sale.

I hate doing my hair. On 6/7 days, my hair is usually up in a ponytail or bun because I can’t be arsed to do anything with it.

I have really thick hair, so it takes forever to blowdry and straighten. I always wash my hair in the evenings, let it airdry overnight, and straighten it the next evening because I’ll take every moment of sleep I can get in the morning.

I had been eyeing the Amika Straightening Brush for a little while now. After watching numerous reviews on YouTube and researching on different blogs, I decided to pick it up. Not only was it 15% off (which is like nothing… damn you 13% tax!) but it came in a value set. Keep reading for my thoughts!

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Glossier in Canada | Glossier Haul, Review, and Recommendations!

Hello lovelies!

I finally got my hands on some Glossier bits! I’ve heard some of my favourite beauty bloggers rant and rave about the magic of Glossier for ages. It’s simple, it makes your skin look amazing, the packaging cute…. etc etc etc. The idea of a basic, no-frills products stood out to me, and I wanted to try it out for myself.

As if I needed any more makeup… however, I reasoned with myself because Glossier prides their products on the notion of “skincare first, makeup second,” which really aligns with my approach to beauty products!

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An Evening Exploring Burlington

Hiya lovelies!

It’s the summer time, and that means…weekend getaways! In my last staycation post, we looked at prime spots around Port Credit (read here). Continuing with my series of staycation spots within the GTA, we’re traveling down to Burlington. Burlington is another lakeside town sandwiched between Oakville and Hamilton. I haven’t visited since I was a kid, so I thought it would be nice to bring my parents down with me for the weekend.

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The Ten Spot – Port Credit | My Experience & Review

The Ten Spot – Port Credit

Hello lovelies!

I was invited to check out The Ten Spot’s newly opened Port Credit location. In my last post I talked about places to check out when visiting Port Credit, and I wanted to feature this spot for all my beauty loving readers here in the GTA! The Ten Spot is a chain of beauty bars, known for their waxing, facial, and nail services. Christina and I popped by for some gel manis and spoiler alert – it was one of my favourite nail experiences…ever! Keep reading to find out more…

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A Relaxing Day | Sol Luna Y Mares Resort in Cuba

Sending you a little piece of sunshine!

Hello lovelies!

I can’t believe that it has already been a few months since I left for the sunny beaches of Holguin, Cuba. If you read my last Cuba post, you’ll know that I spent a week at the Sol Rio Luna y Mares resort. It was my first time in Cuba, and I had such a lovely time! I’ve started full time at my internship which means the typical 9-5, so while I’m getting everything sorted out, let me dust off this post which has sat in my drafts for a little while! 🙂

I absolutely love travel books, and the Lonely Planet Shoestring series are some of the best travel resources you can find! I loved flipping through Lonely Planet’s updated Central America On A Shoestring*. It includes maps, and recommendations, hidden discoveries, and advice on how to optimise your budget for the trip. Although we spent most of our time on the resort, it will definitely come in handy because I’d love to come back and explore some more!

Happiness is warm beaches, sunny skies, and a drink in hand!


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Wellness Centre

If you know me, you’ll know that I absolutely loooooove spa treatments. I just love spending my days lazing around in warm wrm water and the sun. Sol Rio Luna y Mares also has a wellness centre, which was unfortunately under construction during our stay… no sauna for us! The wellness centre houses the resort’s beauty services, spa treatments, medical services, and fitness area.

It smelled really nice and there was soft music playing, which was very relaxing. There is a little jacuzzi and a small pool out front which was lovely. The centre wasn’t crowded at all so it was a nice and quiet little getaway area.

After, we took a stroll down to the beach. Matt was getting a massage.

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So let’s just say… I was not made for life at sea.

Or exercise, for that matter. On one of the days, we decided to go on an excursion package offered by the resort. Ours included swimming with dolphins (which I had mixed feelings about,) snorkeling, and then wrapped up with a seafood lunch at a private lookout.

After our session with the dolphins, we hopped on a catamaran and were taken a short distance out from the resort. Now, I know how to swim and was quite excited to see all the fish and underwater life! However my goggles had a crack in them and my breathing pipe kept leaking saltwater.

After about 3 minutes I felt choked up and exhausted and floated back to the boat where I promptly threw up and then napped on the catamaran net.

To top it off, I fell asleep on my stomach and the net left an imprint along the entire front of my body!

Here’s what I learned.

  1. Don’t sleep on the catamaran net or you’ll end up looking like a grilled fish.
  2. Scuba diving is cool and all but I’ll stick to watching underwater Youtube videos.
  3. I’m a lot less fit than I thought I was.

The seafood lunch was fantastic, although Matt was feeling seasick so I ended up eating both of our portions 😀


Bought myself a pair of sandals from an on-site vendor! They have the word “Cuba” stamped into the sole.

La Pinta

Sol Rio Luna y Mares is an all inclusive resort. Most of the time, we ate at the buffet near our rooms in the Mares section of the resort. However, you are able to book a meal at one of the resort’s many restaurants during your stay for no additional cost. We decided to check out La Pinta – a mediterranean restaurant located right on the beach. I loooove mediterranean food (especially sea food!)

We ate at 7:30PM. It was a shame that the sun had already set because it would have been quite nice to watch the sunset during dinner!

We booked a dinner at the resort’s Mediterranean restaurant, La Pinta. During our stay at the resort, we had a few opportunities to eat at the specialty restaurants (which were inclusive in the overall price.) It was a lovely little small building right by the sea. The weather was warm that night…

I started with the seafood brochette with green salad. Next was this seafood Cuban soup, with vegetables and fish! It was so good!! I could have gone through bowls of this.

The main dish – mixed dish of seafood – chef’s style. There was a mix of fish, lobster, rice, and vegetables. So goooood. I was highly debating the lobster dish but I wanted to try the variety platter. 😛

On certain nights, the resort held events in the reception area, like White Night! Everything was decorated with white material and guests were encouraged to wear all white. There were even white desserts!


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It was a really fun time, with alcohol and desserts in a constant flow. 😛

That wraps up my Cuba posts (a bit late, but better than never!) You can read the rest here.

Have you ever been to Cuba, or visited a resort? 🙂

*Press samples featured. [/pipdig_padded_text]

One Brand Review: Laneige Skincare


Let’s Take A Look At Laneige…

Hello lovelies!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge skincare junkie. I have tried hundreds of different products and brands over the years, but I keep coming back to my favourite – Laneige! Have you tried Laneige products before? I’m a huge fan of this Korean skincare brand – I’ve done features on their trial kits and masks in the past which I absolutely loved. I’m serious = this brand has saved my skin time and time again. For reference, I have dry-normal combo skin. I realized I had almost a full set of Laneige products for a one-brand feature, so lets jump right into it!

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Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Glow Instant Look In A Palette


Hello lovelies!

I started my internship on a full time basis this week (woo!) Unfortunately for me, I have to correct my student sleep schedule (aka 4AM-12PM…or later lol :x) to fit in with the real world. I always sleep in until the last possible minute, do my makeup in a flurry, and then rush out the door. Fortunately for me, Charlotte Tilbury has created the Instant Look In A Palette, all for the woman on the go! The newest release, the #GLOWMO palette, is a dream come true. Let’s take a look at this thing of beauty!

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Sephora VIB haul

Hello lovelies!

Jumping back into the swing of blogging after a hectic few weeks. I might do a personal update post later… still trying to decide because I’m so exhausted from trying to correct my sleep schedule. The 9-5 really wrecks the college student body, lemme tell ya.

Anyway, today’s post is a long one.  What did you pick up during the Sephora VIB sale? Can you believe that I held out on ordering between February to April (self control, amirite?) 15% isn’t even much either (basically the cost of tax,) but Sephora hardly has any sales so in the end, it was worth it.

Enough rambling – let’s do this!

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New Releases – Spring Makeup & Skincare

Ah spring! The snow is melting, the days are getting warmer, and…a flood of new beauty releases! I like adjusting my makeup and skincare regime to suit the changing weather, as I tend to veer away from heavier skincare and makeup. I’ve got a few fresh new Spring products to share with you today- both skincare and makeup! Let’s take a look 😀

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Trip To Cuba – Sol Rio Luna Y Mares Resort Review

Cuba Sol Rio Luna y Mares Resort Review

Hello hello my lovelies! How’s it going?

A bright one from me today! Cuba is a place I’ve always wanted to visit and if you follow me on Instagram (@sachietv) you’ll know that I was there last week! I got on a plane and flew down to C-C-Cuba for a week at the Sol Rio Luna y Mares Resort!! I’m all about warm sun and clear skies, and literally did a backflip when I found out I was going with Matt and his family.

I had never been to a resort before – the closest experience for me would have probably been when I was 12 and went on a cruise. I couldn’t wait to park myself in front of those crystal blue waters and try to get some colour into my super pale skin. I have a little photo diary ready for you, as well as a rundown of the resort we stayed at!

Sol Rio Luna y Mares is a medium sized resort but there are quite a lot of things to see there, so I’ll be breaking this into a few parts! Let’s talk about the venue itself and the beautiful beaches today!

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Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks & Matte Creme Lip Crayons

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick Swatches and Review

Hello everyone! Now I’m sure you all know by now that I’m an absolute lipstick fiend – I absolutely love my lip products! I’ve been a fan of Bite Beauty products for ages now, ever since I got my hands on two gorgeous orange toned Amuse Bouche lipsticks in the shades Gingersnap and Sweet Cream (which I reviewed here). So you can imagine that it was a dream come true when the little Bite Beauty fairy dropped off some goodies in my mailbox, including a selection of the Amuse Bouche line, Matte Creme lip crayons, and the 2016 Mauvember shade!

Keep reading for my review and swatches!

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Smashbox Photo Matte Eye Palette & Mascara Review & Swatches

Enhance Your Eyes With Smashbox Cosmetics

I’ve heard many a blogger sing praises about Smashbox products, from their holy-grail primers to their coveted lip products. It’s a brand that I’ve known about for ages, but haven’t really experimented with. I’ve received sample sizes of their eye and face primers through Sephora and ispy Glam Bags, which I absolutely loved but eventually lost because the travel tubes were so tiny.

I think I may have just died and gone to heaven when the mail man knocked on my door and presented me with a of Smashbox goodies! Today I’ll be reviewing some of their most recent eye launches, including the Photo Matte Eyes Eyeshadow Palette and a selection of their most popular mascaras!

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Farmacy Perenial Picks Discovery Kit | Review

Hello lovelies! Skincare is incredibly important – by shaking up my skincare routine and finding products that worked well for me, I managed to correct my skin type and change it from dry to normal! I’m always looking for new skincare products to try out. Fortunately, I was able to test out the Farmacy Perenial Picks Discovery Kit in today’s review!

Farmacy has released a four piece trial size kit – the Perenial Picks Discovery Kit – aimed at delivering youthful-looking skin, featuring a foaming exfoliating cream, a skin radiance serum, a renewing night treatment, and a lightweight day cream. The kit itself emphasizes the use of natural extracts to plump and hydrate the skin, while achieving a pretty and youthful glow! Keep reading for my thoughts on the kit…


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TheFaceShop Mango Seed Skincare & BB Pact Review | ft. BBCosmetic

TheFaceShop Haul with BBcosmetic

I’m sure by now, you all know how much I absolutely loooove TheFaceShop! A few weeks back, I went on a big skincare shopping spree (read about it here) and picked up the Mango Seed discovery kit, which featured the toner, lotion, and facial butter. When popular online Korean cosmetic and skincare shop BBcosmetic reached out for a review, I leapt at the chance to try out some more TheFaceShop products!
Today I’ll be reviewing two items from the Mango Seed skincare line, as well as the My Other Bag x TheFaceShop collaboration CC Moist Cushion Foundation*!

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A Look At Spring 2016 Releases | Estee Lauder & Aerin

A few little goodies…

…appeared at my doorstep the other day.

I’ve been transitioning my makeup to reflect the warmer weather – glowy skin, subtle bronze, and colourful lips are making their way into my makeup bag. I’ve also been switching up my fragrances (think light, floral, and airy – hello chloe!) I thought I would showcase these items because they totally capture spring/summer makeup trends!

Let’s take a look at the spring/summer releases for Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess collection, as well as a new Aerin fragrance!

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Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light | Sunrise Lamp Review

Not a Morning Person.

I am definitely, 100%, not a morning person. If you leave me in a dark room with a cozy blanket, I’d probably sleep for 14 hours straight. I’m the type of person who needs to set an alarm or else I’ll wake up at 3PM in the afternoon. (To be fair, I’m a bit of a night owl.) I love my bed, I love sleeping, and I absolutely hate waking up to an alarm in the morning. But the reality is I can’t sit in bed all day, I’ve got to get up at some point. With this, I introduce the sunrise lamp.

A sunrise lamp? Probably one of the more unique items I’ll review on this blog, but one that’s quite interesting none the less. I recently purchased the Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light on Amazon, and quite a number of you have requested a review! So here I am today, sharing my thoughts, opinions, and critiques to help you make a decision, or figure out why so many bloggers are raving about sunrise lamps!

Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light

A sunrise lamp is a lamp / clock hybrid. You set an alarm, and a set amount of time before the alarm goes off, the light will turn on and increase in intensity, kind of like a natural sunrise. At the same time, your alarm sound (sound effects, music, or the radio), will also increase in volume. In this effect, you’re eased into waking up naturally. Gone are the days of jolting awake in a dark room by a sharp alarm sound!

From the Philips website – Coloured Sunrise Simulation wakes you naturally. Inspired by nature’s sunrise, light gradually increases within 30 minutes from soft morning red through orange until your room is filled with bright yellow light. This process of changing an increasing light stimulates your body to wake up naturally. By the time light has filled the room your chosen natural sound completes the wake up experience, leaving you ready for the day ahead.

Design & Features

Physical Design

The Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light is a round, speaker shaped clock. It features a rounded face and is made of a hard plastic. There is a small display with glowing orange digits near the bottom which works as the clock’s interface. There are buttons near the screen (touch-activated) which control the alarm settings, as well as physical buttons on the top for activating the lamp, changing volume, etc. The touchscreen buttons are a bit weird to use at first but it’s pretty straight forward.

From left to right, there is the button to activate alarm 1, brightness (-, turn on lamp, +), volume ( -, turn on radio, +), alarm 2, and sunset lamp. My critique with these buttons is that they are very smooth and are not raised, making it quite difficult to distinguish buttons from just touch… This can be quite tricky when you’re trying to change the buttons in the dark.

The lamp plugs into the wall but also retains a bit of power – if you happen to unplug your lamp or the power goes out,

Alarm settings.

The Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light has two customizable alarms that you can set different times/ brightness/audio. In addition to the alarm settings, you are also able to adjust the regular lamp and clock settings.
There are 5 built in nature-inspired audio options as well! The sound effects you can choose from are birds singing, birds + music, ocean waves, soft music, and forest sounds. These are all super relaxing to wake up to, especially when it increases slowly from silence. You can also choose to wake up by FM radio.

Lighting / Brightness Settings

According to the website, the brightness of the display adjusts itself according to the brightness of the room. If the bedroom is filled with light, the brightness increases to keep the display readable. When the bedroom is dark the brightness dims so it doesn’t light up your bedroom when you are trying to sleep.

The Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light can be used as a standalone lamp as well! You can adjust the brightness settings for the lamp, ranging from 20 (full brightness, yellow-toned light), down to 01 (dim, orange-toned light). These options are also customizable for individual alarm settings – for example, my lamp is usually set to a 15 when I wake up. It’s still bright, but not as intense as a 20 because the lamp is on my bedside table and I don’t want to be blinded when waking up.

Sunset Function

There is also a sunset option, which fades from bright yellow light to red – this feature is supposed to help you go to sleep. I love using this function in the evenings to help me wind down. You can change the speed in which the light dims – between 10 – 45 minutes. I usually it set for 45 minutes. I love this feature because the dimming is so subtle, and the fade from yellow – orange – red light is easy on the eyes.

Overall, I love this sunrise lamp. I’m the absolute worst at waking up in the morning, and this lamp makes that whole process a lot more relaxing. I’ll also note that I, like many others, suffer from seasonal affective disorder during the winter. I feel tired, sluggish, and depressed during those dark days – the sunlight definitely has an impact on my work ethic and overall mood! I haven’t used this in the winter months yet since I only bought it a few weeks ago, but I’m sure it’ll help.

If you’re thinking about getting one, I highly recommended. It’s prettttty pricing for a clock, but it’s definitely an investment piece. I mean, it’s something you’re likely going to be using every day, because waking up is a daily practice! I bought mine on Amazon for $119.99 CAD – I’d suggest doing this so you can test it out for a bit, and return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Are you a morning person? Have you ever tried a sunset lamp? Have you suffered from the winter blues?
Thanks for reading! x

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Sephora Favorites – Bronze Bares All 2016 | Review + Swatches

Summer Glow… In A Box!

Sephora Favorites are some of my favourite makeup kits – they’re a great way to try out a curated line of their most popular items…through a selection of deluxe sample and full sized products! I was scouring the Sephora website when I spotted their Sephora Favourites 2016 Bronze Bares-All set!
This 8 piece kit contains a range of products suited to give you that bronzey summer glow we’re all looking for. (I’m super pale, and I’m hoping to tan a bit this summer…this kit is perfect!) I don’t own any of the products in this kit, and I figured this kit would be the perfect opportunity. Eight items for $48… That works out to be about $6 per item!!! SIX DOLLARS!! For a mini Nars bronzer and a Becca Highlighter? Yes please!!
Let’s take a closer look at my review and swatches of the Sephora Favourites 2016 Bronze Bares-All set! 😀

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Sephora VIB Sale 2016; What I Picked Up!

It’s that tiiiiiime again…

…Sephora spring sale! As per the usual spring event, VIBs had 15% off their purchases. Unfortunately for us Canadians, this pretty much just covers tax (13% in Ontario). Woo, no tax and 2% off! What’s a steal! I’ll take any type of discount I can get though – I used this opportunity to stock up on some items that are going to run out between now and the next sale.

I used ebates for the current 4% cash back – seriously, if you’re not already doing this, get started! You use the site’s affiliate links and get cash back through online purchases! It’s great – check it out here! 😀

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Gingersnap

I literally just did a post about my first Bite Beauty purchase – Amuse Bouche lipstick in Sweet Cream (which you can read about here). I’m completely addicted to the formula – it’s so creamy and longlasting, and fades to a matte finish. It’s a brighter peach colour compared to Sweet Cream, which is a bit deeper and red-toned.

I had $15 left on my gift card so I figured I may as well get Gingersnap since it’s the perfect summer peach! So I only really had to pay $14 for another Amuse Bouche! Awww yeeeeea.

Swipe on bold, creamy lip color with Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche. Created and crafted by hand, Bite’s small batch, low-heat process preserves a balanced blend of lip-quenching nutrients, vitamins, and omega oils that are essential for achieving healthy-looking lips. Made with 12 edible oils and triple milled pigments, this lipstick provides saturated lip color with weightless coverage and a citrus flavor made from fresh pressed fruit. 

Urban Decay Chill Makeup Setting Spray

I’ve been using the UD Makeup Setting Sprays for years now! I’ve only used Deslick and I’m running low on my current bottle of All Nighter. I decided to try out Chill, which seems like it’ll work well for the summer! One bottle will last me for a very long time, so I only ever buy it on sale. I find that all of the UD setting sprays are quite similar, but this one has a cooling effect on the skin, very refreshing.

To stop makeup meltdown, just Chill. Perfect for drier or combination skin, Chill mists on to keep makeup from smudging or settling into fine lines. Temperature Control Technology actually chills the surface of your makeup to keep it looking gorgeously just-applied for up to 12 hours.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

My holy grail face cream. The Ultra Repair Cream is amazing. It repairs and hydrates my dry skin super quickly, and works especially well during the winter months. I would have bought the larger tube but it was sold out, and I hate the tub designs. If you suffer from dry/chapped skin, this is a life saver!

Chloe Love Story Eat De Parfum Rollerball

Chloe scents are so lovely and romantic. My previous rollerball – the Chloe original scent- is almost finished, and I absolutely needed to pick up another one! Love Story seems a bit stronger than the original, and a bit sweeter. The rollerball format is more convenient as I keep one as a permanent resident in my purse, great for touchups and on the go.

Floral, fresh, and sexy, Love Story is the new unforgettable essence of seduction from Chloé. Orange flower oil opens the fragrance with a radiant, luminous, and intoxicating characteristic like the flush of new love. The seductive and joyful scent of stephanotis jasmine, often used in wedding bouquets, gives the fragrance its heart. Finally the scent is grounded by the sensual diffusion, strength, and freshness of cedarwood, creating a unified and complex base that endures. 

I also decided to redeem some of my VIB points for a mini Lancome Bi-Facil Double Action Eye & Makeup Remover (great for travel), and the Minnie Mouse tote bag for the Sephora collaboration! I don’t really wear tote bags too often but the design is super cute and I figured it would be good to use as a grocery bag or something!

Aaaand finally, here are the three samples I picked up! I’m particularly interested in the Darphin oil as I love to try out new skincare and serums, especially floral scented ones!

I bought less than I originally planned – the Anastasia contour kit sat in my cart for a while until I finally convinced myself that I wasn’t going to get full value from it. (I was thinking more for cosplay purposes, but I’m still not sure. Still trying to decide, but if I do get it, it’ll likely be when ebates is at 8% cash back!) I also thought about getting the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation for something a bit higher coverage, but I’ll probably get that from The Bay when they have a free gift with purchase offer!

Did you pick up any goodies during the Sephora spring sale?

Bite Beauty | Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Sweet Cream & Gingersnap

The Formula That’s Been On Everyone’s Lips

First of all – apologies for the silence this week! I caught the flu and was promptly out of service for a few days. I’m still recovering (the lingering coughs are the worst!!) but posting will go back on schedule! 🙂

Ever since the Amuse Bouche formula lauched as part of Bite’s mega overhaul and reformulation of the Luminous Creme line, I’ve been lusting. Lusting haaaard. So many wonderful colours, such difficult decisions! I had $40 left on a gift card and decided the pick it up during the VIB sale – the 15% off ended up coming to about $28. Still a lot for a lipstick, but spoiler alert I’m in love!

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Haulin’ Five New Faves

Out Shopping… (again)

I’ve picked up a few products which I’ve really been loving lately – a little mix of skincare and makeup! The drug store has really been killin’  it lately! It makes me happy that more budget friendly brands are stepping up their skincare and makeup game, making ~beauty more accessible for all~.

It’s a very skincare focused haul this time.. let’s jump right in!

Dove Dry Deodorant Spray (Original)

Aerosol deodorants and only recently becoming a thing here in Canada. When I lived in the UK, I noticed that deodorants were primarily sprays, and I liked them a lot better than the stick types; my favourite was the Dove Pomegranate spray! However when I tried it out, it seemed to smell different than I last remembered. The original scent is soft (kind of like baby powder), dries quickly, and claims to have 48hr protection.

Nivea Men After Shave Balm

This was another youtube impulse purchase. I’ve been loving NikkiTutorials recently, and she often uses this after shave balm as a primer! I never really use primers (sometimes they feel to siliconey for me), but it was on sale for $6 at Loblaws so I figured why not? It’s a liquidy lotion texture when first applied, but dries quickly and leaves a slightly tacky surface that works well as a makeup base! It does leave behind a ~manly~ scent that definitely lingers for a bit (maybe an hour or so?). It’s not too strong but I’m quite sensitive to scents and I kept picking it up after I had finished my makeup. A great budget primer!

Caolion Pore Tightening Memory Sleeping Pact

I’m going to be real here – the appearance and texture looks like mucus. It’s a weird jelly consistency that’s hard to describe, and it has a slightly herbal scent. But it feels so good on the skin! It’s an ultra moisturizing sleeping mask that makes your face feel all cool and tingly. Read my full review here!

Bare Minerals Original Powder Foundation in Fairly Light.

This was given to me by a friend who originally bought it for herself but didn’t like how it looked on her. Luckily… I love it! I like powder foundations, and I’m almost finished my little pot of the Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Powder Foundation (which I own in Ivory, but it’s a shade too light for me right now.) This Bare Minerals formula is medium coverage and feels invisible on the skin. I’ve never tried any Bare Minerals before but I think I can say that I’m in love! This is the original formula, which gives your skin a satiny finish (not completely matte.)

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara

An oldie but a goodie. I tossed a bunch of mascaras last week so I decided to go back to one of my favourites as a teen! The wand is long and stiff, and works fabulously to lengthen and volumize my lashes. The waterproof formula holds a curl, and any mascara that manages to keep my straight-ass iron filings for lashes in place is a winner in my book.

Have you tried out any of these products? The Nivea After Shave Balm is a real steal of a deal if you can get past the man-deodorant scent! Raid your boyfriend’s washroom cabinets because you might already have this lying around! 😉 Luckily, I absolutely love colognes and after-shave smells so I can’t get enough of this, especially for $6!

March 2016 – Glossybox Review

Glossybox – March 2016 

The March Glossybox had a pretty good selection – I loved 3/5 products that were included! Great brands too – Too Faced, Luxie Brushes, and Eyeko! I love it when boxes include a nice variety of items and sizes, ranging from full size to travel size!

Let’s take a look inside…

I Love … Coconut & Cream Super Soft Hand Lotion
Hmmm, I’m quite conflicted with this one. It’s a full size bottle which is good, and the lotion itself isn’t greasy or oily. The scent is just… so strong! It carries a very sweet and strong creamy coconut fragrance, Probably a little better for the summer months!

Luxie Angled Face Brush
A super soft angled face brush. I actually got one of these brushes a while ago in an ipsy bag! It has super soft bristles and I never experienced any fallout. It’s my favourite brush for applying blush because it fits perfectly on my cheek!

Vine Vera Resveratrol Merlot Moisture Day Cream (x2 Samples)
I have never heard of this brand before. The Glossybox included to deluxe sample pots! I actually gave this to my mom because I’m at a point where I’m happy with my skincare regime, and I know what works for me!

Eyeko That’s Where I Draw The Line Liquid Eyeliner Pen
Finally, an Eyeko product! I’ve never tried Eyeko before, since it’s not really a brand that is widely carried in Canada. This is the Alexa Chung (aka my queen) collaboration, featuring an inky black liquid eyeliner pen with a felt nib. Very good for drawing on wings!

Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick in Chihuahua
Probably the most exciting item in the entire box. I’ve tested some of the shades in Sephora but couldn’t bring myself to drop another $25 on a lipstick. Fortunately, one appeared in my Glossybox! It’s about half the size of a regular tube. The shade ‘Chihuahua’ is described as a dusty mauve. I’m going to be annoying and say it’s very ‘Kylie Jenner’, aka perfect for me.

What are your thoughts on the March Glossybox? 

*This post contains press samples, but as always it’s 100% my honest opinion

MAC – Archie’s Girls Blush in Cream Soda (2013 LE)

Betty, Betty, Betty…

In 2013, I remember passing by the MAC store in my local mall. At this point I was just getting into makeup, and the MAC store seemed much too intimidating for me. At least in Sephora, I could walk around and swatch till my heart’s content without much fear of a makeup artist asking me if I needed help. The outside of the store was decorated with images promoting their Archie’s Girls collection launch!

I remember seeing the displays and wanting to go inside, but at this point I was still learning makeup basics and $30+ for a blush seemed insane…. (Little did past me know that I’d happily drop that and probably more… Whoops!) I love Archie comics. I’ve been collecting issues ever since I was a preteen – I used to raid garage sales over the summer in search of Archies, Jugheads, and Betty & Veronicas… my hunts were usually quite successful! As a result, I have a box of comics stored away in storage somewhere.

For the past year or so, I’ve been looking on r/makeupexchange for MAC Archie’s Girls releases. The 2013 collection was limited edition, and I had very little hope that I was going to find one. Fortunately, somebody was selling 2 (!!!) slightly swatched MAC blushes in Cream Soda. The exchange rate meant that it cost much more than I would have liked, but in the end, I finally got my dream blush – and my first MAC product!


MAC – Archie’s Girls Blush in Cream Soda (2013 LE)

Cream soda is described as a neutral peach. I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVE THIS. This is my ideal blush colour! It’s a matte peach that has medium coverage. This colour works so wonderfully with my skin tone. It’s a little bit powdery during application, so a soft hand is the trick! You could go a little overboard with this blush and it wouldn’t even look too noticeable because the colour is so natural looking.

It isn’t really that noticeable. It’s the perfect blush for adding a flush of colour without being too bright. The perfect everyday blush.

Unfortunately, my love affair with this blush seems to be quite starcrossed. Why did this shade have to be limited edition? There seem to be some close dupes on Temptalia, but everything about this blush (down to the packaging – Betty being a cutie), is just so perfect!

If anyone has an extra, I’d be willing to buy it off you just so I have backups 🙂

Are there any limited edition collections you wished you hadn’t missed out on?



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Laneige Spring 2016 Launches at Sephora

New Laneige Launches

You guys already know about my obsession with Laneige – I’ve previously raved about them in my reviews for the Multiberry Yogurt Repairing Mask and their Advanced Hydration Kit. I’m so happy that Sephora is carrying more Asian skincare lines – it means lower pricing and easier access! Now I don’t have to wait a month for Korean cosmetics to arrive!

Laneige recently sent me some goodies that will be launching this month at Sephora. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Read More

Tarte – Rainforest Of The Sea Eye Shadow Palette Review + Swatches

Tarte – The Ultimate Beachy Summer Eye Shadow Palette

Tarte is one of my absolute favourite beauty brands – a perfect mix of cute packaging and quality long lasting products. I’ve raved about the Rainforest After Dark palette and Airbrush Powder foundations in the past – you can read my reviews here and here! I only recently discovered the Rainforest Of The Sea collection – Desi Perkin’s snapchats and vlogs started it all when Tarte took a group of ambassadors of youtubers to Hawaii! (So lucky!)
Also, can you tell I love those little paper sqwiggly things for background textures? 😉

The packaging is gorgeous – inspired by the Rainforest and tropics, this palette is covered in gold, purple, and blue designs! The shadows are laid out in a pinwheel formation.

Rainforest of the Sea vs Rainforest After Dark

I own another pinwheel palette from Tarte, so I figured I would do a comparison! The Rainforest After Dark palette is one of my favourite palettes, and is definitely one of my travel essentials (which you can read about here!) It features six shadows, a highlighter, bronzer, and blush. It is slightly more solid and a big larger than the Sea palette.

The Sea palette is a bit smaller, and contains eight eye shadows. I wish the Sea palette had included at least a little blush or something! The Rainforest of the Sea palette is $41 CAD on Sephora, whereas the After Dark palette is $48 CAD. If you’re looking for value, go for the After Dark. If you want to become a mermaid this summer, go for the Sea!

Review & Swatches

The color selection for the Rainforest of the Sea palette is absolutely beautiful! All the right shades for a perfect glowy spring / summer look. I’m gonna be using the heck out of this! It features six shimmery/satin-finish shades, with two light coloured mattes.

8 x 0.05 oz Eye shadowclockwise from top

Seashell – shimmery rosy pink
Wave – soft oyster grey
Abyss – cool tone dark brown
Reef – copper
Starfish – golden bronze
Cove – matte tan
Sand – matte ivory
Mermaid – antique gold


Everyone has been raving about this palette – it got an A on Temptalia! The eye shadows are soft and workable, and have absolutely beautiful colour payoff. The swatches above are on top of Urban Decay’s Primer Potion as I always wear a primer under eye shadows! 


I absolutely love this palette! A little pricy, yes, but it’s essentially a selection of eye shadows that I wear on a daily basis. Admittedly, the packaging did play a big part in my initial obsession. The palettes were available for early access for VIBs so I snapped one up when the dreaded “Only a few left” noticed popped up… Only to find the “out of stock” button there right after I placed my order! I guess I was super lucky… This also happened when I bought the After Dark palette! The Tarte gods must be watching me…

Right now my favourite colours are mermaid and starfish! Subtle shimmery gold lids are my faaaaaveeee.

I would love to try out some more things from this line but I’ll let me wallet take a breather for a little bit. The Tarte Rain Forest of the Sea Water Foundation is next on my list, but I’ll pick that up later in spring/summer so it won’t be completely useless after I start tanning, because I tan quite drastically lol… 
What are your thoughts? Are you also completely in love? Any plans to pick up this palette?



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The Estee Edit – Eye Shadow Palette, Pore Vanishing Stick, Powder, and Lipstick!

The Estee Edit

I have another installment of Estee Edit products to show you! Another package landed in my PO box featuring the Kendall Jenner Edit Eyeshadow Palette, Flash Photo Powder, Pore Vanishing Stick, and my new lip love, the BARest Lip Color!


The Estee Edit (#beautyattitudes) is a new beauty line from Estee Lauder – the whole essence of the brand focuses on being fun, trendy, and fresh! It will be released exclusively at Sephora in March. I used quite a few Estee Edit products for this look!

Primer: The Estee Edit Pore Vanishing Stick
Highlighter: The Estee Edit Beam and Glow
Powder: The Estee Edit Flash Photo Transulent Powder
Eyeshadow: The Estee Edit The Edit Eyeshadow Palette
Lips: The Estee Edit BARest Lip Color in 05 In The Buff


The Estee Edit – Pore Vanishing Stick

I was really intrigued by this product – every pore reducing primer I have ever used has come in a tube. The Pore Vanishing Stick formula is solid, and features a clear solid primer with a beige center, which means that it works with every skin tone! The stick formula allows concise control, to dot the stick all over the areas where you want your pores to ~vanish~. It is targeted towards those with oily-combination skin, however it applied well on my dry skin.
It feels silky to the touch when applied, and does dramatically reduce the size of my pores! I applied it before makeup.
Pore Vanishing Stick blurs the look of pores, creates an even skintone, and minimizes shine and oil—sans mess or fuss. The dual-action, convenient stick contains a tinted inner core to help assure the formula is universal for all skintones, and is surrounded by an outer ring that shuts down shine with oil-absorbing powders. Use it alone for a naturally flawless look, or apply it either under or over your makeup for a velvety smooth finish. 




The Estee Edit – Flash Photo Powder

Yeeesssss – my powder prayers have been answered! I’ve been using the Bombshell Cosmetics transulent powder, and as much as I love it, it’s just super messy to carry around! It spills everywhere and the stopper broke so powder flies everywhere. The Estee Edit Flash Photo Powder is super finely milled – almost like a pressed version of a fine transulent setting powder!

The powder itself is tinted a light blue – an oil-absorbing, translucent, blue-hued powder that brightens your skin. The packaging has a nice, solid shape. but must be applied with a separate brush as there is no brush or sponge compartment. The blue hue has a similar idea to the Flash Lip Gloss (read my review here), in order to make your makeup look photo ready!

Always be ready for the camera with Flash Photo Powder. This translucent, blue powder brightens your skin so you’re always ready for a flash. Brightening blue pigments leave your complexion camera-ready with illumination for the look of flawless skin.





The Estee Edit – The BARest Lip Color – 05 In The Buff

I’m just going to say this up front – I love this lipstick. I’m quite a lipstick junkie and I have many similar neutral pink and nude shades, but this has definitely jumped to the top of my list. The shade, In The Buff, is the perfect warm brown-pink shade. It looks very very similar, quite possibly a dupe, of Charlotte Tilbury’s Stoned Rose KISSING Lipstick (but $13 cheaper and a slight more warm pink!)

It looks a bit intimidating in the bullet, especially if you’re like me and don’t wear dark colours. However, it applies quite a bit more sheer. Colour is buildable and the formula is so creamy and lovely. The BARest Lip Color is a nude lip formula that’s a lipstick and lip balm hybrid.

It’s a glossy browned rose shade – ultra moisturizing and not sticky at all. Color stays on for hours and fades evenly. It’s a safe bet if you want to jump on that 90s brown lip trend without going too brown. 

The Barest Lip Color cushions your lips with a luxurious feel and nude color. Muru muru butter helps hydrate and real flower petal waxes from rose, jasmine, and lavender create a silky texture.




The Estee Edit – The Edit Eyeshadow Palette ft. Kendall Jenner

The Edit eye shadow palette is The Estee Edit’s collaborative palette with curator and spokesmodel, Kendall Jenner. Super hip colours with a mix of mattes and glitters, this palette features a selection of hues that the Kardasian star loves to wear (including her favourite colour – purple!). Each one of the pans is split in half, with two complimenting shades.

According to the Sephora website, the two shimmers (gold and silver) on the left side sparkle and glow under black light! That’s pretty cool, especially for a night out at a club, bar, or glow in the dark mini-gold / bowling! Hehehe.

Use these fourteen shades to shape, highlight, and transform your eyes with satin, pearl, and sparkle finishes. Plus, The Edit EyeShadow Palette has two shade transformers with Black Light Technology for a glistening glow-in-the-dark effect. Use the transformer shades on top of any shadow for extra shimmer during the day and a look that turns up the intensity under black light. All shadows in the eye shadow palette are brush and fingertip friendly. 

I created a look using the second shadow from the left on the top row – the bronzey and copper shades. I patted some of the gold shimmer on top for a pretty wash of colour!



I’m loving the Estee Edit!

It’s so fresh and cool, and the collection is to dieeee for. I definitely need to get my hands on some more of the BARest Lip Colors – the formula is just so nice and creamy and the colour payoff is fantastic, especially for the nude/brown trend that’s blowing up at the moment!

You can read my review for Beam Team, White Mud Mask, & Flash Lip Gloss here.

I’ve also reviewed the Metalishadow and Kohl stick here!

Are there any items you’d like to try out? What are your thoughts about the collection so far?



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February 2016 – Glossybox Review

My First Glossybox

For those of you that are not well versed in the world of beauty subscription boxes, you’re missing out! The premise of Glossyboxes are simple – it’s a box subscription service whereby you pay $21/month (free shipping within the US), and receive a selection of five beauty products from various brands. It’s a great budget method of testing different products without committing to paying full price for products. The February Glossybox appeared in my mailbox – let’s take a look inside…….

First of all – the box! I do love good packaging – it makes the overall experience seem much more thoughtful. Beautiful watercolour heart balloons grace the top, whereas the inside sports bright pink tissue paper and paper padding. Glossybox includes a card introducing the items and brands that are included in each box.

Let’s check it out…

The February 2016 Glossybox included 4 skincare products, and one makeup product. I was surprised to see Glamglow in the box – it’s a brand that I have been curious about and have seen around Sephora, but never took the plunge because of the high price point!

Benefit Porefessional – 3ml

I can’t tell you how many times I have received the Benefit Porefessional – trial versions seem to be included in almost every subscription box! (Not that I’m against that – it’s a solid product.) The Glossybox contains a 3ml sample in a little tube. It’s a nude-toned primer that isn’t oily or creasy, and helps reduce the appearance of pores and prolong makeup wear!

Glamglow ThirstCleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser – 30g

Easily the item I was most excited for in the box! I’ve heard so many great things about Glamglow masks. The idea behind this cleanser is quite interesting – it’s a mud to foam cleanser. It comes out of the tube like a mud mask – you apply it as a mask, take the left over mud and add water, lather it up into a foam, and then work it into your face with the rest of the mud! It doesn’t leave your face feeling squeaky clean, but rather soothed and moisturized. It leaves behind a bit of a film, and would be best following an exfoliating cleanser.

Teeez Oasis Gem Lipstick in Heat Wave Ruby

My mother spotted  this and snatched it up quite quickly! It’s a satin-finish, warm red colour. It applies smoothly on the lips and has a very nice formulation. I’ve never heard of Teeez Cosmetics before but I’d say it’s a brand to look out for!

Biorepublic Aloe Rescue Revitalizing Fiber Mask

I am no stranger to face masks – I love them! This face mask from BioRepublic has a soft aloe scent and lots of serum, which is absorbed into a cloth mask and applied to the face. It soothes the skin and leaves it feeling super moisturized.

Etre Belle Golden Skin Roll-On

I’ve never really tried an eye-roller before, and it seems as though this is a full sized product! It’s a clear gel that is dispensed by rolling the metal ball over your under eyes, and claims firm the skin around the under-eye area.


My first experience with Glossybox was great – I’ve been loving skincare products at the moment and definitely have a use for all of the products that were included. The only downside at the moment is that the Canadian dollar is absolutely disgusting right now, which makes the Glossybox quite pricey after the exchange rate!

Have you tried Glossybox before? Which one of the items would you like to try out the most?



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The Estee Edit – Beam Team, White Mud Mask, & Flash Lip Gloss Review + Swatches

The Estee Edit

Today I’ll be showing you some of The Estee Edit‘s new face and lip products! I previously reviewed the Metalishadow Creme + Powder in Scarlet Eclipse, and the EDGiest Kohl Shadowstick in last week’s post, which you can read about here!

Surprisingly enough, I have never really tried out Estee Lauder products. It’s one of my mother’s favourite brands, and our upstairs bathroom is dotted with Estee Products! The packaging always seemed so luxe, and the price point was quite high for my student budget. However, The Estee Edit (#beautyattitudes) is a new beauty line from Estee Lauder – the whole essence of the brand focuses on being fun, trendy, and fresh! I’m loving it so far. I haven’t seen many other reviews or swatches on the internet yet, so I’m very excited to give you an early look into this line. It will be released exclusively at Sephora in March.



The Estee Edit White Mud Exfoliating Scrub + Mask

This is an exfoliating cleanser, scrub, and mask that comes housed in a plastic white squeeze bottle. It has the same sprayed silver design with blue accents as the rest of the packaging. It’s a white cream with mini exfoliating beads. It has a soft, clean, floral scent which reminds me of spa treatments.

Made with White Porcelain Clay and Jojoba beads, for dual -action detoxing and pore-refining. Can be used as a daily wash-off scrub, and twice weekly as a 10 minute purifying facial.
Instructions: Gently massage onto clean skin in circles, leave on 5 minutes and rinse.

As a scrub / face wash:  It comes out of the bottle looking like a clay formula, but becomes more like a cream when water is added. The texture is smooth with very small microbeads – definitely a lot more gentle than other exfoliating scrubs that I’ve used in the past. Leaves skin feeling soft but not dried out.

As a mask: I left this mask on for about ten minutes – I didn’t apply it too thickly and I really scrubbed it in. After ten minutes, the mask was dry, but not tightening or uncomfortable. Again, it left my face feeling really soft after I washed it off. The floral scent lingered and it was super nice!

Find it on Sephora for $44 CAD.


The Estee Edit Beam Team Hydrate + Glow

Beam Team is a hydrating glow cream – my first impression was that it was a super glowy primer or liquid illuminator – I would compare it to Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector. When applied, it reveals a golden glowy finish on the skin. This would be perfect mixed in with foundation during the summer months for that ~bronzey sun kissed glow~!!
The interesting part about this is it’s a two part product – you have the liquid illuminator in the actual tube, and in the cap you’ll find a flip out mirror and cream concentrate. It’s a very similar shade to the actual cream, but a slight bit more bronze. It’s great for highlighting cheekbones, brow bones, and any other areas you want to catch a bit more sun!



Beam Team Hydrate + Glow is a double-duty double-decker—hydration with two levels of illumination in one product. It’s a complexion hybrid, meaning it creates an instant change in how your skin looks while simultaneously delivering skin care ingredients. The tube holds an amazing, illuminating moisturizer with hyaluronic acid that gives an instant glow. Plus, the touch-on concentrate under the cap gives you a high-impact shimmer.

As you can see in the swatches,  it’s very glowy! I haven’t had a chance to mix this into my foundation yet as I’m more of a fan of a matte/satin finish base, but the cream highlighter is lovely to use. It gives the most subtle, natural glow. And it has an absolutely gorgeous vanilla and floral scent!

Find it on Sephora – $55 CAD.

The Estee Edit Flash Photo Gloss 

This is a thick, luxurious gloss with a subtle blue microshimmer – hard to catch on camera but you can kinda see it in the flash photo. In the tube, it’s looks almost white with a blue-purple duochrome tinge. In daylight, it looks like a natural clear gloss. In flash photos and direct lighting, it creates a subtle yet noticeable extra dimension to the lips!
It’s thick and a bit sticky, but does not come off easily! It feels ultra moisturizing on the lips. It is also fragranced with a super yummy vanilla scent.

A high-tech gloss with a cool blue tint to highlight the white of teeth. This innovative gloss features cool blue shade that emphasizes the white in your smile. Infused with an addictive vanilla scent, it creates a photo-ready, high-shine finish that can be worn alone or layered over your favorite lipstick.

Right now, the Estee Edit line is listed on Sephora Canada‘s website, but the preview is only available for VIBs and VIB Rouges!
If you haven’t already, you can check out my review of the other Estee Edit products, including the Metalishadow Creme + Powder in Scarlet Eclipse, and the EDGiest Kohl Shadowstick.
Which items are you looking forward to the most? 🙂


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The Estee Edit – Eye Shadow Reviews + Swatches


The Estee Edit

I was beyond excited when this lovely package from The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder showed up on my doorstep!

The Estee Edit (#beautyattitudes) is a new beauty line from Estee Lauder – the whole essence of the brand focuses on being fun, trendy, and fresh! I’m loving it so far. I haven’t seen many other reviews or swatches on the internet yet, so I’m very excited to give you an early look into this line. It will be released exclusively at Sephora in March. I remember seeing a big poster at Sephora a few months ago featuring Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim but I didn’t really know what it was about.

Metalishadow Creme + Powder in Scarlet Eclipse / with swatches – $29 CAD

Find it here.

This is a cream eyeshadow and loose pigment duo. The packaging is pretty cute! Plastic white casing with a sprayed foil effect. Here’s the shade Scarlet eclipse – the top lid flips up to reveal a deep scarlet red cream eyeshadow, which can be used as a stand alone colour, a base, or a liner. The bottom section can be unscrewed to reveal a glittery antique gold pigment, which works fabulously as an all-over lid colour.

The cream colour is very pigmented, and is quite pigmented – it almost feels like a lip product? It does stain the skin though, so make sure to wear a primer or something underneath. I like using this as a colourful eyeliner because it’s a deep red and can be quite wearable! I’m not one for bright or crazy colours, so this works well for me.

The foil shadow applies quite sheerly by itself – it’s more of a glitter than a microshimmer. It’s an antique gold, copper colour. You can achieve a shiny foil effect by using a primer or glitter adhesive underneath for full impact!

The ultimate cream shadow with metal mix power for knock out eyes! Intense depth and the flashiest foil finish. Wear loose metal powder over highly pigmented cream shadow or alone on face and eyes.
Available in 3 Shades: Black Star, Aquanova, and Scarlet Eclipse.



The EDGIest Kohl Shadowstick in Black Viper / with swatches.

I don’t own too many eye shadow sticks – I own the Burberry highlighter which I absolutely love using on my lid, but that’s about it! This was my first time experimenting with a black shadow stick, and here’s my attempt at a lower kohl lined smoky look.

The shadow stick is very easy to use – simply twist up, scribble on the lid, and smudge out!
It should be noted that the shade Violet Taboo cannot be worn on the waterline.

24 hour wear, shadow and liner in one. Won’t budge, transfer, or fade and it can be worn on the waterline.* The EDGIest Kohl Shadow Stick does it all!
Available in 10 shades: Black Viper, Frost Bite, Guilt, Twisted, Jaded, Royal Scandal, Iced, Grounded, Spiced, Violet Taboo*

*THIS SHADE CANNOT BE WORN ON THE WATERLINE. I’m not exactly sure why, but this is stated on the product info sheet!


My take on the eye look…

Product list:

  • Estee Edit Metalishadow Scarlet Eclipse cream as liner, and foil glitter all over lid.
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, Primal and Undone in crease and outer V.
  • Estee Edit The EDGIest Kohl Shadowstick in Black Viper on waterline.
  • Benefit They’re Real Mascara
  • Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper to draw on some bottom lashes.

Aaaand here’s my full face look! I paired this with Sephora’s Rouge Infusion Lip Stain in Ruby Extract, which matched the eye colour quite closely! A fun vampy look!

I absolutely love these two products from The Estee Edit – can’t wait to see what other products will be offered when the line officially releases! Stay tuned next week for a another look at #theesteeedit line – the Beam Team Hydrate and Glow, Flash Photo Gloss, and White Mud Exfoliating Scrub and Mask!



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Budget Find: Affordable, High Quality Makeup Brushes!

Hello lovelies!

Are you on team brush, team sponge, or team fingers? I’ve switched up my makeup application tools numerous times throughout the years, and have always fallen back on my trusty brushes. (There’s something about dabbing my face a million times with a sponge that just seems so… boring?)

A while ago, I stumbled across a blog post featuring budget ebay buys. (I can’t remember where the actual post is, but if I happen to locate it, I’ll update this post!) It featured an 8-piece brush set. I’ve owned the same set for quite a while, mainly Real Techniques, and was out on the market for a few more brushes!

I figured I would share this with you guys, because I really like the quality of this set, and it’s so affordable! My heart sinks every time I see an individual brush priced at $40+… I could be buying new makeup instead!

This kit was only… $8.33! However, the price has decreased so it’s only about $7.33 CAD, or $5.25 USD! 
Honestly, what a steal! The fibres are really soft, densely packed, and work extremely well in blending and applying makeup. 

The kit includes…

  • Flat foundation brush
  • Flat nose shadow brush
  • Angled foundation brush
  • Eye shader brush
  • Pointed foundation brush
  • Nose shadow
  • Round foundation brush
  • Nose shadow/shader brush.

I can’t really think of any downsides, other than the face that shipping took about a month, which is pretty standard of items shipping from Asia to Canada. I wish the gold wasn’t a bright yellow, but I’ve seen similar sets on ebay which are silver and rose gold!

I’ve been using the brush on the far left to apply my Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Powder Foundation (which I reviewed here). It picks up the powder better than the Real Techniques Expert Face brush, and the Buffing Brush. I’ve also been using the pointed face brush (fourth on the left) to apply setting powder under my eyes as the shape grants easy control.

I had no issues with shedding or brush fall out, which was what I was most worried about. I gently wash my brushes with Doctor Bronner’s Rose Liquid Soap and leave them overnight to dry. The bristles keep their shape, and return to a dense yet fluffy texture when dry!

I would definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to try out some affordable, high quality brushes, but doesn’t want to pay a premium for fancy brand names. This would be a great set to try out if you’re new to makeup, or want to add to your brush kit! 🙂 They’ve been kitty approved, haha!

You can find the brushes here for $5.25 USD.



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LUSH Florals: So White and Tisty Tosty Bath Bombs

Hello lovelies! I was clearing through some unedited blog photos and found a huge backlog of Lush reviews that I had planned on reviewing! As you already know, I’m a huge bath addict. Baths are just so relaxing! I’ll be sharing two floral bath bombs from LUSH today…..

LUSH So White Bath Bomb

My obsession with colourful and glittery bath bombs is on the decline. Recently, I have found myself being drawn to bath bombs that smell nice and leave the water a cloudy, pastel colour – nothing too bright or streaky. During the Christmas gift-hunting season, I popped into Lush to grab some things for mle! So White was on display and I had never seen it before – it smelled like apples and roses and the sales lady said it did not contain glitter.

This bath bomb smells delicious – I think this is my favourite Lush scent of all time! Fresh apples and floral scents filled the room, and this was before it even hit the water! I went back to Lush and picked one up for myself, and what a treat it was.

A Lush Christmas favorite, So White is back again this year to bring the crisp, fresh aroma of a juicy apple to your tub. Pop it in the bath and watch it fizz, releasing softening baking soda and the uplifting oils of bergamot and neroli. The white exterior slowly gives way to a secret pink center that fizzes and foams, creating a snow-like froth that covers your tub in a glorious blanket of apple-scented snowy bubbles. If you’re feeling like a bit of fun, try making snow angels in the fragrant froth!

This one must have either been an old bath bomb, or had been stored in a place where there was moisture, because it didn’t fizz up at all! A bit of a disappointment because it just foamed for a bit and I had to break it up with my hands.

It is white and foams to a soft purple colour. The scent!!! APPLES!! FLORAL NOTES!!! SO RELAXING!! 

It turns the water into a soft pink bath with some bubbles, definitely not as bubbly as the Rose Jam Bubbleroon (which you can read about here!)

Overall, I absolutely love this bath bomb! It definitely jumped to the top of my favourites list. The scent is crisp and refreshing, but not overpowering. The milky pink water is a lovely touch too – not something you would expect from a bath bomb called “so white”! The unfortunate part is that it’s a Christmas release, meaning it’s only available from November to December. Why must the good die so young? It retailed for $6.99 CAD.

Anyway, moving on to the next bath bomb…

Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb

I had high hopes for this bath bomb, I really did. Maybe it’s because I’ve had such good experiences with white, floral scented bath bombs like So White and Stardust. This is a permanent Lush product, but was highly touted in their Valentines Day releases, so I figured it must be good!

If your love life is stalled, you need a touch of magic. Based on a spell used to stir the passions, Tisty Tosty is our love potion made with the scent of precious rose and orris root. The flower of love, rose perfume is said to ease tension and give people happy, positive feelings (just like falling in love). It’s also good for dry or rough skin so you can improve your skin as well as your love life in just one bath. Already in love? Invite them into your clutches and a warm bath.

This bath bomb smells so lovely! And it’s got freakin’ rosebuds in it! It’s like this bath bomb was made for me! It’s got a lovely rosy fragrance that is soft and relaxing.

This bath bomb was super fizzy, which was pretty exciting compared to the last dud of a bath bomb I used. It fizzed and bubbled and foamed and I was left with…….

…. Four weenie little rosebuds and clear water. Not exciting at all, and I felt like I had been jilted out of my money! I thought the rosebuds would open up at least, but they stayed like that and I eventually ended up tossing them in the toilet because they weren’t really serving any purpose. The Tisty Tosty bath bomb hadn’t changed the water consistency or colour or anything… Just 4 lil rosebuds floating in some water.
I really wanted to like this one because it had rose in it, but there are some other lovely LUSH floral bath products which pack more of a punch! Check out the Rose Jam Bubbleroon, Sex Bomb, or Sakura Bath BombThere are plenty of other great LUSH bath bombs to try out!
Tisty Tosty retails for $6.45 CAD. 
Have you tried LUSH bath bombs before? What are your favourite LUSH products?


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5 Beautiful Lipsticks for Valentine’s Day ft. Charlotte Tilbury, Urban Decay, and more!

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for Valentine’s Day! I finally have someone to leave kiss marks on this year (heh heh heh). A lipstick post is in order, of course, to show off some of my current favourite lip products.

I have seen countless Valentine’s day makeup tutorials and blog posts featuring a bright red or pink lip. I’ve never been a fan – I feel like bright, bold colours emphasize my small, round lips. This doesn’t mean that I dislike my lip shape, but I would rather focus the attention on my eyes.

Here are five shades that I’ve been loving at the moment! I’ve been swapping these in and out for the past little while and I can’t get enough.

From left to right:
Covergirl lipstick in 295 Succulent Cherry
Kat Von D Studded Lipstick in Lovecraft
Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Amazing Grace
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Rusk
Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain in Strawberry Tint

Covergirl Succulent Cherry / Charlotte Tilbury Amazing Grace/ Kat Von D Lovecraft / Urban Decay Rusk


One of my first lip loves during my journey into makeup obsession was Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain. Despite the mediocre reviews on the Sephora website, it remains one of my favourite lip products! It’s an inky lip stain in the shade Strawberry Tint – a muted berry red. The formula applies and dries smoothly, leaving a pretty stain that feels almost invisible on the lips.

On the odd day that I do decide to wear a red lip, I reach for my Covergirl Colorlicious lipstick in 295 Succulent Cherry. It’s a warm tomato, brick red. It applies with a sheer to medium coverage with a glossy finish. The formula is like a mid point between a balm and a lipstick. Most of the time I use it as a stain. A great colour for girls with neutral and warm skin tones!

Sephora / Covergirl / Charlotte Tilbury / Kat Von D / Urban Decay

In previous posts, I mentioned that I had spent weeks tracking down the Kat Von D Studded Lipstick in Lovecraft… such is the struggle when you fall in love with a cult beauty fave! It’s a cool toned mauve in a comfortable matte finish, which was surprising because prior to discovering this beauty, I didn’t think I liked matte or cool toned lipsticks. Lasts for ages on the lips, and doesn’t feel super drying as some mattes do. Also kiss proof!

I blame the British beauty vloggers for this one – Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Amazing Grace. I originally walked in the store for the shade Sexy Sienna, but decided that I owned too many orange shades and needed a berry hue in my life. This CT lipstick has the loveliest and softest matte finish on the lips – it doesn’t feel as dry as the Kat Von D studded lipsticks, but has incredible staying power. A beautiful berry shade that leaves behind a lovely stain.

And finally, my current lipstick love… the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Rusk. I’ve been searching for the perfect everyday browny pink shade. The formula is creamy and long lasting, and feels oh so lovely on the lips. Plus, the packaging! The metal case feels weighty and luxurious, and the cap actually stays on. (I’m looking at you, KVD!)

I’m pretty sure I’ll be kissing in Rusk this Valentine’s Day, but that’s still yet to be decided! 😉

What are some of your favourite lipstick shades? Have you tried any of the ones above?



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Review: Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Repairing Mask

Hello lovelies! I would love to share another one of my favourite products from Laneige. This korean brand has definitely swooped in over these past few weeks and completely taken over my current skincare regime!

Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Repairing Mask

This is such a wonderful mask. Laneige has such lovely packaging! I love the shape and colour, and the bottle itself is durable. It comes with a small spatula which is quite thoughtful, although I just use my fingers.
The Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack is an ultra-nourishing treatment that soothes and supports firmness in skin. It claims to be made with antioxidants and nutrition from yogurt and various berry extracts. It aims to nourish and hydrate skin, as well as producing and supporting natural collagen production.

Texture: The texture feels like a thick moisturizer. When I first tried it, I thought it was a lotion rather than a mask. It almost looks a bit like yogurt! It applies with a thinner consistency than the usual thicker masks I’m used to. It glides smoothly onto the skin and doesn’t feel thick or sticky.  

Scent: It smells like Strawberry Pocky! It took me a while to pinpoint the scent but it’s absolutely delicious… 

Application: This mask is fabulous for dehydrated or dry skin. I definitely saw an improvement after using the mask a few times – it plumps up the skin. I used a chemical exfoliator (The Face Shop mango seed exfoliator) before applying the mask, and I didn’t feel any burning or stinging as I sometimes do when I apply moisturizers or masks afterwards.  It does a great job and hydrating and moisturizing my dry/combination skin. When it rinses off, it doesn’t wash off super squeaky clean – it leaves a film behind, much like a conditioner. It doesn’t feel oily or greasy, so it’s all good.

I really really like this mask. I’m a big fan of masks and creams that are fast drying and non greasy, while achieving immediate effects! My skin feels immediately plumped and hydrated. Plus the scent is to dieeee for! I mean, strawberry pocky yogurt FOR THE FACE!

The mask comes in a deluxe trial size, along with the Water Sleeping Mask. You can read my review on the sleeping mask (as well as other products in their Advance Hydration Trial kit) here!

The full size mask is listed on Sephora for $33CAD.

The good night kit is listed for just $8 CAD! I would highly recommend buying  the trial version before committing to the larger size – the little pot has about 10+ uses! Definitely enough time to check it out and see if you like it. Also great for travelling! You also get a Water Sleeping Mask sample, which is another fabulous Laneige product.

Check out my review of the Laneige Advance Hydration Trial kit!

Have you tried this mask? What are some of your favourite Laneige products?



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New Skincare Loves – Laneige Advanced Hydration Kit & Review!

Korean cosmetics. Korean skincare. Gimme gimme gimme!

I’ve been using Korean skincare products for years now. I used Skin79’s BB creams religiously during my early days of makeup discovery. I later discovered brands such as Lioele, Etude House, and Missha, and subsequently fell in love with the world of Korean cosmetics.  I hardly ventured into Korean skincare products as I had already found a few holy grail products and hesitated at switching up my skincare regime. I had a brief fling with Luview cleansers, and some nice samples from the Missha Super Aqua line.
That all changed after Sephora introduced Laneige into their collection of brands! I first noticed Laneige whilst browsing Korean cosmetic websites, but the price point was much higher than what I would typically spend. It wasn’t until I received a sample of the Laneige Sleeping Pact in a Sephora order that I decided to test out some of the products. My skin had gotten horribly dry and flaky and I was desperately searching for a solution.
Today, I’ll be reviewing the trial hydration kit and the good night kit from Laneige that are currently offered at Sephora. (Spoiler: I loved everything)

Sephora has a fabulous deal at the moment – $15 for four trial size products! A mini cleanser, water sleeping mask, water bank moisture cream, and water bank serum. You can find the advanced hydration trial kit here! There is also the good night kit for $8, for a trial sleeping mask and multiberry yogurt repairing mask.

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack

This is the product that first drew me to the brand, yet I haven’t purchased the full size yet! I’m getting around to it, I swear (hehe) I’m trying to use up my current moisturizer before moving on to a new one. 
The Water Sleeping Pack is the spotlight product on Laneige’s brand page. Its a highly concentrated overnight, revitalizing gel mask that absorbs instantly and works while you sleep to deeply hydrate skin. It claims to deliver intense doses of moisture to stressed, parched skin. 

Texture: Thick and gel like. I absolutely love gel moisturizers, so this is a win in my books. It isn’t sticky at all, which is very nice for an overnight mask. It takes a few seconds for the gel to set before sinking into the skin. 

Scent: The mask features an aromatic scent with notes of orange flower, rose, and sandalwood that relaxes and helps sleep. It’s an incredibly relaxing smell, and definitely helps me calm down before bed. I like smelling it straight from the tub! 

Application: This is such a lovely mask, and I think I might like it more than my holy grail Korres Wild Rose Advanced Sleeping Facial! Although rose is my favourite scent, there’s something about the texture and relaxing fragrance of the Laneige mask that just ties it together for me! It does a fabulous job of giving an instant boost of hydration. Upon waking up, my skin feels more hydrated and awake! After using the mini for about two weeks, the dry patches on my face have cleared up.

Laneige Multi Cleanser

I love love love a good cleanser! The trial size of Laneige’s Multi Cleanser in the advanced hydration kit is actually decently sized – there’s a lot of product! I’d say about a months worth with consistent use. (I’ve been using it for two weeks and I’m not even half way through, despite daily use!) It leaves my face feeling thoroughly cleaned and soothed. It claims to exfoliate while removing makeup, sunscreen, and impurities.

Texture: Thick and creamy. It reminds me a lot of The Face Shop’s rice bright foaming cleanser. This cleanser does a great job of cleaning the skin, as well as removing makeup. 

Scent: Not sure how to explain it, but it’s quite close to the scent of the Water Sleeping Pack. Light and unobtrusive, does not linger on the skin afterwards. 

Application: A little goes a long way! The cream lathers up into a thick foam on the skin, and feels quite luxurious. I’ll admit it does make my skin very cleansed and squeaky clean, so I would highly recommend following up with a moisturizer or toner or your skin might feel a little dry.

Laneige Water Bank Serum & Moisture Cream

The trial size advance hydration kit includes samples of the serum and moisturizer. Compared to the other items in the kit, these tubes contain significantly less product. Here are my initial thoughts:

The serum is like a light oil-free gel, a bit thinner consistency than the sleeping mask, but has the same soft and comforting fragrance. Not as noticeably hydrating as the mask but works very well when applied before the cream. 

The moisture cream is a light oil-free moisturizer, more of a cream consistency. Applies smoothly and absorbs very quickly into the skin. Has a similar scent to the serum and sleeping mask, and skin looks visibly more hydrated after! 

You can find the Advance Hydration Kit on Sephora for $15 CAD! What a steal! I love how Laneige offers trial kits, it’s a great way to test the brand before committing to a full size. I wish more brands offered this!

Stay tuned for my review of Laneige’s Multiberry Yogurt Repairing Mask, later this week!

LUSH Milky Bath & Rose Jam Bubbleroon

It’s the battle of the bubble baths!

Well, not really. I absolutely love both of these products and it would be impossible for me to choose a favourite, so it’s more like a joint review. I even collected all of my bath product posts under one handy tab, so click here to see what I’ve been loving!

I tend to avoid Lush during the holiday months because
1. The stores are usually quite small and they always seem to be absolutely packed, which makes it a nightmare to move around.
2. Being stuck in small crowded spaces makes it easier for the sales attendants to pounce on me, resulting in like 8 people asking me if I need help finding anything oh and by the way we have this new product here which I’m going to make you try out because you have no place to run.
3. I’m at my weakest point and will find a way to justify every purchase – “Treat yoself cuz it’s Christmas” etc…

Anyway, I popped into Lush to pick up a Christmas present for Emily and came out with 3 other things, wheeeeeeee. These are the bubble bar products, so I figured that I would group these two reviews together.

Before I get started, I just wanted to point out their new bags – the bright pink colour is so cute! I’m in loooove.

Milky Bath

The first is the Milky Bath bubble bar. It’s a white bar with a glittery “bottlecap”.

Don’t cry over spilled milk – bathe in it! This comforting milk bottle bubbler is filled with moisturizing cocoa butter, skimmed milk and olive oil for supremely soft skin, and the delicate scent of orange oil to soothe your mind and let your troubles float away.

The smell is super comforting, and smells like a mixture of vanilla and coconut. It does not colour the water, but it does create a lovely swath of bubbles. I used half a bar the first time which I found to be a little too much – a quarter of the bar does a great job by itself! And for $7.95 a pop, you’ll probably want to stretch out the use as much as possible. Simply break off a piece and crumble it under running water!

Rose Jam Bubbleroon

This is one of my all-time favourite lush bath products. You guys know I absolutely love my rose-scented products, and the rosejam bubbleroon is definitely up there. Lush recently reformulated their bubbleroons. Compared to the previous bubbleroons, these ones seem to be bigger (almost double in size), and produce more bubbles. I remember I had to use half a bubbleroon for a decent amount of bubbles, and now I only have to use a quarter!

Inspired by delicious, handmade macarons, our Rose Jam Bubbleroon features our intoxicating rose perfume. It’s based on a decadent traditional Turkish recipe for rose jam that our Turkish rose absolute supplier shares with us every year. Rose oil and rose absolute not only smell amazing but they’re also fantastic for soothing dry, sensitive skin. The rosy fragrance paired with the reamy icing that sticks the two halves of this bubbleroon together make for a majorly moisturizing, softening and luxurious soak.

I used half a bubbleroon this time, which I think was way too much! The scent was absolutely lovely but it made the bath way too soapy. Half of half is all you need. It’s more vibrant in colour than the previous rose bubbleroon.

All in all, both products are two of my favourites! I love how they have multiple uses, unlike bath bombs which are typically one-time uses.

My Top 5 Foundations – 2015

Hello lovelies!

Finding the perfect foundation has always been a struggle for me. I tan quite easily, so my foundation shades keep changing. Over the past year alone, my skin type has changed from acne-prone, to oily, to combination, and now normal… So, I’m always on the look out for something that will work! I’ve included BB creams in my favourites.

About my current skin tone & texture: My skin is combination (oily t-zone, dry towards the outside of my face.) My skin tone is quite light with peach undertones. I tend to go for more neutral or yellow toned foundations… Pink foundations are too cool for my skin and sometimes give my face a bit of a grey cast…

I don’t typically use foundation, but I sometimes use a teeny bit of Benefit’s Porefessional around my nose and on my cheeks where my pores may look a little bit bigger. This sample size has lasted me forever!

The everyday favourite…

The Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is my current everyday favourite. This foundation is such a dream. Living up to its name, this foundation gives a glowy, silky semi-matte finish that lasts all day.It feels super lightweight and has buildable coverage, meaning you can easily layer the foundation without it building up and feeling cakey. It has a very thin, fairly watery formula.
The glass bottle has a little weight to it and feels very luxurious. It has a pump as well which disperses the perfect pea-sized amount! It feels lovely on the skin when set with a bit of translucent powder. I am currently wearing the shade 2, which is for fair skin with neutral undertones… It matches my skin-tone perfectly, and the finish is natural enough where I can pop a bit on without any other makeup and it looks like I’m not wearing any!

Of all my foundation picks, this is by far the most expensive. It retails on Sephora for $66, which I think is very pricy for a foundation. Fortunately, I bought it for -20% off during their friends/family event, where one of my fellow CBBers sent me a discount code! This is definitely a gorgeous foundation if you’re looking to invest in a good one – I personally think a good makeup base can make the rest of your makeup look so much better!

The everyday BB cream pick…

I’ve tried a ton of Korean BB creams, and I’ve finally found my favourite! Missha’s Perfect Cover BB Cream is a medium coverage BB cream with a dewy finish. I really like how this feels on the skin, and works really well for me on those days when my skin is feeling a bit drier. During the winter, my skin gets super pale and this gets a little dark, so I can only wear  this during spring/summer! I wear no. 21 light beige… I wish there was a slightly lighter version, then it would be perfect! I have found that this BB cream mixes well with other foundations in order to create a perfect colour match.

It’s quite long lasting, but it can cause me to look a bit shiny as the day goes on. Best to set with a translucent powder.

The mineral powder foundation…

When my skin was going through a bit of a rebellious stage this past spring/summer , Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Powder Foundation helped calm it down. I actually did a review of this, which you can read about here.
Basically, my skin wasn’t reacting very nicely to foundations or BB creams – it seemed as though any type of cream that was applied to my skin caused me to break out! It wasn’t helping that temperatures were rising and I was starting to sweat more. After watching one of Estee Lalonde’s reviews, I decided to try out mineral makeup. This mineral foundation is a finely milled powder that comes in a pot, covered by thin netting to ensure product doesn’t spill out everywhere. I apply it with the Real Techniques buffing brush.
I wear this in the palest shade, fair honey, meaning I can only wear it in the spring and early summer months before my skin begins to tan. This powder doesn’t look too powdery on the skin; it looks great when it is set with a setting spray! It also looks better on the face as the day progresses and the face’s natural oils are absorbed by the powder.

The cosplayer’s choice…

When I’m cosplaying, I tend to choose a heavier base with full coverage and high pigmentation. The idea behind this is to choose makeup that will photograph well and last the entire day. I love using the Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream during conventions!
It’s a high coverage formula with a creamy texture. This formula has high SPF, which contradicts what I’ve heard many say in regards to photographing with a white-cast. When I’m at a convention, I’m often outside a good portion of the time, and any additional sun production is gladly welcomed.
It has a dewy finish, which I always set with a mattifying powder. This BB has a very creamy formula, therefore my face sometimes looks a bit shiny after a few hours… It also tends to oxidize a shade too dark for me, so I’ll bring it down my neck and set it with a lighter powder to balance everything out.  The packaging is great – a tube with a handy pump.

The drugstore pick…

I’ve got to include a drugstore pick on my list! Unfortunately, I’ve really struggled with drugstore foundations. The shades are always way too orange for me! This summer I went to a makeup warehouse sale and picked up this Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation on a whim. I had heard some Youtube beauty gurus mention this in their drugstore picks, and decided to try it out.
This is my summer foundation for when I am at my most tan. It’s medium coverage with a semi-dewy finish, and doesn’t feel cakey. During the summer, I wear the shade 04 Shell, and the colour match is pretty close to how tanned my face gets.

Hold down the fort…

On most days, I’ll set my base with a setting spray! I just finished my Urban Decay Deslick Setting Spray, so I decided to pick up another during the Sephora 20% off VIB sale! A friend recommended the All Nighter setting spray after I told her that my makeup had the tendency to rub off near my nose and chin. I’ll be testing it out a bit more but I think the general consensus around these setting sprays is that they’re pretty darn great.

There ya go – my top 5 foundation picks! I’m absolutely in love with the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk though… I’m thinking about getting a slightly darker shade for the summer when I finish the other foundations…

What are some of your favourite base products?



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Korres Wild Rose Brightening Set

Ah yes, Christmas season has begun! I’m always instantly drawn to the Beauty Boutique section of Shoppers Drug Mart as brands start to release their holiday gift sets! Korres has been great with releases this year, offering a few different sets with trial and full sized items.

I picked up this gift set earlier this week because I’m almost done my Wild Rose Advanced Sleeping Facial – a thick and luxurious night cream which restores and hydrates my skin overnight! I’ve been wanting to try the other items in the Wild Rose range but never went ahead due to the hefty price tag. I saw this kit for $50 in Shoppers and decided to go for it to test out these items! And luckily for me, the kit scanned for $40.99 at the checkout (which I kept quiet about because it must have been a pricing error, but $10 off, yay!)

This kit includes two full sized products – the Wild Rose Brightening 24-Hour Moisturiser and the Exfoliating Cleanser. I love the Wild Rose Scent! For those who are a bit more sensitive to scents, you might want to test it in stores first. My skin is sensitive but the fragrance does not cause breakouts.

The moisturizer comes in a solid glass jar with a thick white plastic lid. I originally wanted to compare the moisturiser to the sleeping facial cream to see if there was that much of a difference in consistency and overall result, and I must say, there is. I would have included pictures of the sleeping facial but I’ve basically run out so I’d just be showing you an empty jar, but the packaging is quite similar except it’s white rather than red.

The Wild Rose Brightening 24-Hour Moisturiser is very lightweight and applies like a light lotion. It is quickly absorbed and has a dewy finish when worked into the skin, My skin feels moisturised and hydrated throughout the day, but the “24-hour” claim is a bit of a stretch. It has a powdery rose scent which lingers for a little bit after application before fading away.

By contrast, the Wild Rose Sleeping Facial is much thicker and has a more gel-like consistency. I only really use it before bed on days where I’ve been wearing a lot of makeup, or before I go out in very cold weather. It offers a huge hydration boost to the skin. I always notice that my skin has a drastic improvement in brightness and elasticity when I wake up in the mornings, which is nice!

If you’re debating on which product to make the splurge on, I’d 100% say the sleeping facial. However, the moisturiser is good too! Especially for the set value.

Next – the exfoliating cleanser! This is a very creamy exfoliating cleanser with microbeads. The formula isn’t packed with them – it is very gentle on the skin and works up to a creamy lather when water is added. I love how this feels on my face! It has the same powdery rose scent as the moisturiser. It exfoliates my skin without drying it out. I’ll probably purchase the full size when I’m finished with this one!

Overall, I really like this set! Definitely pick it up if you’re a fan of Korres products. This would also make a great gift for the friend or family member who likes rose scented products and is looking to invest more in their skincare regime!

Have you tried any Korres products? What are some essentials in your winter skincare regime?



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Review – Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Hello lovelies!

I’ve never really worn hair extension. I was once told by a hairdresser that I had the “hair of five people”, so naturally, you can see why I don’t really want any more volume! I do wish my hair was longer though, so when Irresistible Me offered to send me some extensions to try out, I jumped at the chance!

I figured these would be great if I ever wanted to do a cosplay with longer hair and didn’t want to wear a wig! I purposely chose the hair length to be longer because I can’t see myself wearing them out in public as I already have so much hair haha!

The extensions I received were the Silky Touch extensions in #2 Chocolate brown in 22 inches. They come sealed in a foil and plastic bag – the large section has the main clip in pieces, and the smaller section contains single strips that can be used around the front of the face, or anywhere else that requires more fullness.


My hair is just past my collarbone at this point – I’m hoping to grow it out a bit more but I’ll likely get it trimmed for summer. I don’t have too many laters at the moment. I’m wearing red contacts because I just filmed a video which will be up later this week 😀


Ok, going to state right off the bat that it’s super obvious I’m wearing extensions. I purposely chose a length that was longer so I could use them for cosplay purposes – if you want a more natural look, I’d say go with a length that is closer to your own! I also don’t have layers at the moment, and I feel like that would really make the hair look more natural.

The color was a great match for my hair. It’s hard to believe my hair used to be this long! The extensions are very easy to clip in.

When I try to mix the extensions in a bit more with my own hair, it doesn’t look as bad! Haha.

Overall, these extensions are great! They’re super soft and the clips are able to grip onto the hair without too much pulling.

Check them out at Irresistible Me! 

Bioderma – Anti-Redness and Sensitive Skin Holiday Kit

Hello lovelies!

I’ve been on a huge skincare kick these past few weeks. After discovering the Bioderma skin care trial kits, I’ve been addicted to the brand! I’ve used Bioderma in the past (bought two bottles of their micellar cleansing water in France), but have only recently expanded to their collections in Shoppers Drug Mart. Fortunately for me, SDM carry a huge array of Bioderma products!

I’ve always struggled with redness and rosacea on my face. Whilst browsing the aisles in Eaton Centre’s Beauty Boutique, I noticed that Bioderma had released a holiday trial kit for sensitive skin and redness! I had previously wanted to try the anti-redness cream but decided against it because of the price tag. I had the $5 off coupon from the previous trial kits, and a $10 credit from my optimum points! The holiday hit only cost me $18 in the end, which I considered to be a very good deal!

The kit includes a mini Sensibo micellar water (I swear I have like 6 of these now lol), a full size anti-redness moisturizer, a full size anti-puffiness eye cream, and a moisturizing balm cream.

It also includes a $5 coupon for the Atoderm PP Balm… Although, I haven’t really figured out what the balm is for. It doesn’t feel like a thick balm, it’s more like a lotion? I’ll keep testing it out and get back to you later!

The star of the show – the anti-redness care moisturizer! It’s an ultra-gentle moisturizer which is supposed to minimize the look of redness and soothe irritated skin. I didn’t really notice any instant effects, but I’ll continue using it over the next little while. It does make for a very good makeup primer though! It has a gel/cream consistency that isn’t oily and absorbs quickly into the skin.

Next up, the eye contour gel. I really like this moisturizer – I’ve never really used specialty eye creams – I usually just pat extra night time moisturizer under my eyes to supplement. This gel absorbs quickly and feels very soothing on the undereye area!

It also includes a tiny sample of this Bioderma ultra-nourishing balm. I expected it to be more like a lip balm / vaseline type of lotion but its more like a gel consistency.

Have you tried any Bioderma products? I’m excited to see if they do reduce redness on my skin over the upcoming weeks, especially since the air is getting colder and dryer…

Thanks for reading!



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Avalai For Her – Monthly Subscription Box

Hello lovelies!

Today’s post is for the ladies! We all know about (and dread)… shark week. (Not the discovery channel one.) It’s an unpleasant experience that most ladies have got to go through. Fortunately, there’s Avalai For Her! Avalai For Her is a monthly subscription box to help us get through that week. Imagine you never had to go to your local drug store to pick up tampons or pads late at night or in the middle of your workday!  Imagine you could get a box delivered on a monthly basis that included not only your essentials but also spa products to help you get through that time of the month.

I recent received a box courtesy of Avalai to try out (at a pretty convenient time too). And lemme tell you, there’s some good stuff in there. You can custom select your box based on the length of your period, the flow, the type of essentials you would like to receive and when you would like to receive them.  Boxes start at $19.99 a month.

Let’s take a look inside!

WOOO period essentials! My Avalai box was packed with all the way to the top with lots of goodies. Inside, you’ll find an assortment of sweets, snacks, teas, and lady products!

First, let’s take a look at the snacky bits! There were two mini backs of chocolate – one from Lindor (yesss), and Godiva (double yess!!!!) Chocolate is a definite essential. Next, a bag of pretzel sticks, a few packets of tea, and a bar of maple syrup scented soap! I can definitely say that my cravings for sweets goes through the roof so it’s nice to know that I now have some at arms length. (I may or may not be eating the pretzel sticks right now…)

And THIS. Ok, after doing the beanboozled challenge a few weeks ago with mle [watch the video here], I’ve been a bit traumatized by jelly beans. I have now been shocked into associating vomit with orange flavoured jelly bellies… But these… cocktail flavoured jelly beans? That’s more like it!

You also receive a pack of pads and tampons. You can choose your preferred brand, how heavy your flow is, and whether you prefer pads, tampons, or both! It’s handy to have an assortment of sizes and lengths on hand because you’re know for sure you’re going to use them all, haha…

One of my favourite elements of the bag is the pink and white striped pad pouch. You can tuck everything inside to hold your pads/ tampons. It can be a bit embarrassing to try to slip a pad or tampon out of your purse/bag if you need to pop to the toilet – It’s one of those uncomfortable things that we shouldn’t be ashamed about, but it can’t be helped. With this cute case, nobody is going to bat and eye, and all if your lady items are in one place.

Overall, I really enjoyed this box! It includes a nice assortment of items, and it’s something that you can look forward to every month. 🙂

You can check out Avalai For Her on their website.
Also – if you order between now and November 8th, 2015, you can receive 20% off your first order with the code “JUSTFORYOU“!!

Thanks for reading!



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Acne Free with Clean & Clear

Hello lovelies!

My battle against acne has spanned over the past ten years. I’ve tried almost every acne-fighting cleanser, scrub, astringent, pad, or cream in the drug store. Fortunately, I’ve found what works for me, and my acne has been at an all time low! You can find out what’s in my current skincare regime by checking out my skincare tag.

I recently had the opportunity to try out Clean & Clear‘s three step cleansing system! I remember using these products when I was a teen, so it’s a real throwback. The three step system includes a cleanser, a deep cleaning astringent, and a moisturizer. If I remember correctly, It retails about $14 – $15 at most drugstores (like Walmart!)

The products target dull skin and acne, in order to hydrate and even skin tones. There are three simple steps: cleanse, tone, and moisturize…

The Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser has a gel formulation with Vitamin C and ginseng. It has a light citrus scent which is really nice to use in the mornings. It also contains soft bursting beads that work to gently exfoliate the skin. After cleansing, it did make my face feel quite dry. I have combination skin at the moment, but I imagine this would work well for those that have oily skin types or suffer from excess sebum.

The cleanser is meant to be followed by the Essentials Deep Cleaning Astringent. This toner targets the additional dirt or makeup that is left behind after cleansing. Acne fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid treat and prevent blackheads, pimples, and breakouts.

Again, this product is quite drying. You’re supposed to take a cotton pad and wipe it over areas such as your T-zone, or any other places where you make have excess oil. I would only recommend using it once a day, and make sure to moisturize right after!

And finally, the Dual Action Moisturizer. The oil-free formula helps to moisturize and provide additional acne treatment to the skin. I really like this moisturizer! It absorbs and dries quickly on the skin without feeling sticky or oily. It feels cool and tingly on the skin at first which is great.

Overall, I don’t think this set is for me as oily skin and acne protection aren’t my primary skin concerns at the moment. If you’re suffering from excess oil or frequent bursts of facial acne, I would highly recommend for you to check this out!

Have you tried Clean and Clear products before? What are some of your favourite acne-preventing products?

Thanks for reading!



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Bioderma – Hydration and Purifying Trial Kits

Hello lovelies!

Bioderma is a brand I discovered, and subsequently fell in love with, whilst I was studying abroad in England. During that time, I was very into the English youtube community (especially the beauty gurus). They would constantly praise the French brand, discussing it’s gentle cleansing and skin-enhancing qualities. I picked up a double pack of their famous micellar cleansing water 2 years ago, and I’m still working my way through my second bottle!

Shoppers Drug Mart recently released these Bioderma trial size kits. For only $6.95, you get about $23 – 33 worth of Bioderma products! This is great if you travel a lot, or if you’re looking to discover the brand for yourself.

It took 3 Shoppers Drug Marts before I found one that had them in stock. If you see them, impulse buy them! It’s great value for Bioderma products. I bought both kits – the original one and the purifying kit. I haven’t tested the purifying products before but I was excited to try it!

Each of the kits include a cleansing water mini, a serum, and a moisturizer. It also includes a $5 coupon for Bioderma purchases over $25!

The purifying kit (green) targets acne prone skin, and focuses on tightening and refining pores. The cleansing micellar water removes makeup and prevents the appearance of blemishes.The serum mattifies skin and controls sebum to reduce oiliness and acne. Finally, the moisturizer targets acne and blackheads, and absorbs quickly into the skin. The products have a soft, light fresh floral scent.

When I first bought these, I expected the sizes to be a little bit bigger haha. I didn’t realize the moisturizer was so puny! It’s only 5ml, which is essentially what, like two uses? Either way it has a very nice formula, and is great when you’re travelling. The small sizes are carry-on approved. I’m going to take this with me when I go travelling this weekend!

Next is the original kit. The micellar water that I currently have has the pink cap. This kit has a higher value than the purifying kit ($33 for $6.95). This kit targets hydration and moisturization of the skin to look more youthful!

As with the other kit, this original kit includes 3 items. The original micellar water removes makeup and soothes skin! It’s great to use right after exfoliating as it doesn’t sting like other toners. The serum is light and absorbs very quickly! It gives a radiant boost to the skin. It dispenses in a cream/gel form. The moisturizer evens out skin, and can be used as a primer for makeup!

You get decently sized mini products of the cleansing water and serum, but again the moisturizer is only 5ml haha!! But for $7, I can’t really complain. This kit also includes a $5 coupon for your next Bioderma purchase of over $25!

I can’t wait to test these out some more! I’m particularly interested in the purifying kit as my skin has been breaking out a bit more. My skin is very sensitive and I have to be careful with the types of products I apply but I’ve had great experiences with Bioderma in the past.

Have you tried Bioderma products before? Do you have any favourites?

Thanks for reading!



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H&M Beauty Preview!

Hello lovelies! H&M kindly sent over some goodies from their new beauty line for me to play around with. For those of you who didn’t already know, H&M has opened a new beauty department, located in Toronto’s Eatons Centre. You can read all about it when I stopped by last week!

Let’s start with the eyes.

Smoky Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

H&M has released a series of eyeshadow palettes. I received the Smoky Nudes palette, composed of 9 neutral shades. These include matte, satin, and shimmer finishes.

From left to right. 
A is a creamy matte white. B is a satin finish pink toned cream. C is a mattem purple-toned taupe.
D is a satin finish dark chocolate brown. E is a peach-champagne glitter. F is a matte cool ton-ed tape.
G is basically a satin finish version of F. H is a satin finish, cool toned grey-brown. I is a matte brown-black.

The consistency of these eyeshadows are quite powdering and very finely milled. I primed my wrist with Maybelline’s Baby Skin primer for these swatches and the colour wasn’t quite opaque, but had a pretty good colour payoff. I’m sure the colour would show up truer with a proper eyeshadow base underneath.

Pure Radiance Powder Blusher

Probably one of my favourite items that I received! It’s a powder blush in the shade Apricot. It’s a beautiful peachy shade. When worn, it gives a lovely, naturally sheer wash of colour on the cheeks.

The packaging does not include a puff or mirror, and the case is plastic, which makes it quite prone to scratching. However, the case is a lovely glossy black and the colour inside is beautiful!

True Matte Finishing Powder

This finishing powder is aimed towards shine control, and offers a natural matte, cashmere finish. I received the shade Warm Beige, which was unfortunately too dark for my skin tone. It was, however, the perfect shade for my mom! The powder itself is quite finely milled and feels light on the skin. She struggles from oiliness on her face, and liked how the powder naturally absorbed the shine.

The packaging is glossy and black, just like the blush. This compact comes with a mirror, but does not include a puff or brush.

Cream Lipstick

Next up, the lipstick. Candy Apple is a glossy, warm toned orange-red that would be flattering on almost all skintones! I was a bit apprehensive at first because I don’t typically do bright reds, but the orange tones won me over.

The formula is soft and extremely creamy – it feels as though its melting onto your lips!  The result is a bright, high shine orange-red. It also leaves behind a very pretty stain, which looks quite natural when a little bit is dabbed onto the lips!

I absolutely love this shade! It’s a nice dramatic red lip which suits my skin tone very well. I can see myself wearing this quite often in the holiday months, as well as during the summer! It’s a year-round classic red lip.

Nail Polish

Finally, the nail polish. This is an iridescent white colour called December Dawn. In different lights, it appears to have a pink and green sheen. It’s more like a glittery top coat and would take many different layers in order to build up opacity, so I layered two coats over two coats of Essie’s Vanity Fairest (a milky pink polish with glitter, topped with Sally Hansen’s Diamond Top Coat.

Which item was your favourite?  Have you tried any of the H&M Beauty items? You can read more about the H&M Beauty department in my previous blog post. 

Thanks for reading!



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Introducing…Burberry at Sephora Canada!

Hello lovelies!

I recently had the pleasure of previewing the new Burberry counter at Sephora in Square One! Burberry has now joined the Sephora family, offering a wide range of gorgeous and classic beauty products. The collection includes a wide range of foundations, powders, lip products, and cheek products, as well as the Autumn 2015 limited edition collection.

I got to play around with some of the products in the store, as well as getting my makeup done by the Burberry makeup artist!

Just in case you’re wondering, lots of samples were missing from the counter because makeup artists were demonstrating them on people!

The Burberry beauty collection was primarily focused on their gorgeous base products. Based on their iconic trench coats, the base makeup and foundations are fresh, effortless, waterproof, and light to wear. The Burberry Cashmere foundation comes in 14 different shades! Effortlessly buildable and blendable, the creamy texture melts on to the skin for a soft-matte finish and lightweight, weatherproof result. For reference, the MUA used No.20 Ochre on my skin. She also used the Face Contour Pen to contour my nose, cheekbones, and jaw, followed by the Fresh Glow Pen to add a soft highlight.

The foundation was so lightweight and comfortable, yet had a great medium amount of coverage! Definitely less noticeable than my current Revlon Nearly Naked foundation, which has a creamier texture.

 These Effortless Kohl  Eyeliners were really nice – super pigmented and were incredibly smooth to swatch. The makeup artist used a gold/ smoky green colour and it was incredibly flattering! 

Quite a large selection of lip products. Burberry offers two different types of lipsticks – the Burberry Kisses Satin Finish lipstick, and the Lip Velvet Soft Matte lipstick. Very nice finishes and again, very pigmented. The satin and matte finishes were not drying on the lips. The mattes have some great colours for autumn! Also a great selection of glosses for a high shine finish – Burberry Kisses gloss and First Kiss lip gloss,

Absolutely in love with these cream blushes. These Lip and Cheek Bloom pots have a lovely, almost moussey consistency. When applied to the cheeks, they become a soft powder. The colours look quite bright but apply sheerly and have very buildable coverage. The orange one is right up my alley! The MUA applied No.5 Peony (bottom left) to my cheeks, and it was a very pretty colour!

 The Autumn/Winter 2015 runway collection had a very military / camoflauge theme. Lots of greens, khakis, nudes, and champagnes. The runway eyeshadow palette was inspired by the Burberry Bucket Bag in camouflage suede, and the three eye colours can be applied as single shades or combined to create a bohemian smokey eye effect.

 There were also eyeshadow quads inspired by some of Burberry’s iconic runway looks. I personally love the set in the middle – those rosy shades are gorgeous!

Needless to say, I’m absolutely in love with Burberry products. I’d love to try out more of the base colours, and their concealer! The MUA used a creamy and pigmented concealer with a sponge applicator to spot conceal and I loved the texture – must check that out next time I’m at Sephora.

 I was given a few try out for myself…

What are your thoughts? Have you tried any of Burberry’s beauty products? Is there anything you’d be excited to try? You can also purchase Burberry products on Sephora’s online store

Thanks for reading!



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H&M Beauty @ Eaton’s Centre

Hello lovelies!

Recently, H&M has entered the beauty market. Many of their department stores are introducing a beauty section, complete with foundations, blushes, body products, and more. This department will include over 700 different makeup products, with seasonal and limited edition products! I was at Eaton’s Centre  in Toronto earlier today and decided to drop by to check it out for myself!

Apologies in advance for the spotty photo quality… I took all of the photos on my phone!

I had a meeting this morning so I went to Starbucks and got a chai tea latte with soy! The new seasonal cup designs are really nice. I can’t wait til they bring out the holiday flavours again… Chestnut praline lattes are the absolute best!

So H&M really upped their game! The H&M in Eatons is under construction and the store itself looks like a bit of a mess, especially since they moved a good chunk of their men’s section into an H&M Men’s standalone store on the second floor. The beauty section is located on the 2nd floor towards the cashier.

They are offering items such as bath and body products, as well as towels and cleansing cloths.

They also have a few different makeup bags available for purchase.

You will also find candles and other scented items. Prices are comparable to Loblaw’s/ Superstore’s home section prices.

The setup for the makeup booths remind me of Sephora, with large bright shelves and a sample of every product are displayed. This booth carried powdered blushes, cream blushes, illuminators, and powder puffs. Each of the shelves was neat and full stocked, but that’s probably just because the booth opened up about a week ago. Hopefully it doesn’t turn into a disaster zone.

Many different lip pencils, crayons, creams, and lipsticks on display. H&M offers quite a large variety of shades. I can’t tell you about the pigmentation or colour payoff as I didn’t try any on my lips, but I did swatch a few colours and they all seemed good to me! I’m pretty sure that most of the lipsticks had a glossy finish though.

Haha, you can see me sipping on my drink in this photo! H&M had a fully loaded nail section with an Essie-esque selection of colours. Not sure about the quality. Packaging wasn’t too glamorous but the bottles had a nice shape. Definitely nice if you’re looking for a very specific colour, I’m sure there are lots of great dupes here.

H&M also carried a huge selection of foundation shades, which is nice! Each foundation had a corresponding powder foundation. They also offered concealers, as well as base quads and correctors.

Eyeshadows galore! Each of these individual shades came in it’s own small compact. They are quite decently sized, with each pan being slightly larger than a toonie. I swatched one of the glittery shades and the glitter chunks were quite large compared to micro shimmers.

I believe there was also a section with eye shadow palettes too!

They also carried a good selection of brushes. There were lots of different types, ranging from small detailer brushes, eye shadow, contour, and base brushes.

The pricing for these items are comparable to mid – higher end drugstore brands. Think L’Oreal – Revlon price range.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried any of H&M’s new beauty products? Is it something you would be interested in?

Thanks for reading!



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Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipsticks Review + Swatches| Donut, Bumble, Ouiji, & Avenue

Hello lovelies!

Matte matte matte – I’m all about the matte lipsticks recently. After my love affair with Kat Von D’s Studded Lipstick in Lovecraft (which I honestly don’t shut up about), I’ve been addicted to matte lips. I don’t like the sticky or wet feeling from glosses, lipsticks often smudge off… Luckily, my friend Jen told me about the Colourpop Ultra-Matte Lipsticks!

 Colourpop Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks are exactly what the name implies – they’re a liquid lipstick foruma that dries suuuper matte on the lips. Not satin ~KVD studded lipstick~ matte, no, I’m talkin dry lips. Buuuuut, the forumula is intensely pigmented.

 I picked up four colours – donut, ouiji, bumble, and avenue! They retail for about $6 USD each, and definitely give you a bang for your buck! I haven’t found too many matte lip products in the drugstore that come in colours that I like. Colourpop has a wide selection of colours to choose from!

Donut is a bright peachy shade. Ouiji is a bright coral red. Bumble is a dusty warm terracotta. Avenue is a deep yellow red. Each of these swatches were swiped 1-2 times, so you can see the amount of colour payoff you get!
A closer look at the swatches! (Upper: Ouiji, lower: Donut)

I’ve been wearing Donut the most. It’s bright, but not crazy bright. It’s a fun pop of colour which seems more appropriate for day time! Ouiji was a super fun bright colour for summer, or nights out.

(Upper: Avenue, lower: Bumble)
Bumble is a nice muted shade for fall, I’m sure I’ll be wearing it a lot! I don’t have many dark lipsticks so I picked up Avenue. I have a rimmel lipstick that’s around the same colour, except it always rubs off super quickly and I’m left with a drag queen-esque border around my lip line.
These are quite drying so make sure to exfoliate your lips before wearing them! 

I know many people (including myself) thought that Donut and Bumble looked quite similar on the website. I tried to compare in people swatches but couldn’t find a good comparison, so here you go! I’d swatch Solow too but I don’t own it, but I think Solo is more mauvey.
Hope these swatches helped! It’s hard to blend after the formula dries, and these liquid lipsticks dry fast! Also, it takes forever to take off (so much staining) so make sure you have a good makeup remover at the end of the day.
Have you tried any Colourpop products before? Which one is your favourite? 

Thanks for reading!



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Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake in Toronto | Worth the Wait?

Hey lovelies!

Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake – the “it” bakery/cafe that’s on everyone’s lips at the moment! Their supposedly famous Japanese Cheesecakes attract the masses, resulting in hour-long lineups outside their Toronto shop. I recently took a trip downtown and stopped by in order to find out what all the hype was about, and if the cheesecake was actually worth the wait!

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Aveeno Positively Radiant CC Eye Cream + Moisturizer | Review

Hello lovelies!

I’ve been familiar with Aveeno as a brand for a very long time. A few years ago, when I started to research and invest more into my skincare regime, I swore by Aveeno’s foaming facial cleansers. I’m also a huge fan of their calming bath powders…so relaxing!

I had the opportunity to try out some Aveeno products from their Positively Radiant line!

The packaging is what always draws me to Aveeno products. It’s made of this matte cardboard, which really goes along with their whole ‘natural’ theme!

The first thing I’d like to share are these Positively Radiant CC Eye Creams! I received them in two shades – fair/light and medium. Light/fair fit me well, so I gave the medium shade to my mum! The CC creams contain active naturals total soy complex which claims to grant a more radiant look to the skin, fixing tone, texture, dullness, blotchiness, and brown spots!

It works kind of like a concealer. It’s medium coverage, which is impressive because it’s marketed as a tinted moisturizer. It also claims to improve skin over time, concealing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes! The skin around the eyes is quite delicate as well, so we want to make sure to take care of it. This CC cream is also oil-free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic (which means it won’t cause blackheads or irritation by blocking pores)!

The applicator kind of reminds me of a lipgloss tube applicator! The shape allows for it to be applied directly to the under eyes, however I’d recommend applying it with your fingertips as sometimes too much products squeezes out.

I have quite light skin with peach undertones, and the fair-light shade matches my skin tone perfectly. Medium is a slightly darker shade that will suit tanned – medium skin tones! Overall I liked the formula of the CC eye creams – it felt super moisturizing and has good coverage! It retails for $19.99.

Next up, a classic in the Aveeno moisturizing line….

The Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 15. I absolutely love this moisturizer – I’ve actually purchased it in the past and loved it! It’s a lightweight and moisturizing cream that absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn’t leave an oily residue behind. It also contains Aveeno’s active naturals soy complex to even tone, smooth texture, and soften skin!

I always apply a moisturizer before I apply makeup, and it’s nice to have one that keeps your skin hydrated without feeling oily. It’s quick drying and hypoallergenic, which is great because my skin is quite sensitive to moisturizers! This is currently my day cream, love the light scent and texture. It retails for $21.99

You can find these products at most drug stores / department stores!

Have you tried any Aveeno products? What are your thoughts about the CC cream craze? Have you tried any other tinted moisturisers?

Thanks for reading!



*This post is sponsored by Aveenobut as always it’s 100% my honest opinion! 

QPAD QH-90 – My Favourite Headphones!!

Hello lovelies!

A bit of a techy review today. Early August, I posted about the death of my beloved QPAD headphones. Basically, I absolutely love these headphones. They’re so comfortable, and I’ve gotten about two years of moderate usage out of them, including video/audio projects, listening to music, and gaming.

I actually mentioned them in my August favourites video.

My headphones were perfect until one of the earphones gave out. One of my more technologically savvy friends gave it a look and opened both headphones and part of the connecting cable which we thought was broken and we couldn’t find the issue. I figured it must have been from wear (even though I feel like these would have lasted longer than two years,) and decided that it was time to get another pair.

I didn’t even bother looking for any other headphones because these ones were just so nice. So I figured this would be a good time to do a review, and tell you why I love them so much! (This isn’t a sponsored post btw, I’m just really enthusiastic about these headphones haha!)

Everything comes packaged snuggly inside the box. The padding is fitted, ensuring nothing slides around. This is great because these headphone ship from Sweden and my box arrived looking quite battered. However, the equipment arrived safely and everything was in check!

What’s included in the box: the headphones, an extension cable, a condenser cable which combines the audio and microphone ends into one jack, a detachable microphone, a cable with a volume adjustment box, and a quick start guide manual.

Here are some of the specs! I’ll break these down for those of us that don’t understand the crazy audio jargon and just want a pair of comfortable headphones with fantastic audio quality.

The headphones are circumaural, which means that the padding surrounds your entire ear instead of sitting on top of it. This ensures less sound leakage, and overall feels more comfortable. It’s got a detachable microphone in case you don’t want to use the built in microphone for gaming and don’t want it to get in your face. It also has super soft white leather padding!

It’s nice to know that the company is super passionate about their products. 

Now, lets take a closer look at the headphones themselves….

 The white design is lovely. If you’re worried about getting them dirty, my previous pair was alright. Obviously with anything white, you’ll have to think about staining or scuffing, but that can easily be fixed with a cloth! The ear padding can be taken off and washed or wiped down…easily re-attachable. It hooks right over the earphone cups.

 The headphones lengths are adjustable and can accommodate various head sizes! They fit me wonderfully and I have a giant melon head, lol…..

 The extension cable is great for if the standard cable doesn’t reach your computer headphone jack.

Overall, the design doesn’t feel bulky or heavy at all! It sits nicely on the ears. The design is sleek and elegant. These headphones feel great and have great audio quality! I used these headphones for all of my audio projects in third and fourth year of university – they cover a range between 15-25.000 Hz frequency response, which is generally the standard for professional grade headphones.

I believe they were about $125 (or 99€ with shipping included to Canada.) Less expensive than a lot of big gaming headphones out there but equally as nice!

You can find them here and buy them on the QPAD store!

What do you think about these headphones? Have you tried them before? Or rather, which headphones are you using at the moment?

Thanks for reading!



Sephora Meet Your Match 2015 | Review

Hello lovelies!

Last week I placed an order on the Sephora website, which you can read about here! Today I’ll be reviewing the Sephora Meet Your Match 2015 set.

The Sephora Meet Your Match 2015 set contains 6 deluxe size minis – 3 lip products and 3 nail polishes. The nail colors and lipsticks are set to match! 
Purple setNails Inc nail polish in Devonshire Row // Bite lip gloss in Strangefruit

 Nude set: Hourglass Lip Gloss in Child // Formula X Nail Color in Invincible

Coral set: Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Tint in Elite // Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Girls Just Want to Have Fun

What beautiful colours! I feel like these are great to wear year round – you’ve got a colour for every season! Coral for summer, nude for spring/winter, and purple for fall! Of course, you can wear them however you want.

Taking a look at the lip colours – What a varied selection! Honestly, I’d typically only reach for one of the shades. Tarte’s Elite is a gorgeous red-colour that is absolutely perfect – corals are my safe zone. Orange toned lip products are my favourites because they work well with my skin tone. I actually bought this set for Tarte’s Elite, so I’m 110% pleased with that.

Bite‘s Strangefruit isn’t really one I’d typically go for, but it’s a pretty colour! A bright purple gloss that doesn’t appear as bright on the lips when used alone. It’s great for a nice pop of color. I’m trying to be more adventurous, I swear!

Hourglass lipgloss in Child is another safe one – doesn’t have much colour payoff by itself on the lips, but is a lovely gloss none-the-less. Not tacky or sticky, and it works with my coral lippies to add a nice sheen to it!

Now, for nails! I’ve got a bit of an addiction to nail polish. My collection is composed of subtle variations of corals, blue-greens, and pinky-purples. Luckily, these colours fit right in!

Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Girls Just Want to Have Fun is a bright coral orange. It is very vibrant and screams summer! I like this shade because it seems so fun and eye catching.

Formula X Nail Color in Invincible is a lovely pale nude colour. The only other nude I have is Essie’s Sugar Daddy, which is incredibly sheer and has a more pink-toned colour payoff. This is a cream nude and has great coverage – only one to two shades for full opacity!

Nails Inc nail polish in Devonshire Row is a warm fuchsia purple. I think this works really well as a summer to autumn transition shade! It’s a beautiful colour and I’ve been using it a lot in my nail art.

The sample sizes are also great for travel, as well as testing the colours out before committing to a larger size! The formulas of all polishes are great. I applied them with my Sally Hansen gel nail hardener and Diamond top coat, and did not have a noticeable amount of chipping! 

Have you tried any of these brands? Do you like the colour and product selections for this set? 

Thanks for reading!



Bulgogi House, Honeymee, Round 1 | Sachie’s California Food Tour

Hello lovelies!

Here is my last post from my California food tour series this year. We visited these two restaurants on our last day in LA.

Our last day was a lazy one. We didn’t really have any plans – Megan was working an afternoon shift so it was up to Tako to keep Jord and I entertained. We ended up spending an hour wandering around a Daiso, lol. After Megan finished her shift, we went back to her place.

Actually a bit of a funny story – Jord and I had arranged to meet Dyrus for Korean BBQ, but because of some scheduling conflicts, it didn’t work out. Bummer 🙁 Instead, Megan and Tako took us to a place they often hit up – Bulgogi House.

Those shirts, haha! I learned that I apparently don’t grill my meat the proper way at KBBQ. I normally drop a few pieces on at a time and continually add meet to the grill after pulling some off. Megan and Tako’s method was
1. Drop all meet onto the grill
2. Mainly eat beef because its fastest to cook, occasionally other meats, but not chicken because that takes forever.

A very good method, I may or may not have adopted it. Although I do love my chicken.

You can find Bulgogi House here.

Bulgogi House

18751 Colima Rd,
Rowland Heights CA 91748
>(626) 965-2007


11:00 AM – 11:00PM
11:00 AM – 12:00AM

For dessert, our friend Aria recommended for us to check out Honeymee! It’s a dessert shop that specializes in delicious dairy ice cream drizzled or mixed with sweet honey!

 Look at that logo! So cute. I’m an absolute sucker for pretty design. The store itself is quite small and is based in a small plaza with other Asian restaurants/retail stores.

 Upon Aria’s recommendation, I got the ‘Sweetie’ ice cream! It was 4.25 – however, if you check in on yelp, there’s a discount! You show your checkin to the cashier and they’ll give you a discount (I think it was like $0.25 or something)

The soft serve icecream itself was milky and creamy… absolutely lovely! The honey was sweet and worked very well with the icecream. I ate it up super fast. Definitely recommend this place! A lovely way to end our trip in California, especially with the hot weather.

Visit Honeymee here.


18180 Colima Rd. Suite A
Rowland Heights, CA 91748


Monday – Sunday:  12:00PM – 12:00AM

 Finally, we had to check out Round 1 Arcade! I always see this place in my Californian friends’ snapchat stories. It’s a huge arcade with tons of games, photo booths, rhythm/dance machines, a bowling alley, and karaoke rooms!

I finally got to do purikura / japanese photo booths! They’re really cool because after taking photos, you move to a separate screen outside to add stamps/doodles to your photos!

Spent most of my time playing Pop’n Music… It’s so cute! I love the character designs. We also played the crane catcher games. Jord won a Rilakkuma, which he then passed down to me after we spent a few hours gathering enough tickets to win him a Shibe plush.

Find Round 1 here:

Round 1 Arcade

Puente Hills Mall
1600 S Azusa Ave, Ste 285
City of Industry, CA 91748

All in all, I had a lovely time in California! Unfortunately, I think I lost my vlogging camera on the plane or in the airport. 🙁 So all of my LA and Anime Expo footage is lost…. Poop.

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Have you visited any of these places? 

Thanks for reading!



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