The Sachrifice (AKA The Thesis that Consumed My Life For The Past 6 Months)

Heya lovelies.

I’VE BEEN GONE SINCE NOVEMBER?? How have I not blogged since then? ;_; I think this is the longest period I’ve gone without updating. I’ve always been slow since I started focusing more on my youtube, but these past few months have killed me. So finally, it’s time for an update post!

(Two characters I drew for our thesis project! The name of our brand is Heroes of Tomorrow)

As you guys may or may not know, I’m currently finishing up my final year of my undergraduate degree. I’m studying Honours Communications and Multimedia – a double major for topics such as PR, research, writing, marketing etc, as well as a more technical aspect for audio, video, and graphic design. Because I’m doing a double major, I had to do 2 final thesis projects. My multimedia thesis project was much more intensive, whereas my communications thesis has to be a 14-16 page paper (which is due on Monday/ I haven’t started yet gdi ;_;)

It’s pretty sad to say, but I feel like I’ve coasted through my first three years of university and karma caught up with me and decided to give me an intense butt-kicking this year. I’m sure most 4th years understand this, as we’ve got to worry about tuition, final cumulative thesis projects, as well as graduating on time and then finding a job afterwards. Why does everything always come in waves. WHY LIFE WHY.

Today I though I’d blog about my multimedia thesis project so you can see what’s been sapping my life force for these past few months. The condensed version is that we had to propose a project that would showcase the skills that we have developed, in addition to creating a portfolio piece that we would be able to show future employers. I originally wanted to do something with my youtube account and branding but I seriously hadn’t developed an action plan, so I ended up doing an educational design project with a partner. This class spanned from October to March, and included doing research, literature reviews, preliminary work, proposal presentations, professor consultations, and then a final presentation.

STRESSFUL. Our project included graphic design, illustration, marketing, branding, packaging design, and printing. We took on a lot more than some other people in my class haha, a little over ambitious I guess but it paid off in the end.

Anyway, we decided to make an environmental activity kit for students in grade 4-6. It would be a kit that teachers would use in classrooms. Our kit included a student activity booklet, a black and white version of the same booklet (so teachers can photocopy/print activities to distribute), and a teacher’s handbook explaining the curriculum. Here are some pages.

In addition to doing these information/experiment pages, I remade the entire book in black and white! The entire project was made on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. I learned a lot about Illustrator while working on this project which was cool, since my program didn’t really teach us how to use many of the programs lol.

It was such a relief to finally present and have all those months of work be overrrrr SO SATISFYING. 

But yeah! It’s been a super fast 4 years, kinda scary to think about how fast time flies. Everyone keeps telling me “Make sure to savour your time at university because the real world is much more intense” etc etc etc. I’m excited to get out in the real world and gain some experience, and maybe I’ll return to post-graduate education in the future! Right now I just want a break from school instead of going straight into a masters or postgrad certificate/program etc.

Now that I have a little bit of free time, I’ll be updating my blog/youtube more often. It’s my dream to make this into a full time thing, but school has stolen some of my time. Can’t wait to continue blogging!!

Thank you for reading! 😀

Abandoned Textiles Factory

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to explore an abandoned textiles factory as part of a design project. Our major assignment was to explore an area and document different elements of design. Later on, we’ll have to create artistic pieces inspired by these elements of design. I went with my design professor to explore this abandoned factory, known as the Cannon Knitting Mill.

Here are some of the photos that I took!

It was a very interesting experience since I’ve never actually explored an abandoned building before. The last time I explored an abandoned house was back in grade 12 when my group communications technologies class made a documentary on ghosts. (It was a huge house in a very rich area that was abandoned and boarded up, so we did some ghost hunting, it was awesome!).

It was good photography practice, although I was just taking quick shots on automatic mode since my battery was dying. (Stupid me forgot to charge my battery……..orz) I’d love to try shooting in places like these again, especially with proper lenses and not my kit lens! 😀

And second year begins…

I can’t believe today was the first day of second year. Where did my summer go? (I guess I can’t really complain since classes finished in April, giving me almost 4 months of summer ‘vacation’.)

Yesterday night I moved into my new room! Instead of living on residence, some friends and I decided to rent a house! We’re living on the second and third floor of a house that is quite big!

Here are some room pics.

For some reason, my landlords thought it was a good idea to paint one of my walls bright orange. During the day (mainly in the sunlight) the color gets quite intense! But at night and in artificial lighting, it looks like a dull red color which is good I guess. I would’ve like to paint my room but my landlords said they had recently got the paint job done so I wasn’t allowed. Not too much of a problem since I’ll only be living here for 8 months.

The white walls are kind of dingy, so I’ll have to paint them again this weekend.

Since my dad left for his business trip, he couldn’t help me move my own bed over so I had to get a new one from Ikea. It’s quite convenient as it folds up into a chair! This allows for more space, which was great when I was unpacking.

Big windows = great natural light for vlogging! 
The only downside is that if I vlog with the white walls as my background, I have a horrible orange glow from the wall across from me. I’ll have to invest in some softboxes for better lighting and maybe a sheet to put against the wall. 
This is where my desk is located. I’ve got some prints on the wall as well as a little dry erase board. The left photo is where my figures and makeup are set up. I sit and do my makeup in the morning since there’s good lighting and I can watch people walking on the street.

My mom and uncle are bringing over my set of drawers on Friday evening so my clothes are stored in boxes for now…

The room is bigger than what I’m normally used to which is great, I love the open space and the high ceilings. Should be useful for when I’m working on cosplay projects or if I have friends over!

We’ve been having some crap weather recently. It’s currently in that awkward phase when summer is transitioning into fall, meaning hot flashes, thunder storms, and sudden cold periods. I’m hoping it gets cooler soon so I can bust out my fall wardrobe~!

Oh and before I forget, here are some photos of things I bought myself for my birthday! (I can’t believe I’m 19 now… I turn 20 next year! Scary to think about… )

  Awesome new shoes from Spring, only $15! The little gems I find in the sales section~

And now I shall end this post with a picture of me looking quizzical. 

1G3G Show! + Giveaway~

Yesterday, I went with my friend Ariel to see the1g3g panel that was doing a show at my school! 1g5g (aka 1 Girl 5 Gays) is a show on the television channel MTV. It’s basically 1 girl (Aliya Jasmine, host and producer of MTV News) and a panel of 5 gay men who live in Toronto.  On the show, they talk about their lives and relationships. They answer 20 questions on the show. Although it can be quite explicit at times, it’s pretty funny.

Aliya Jasmine was there, with Jonathan Schuester, JP, and Matt Barker!

Aliya Jasmine, before the guys came out. She’s so tiny and gorgeous, and she’s a lot more intense than she appears on TV! Super entertaining, she’s awesome. When she was walking around answering questions, she told me that my gold shoes were awesome! *_* Day = made! 
It was hard to take pictures because it was dark and the lighting was weird. 

From left to right: JP, Jonathan, Matt, Aliya.  

At the end, we went up and got a picture with them! We actually skipped to the front of the line and nobody noticed, haha! I should’ve dressed up nicer, this was my day class outfit! But super excited that JONATHAN HAS HIS ARM ON MY SHOULDER, he is my favourite  I’m kinda glad that Matt Barker wasn’t there lol, he seemed really annoying and cocky during the actual show. 
I’ll be going to Toronto Comicon with Sami this weekend! I’ll be cosplaying Yuki from Vampire Knight Guilty, not sure what Sami is doing? Cat Kigurumi I think?  Anyway, we’ll be there on Saturday. We’ll also record a few vlogs and maybe a dance.
Finally, have you entered my giveaway yet? 

Vampire Knight Cosplay + Rent

Got my Vampire Knight cosplay from, who I am currently in a partnership with!  Can’t wait to start making more videos / take pictures in this. I’m cosplaying Yuki Cross from the series Vampire Knight. I have longer hair in these pictures because I wanted to mimic her hair from Vampire Knight Guilty.

These are just some speedy iPhone pictures. Hopefully I’ll be able to take better pictures soon! It’s actually quite funny because I wore my Meiko wig on top with my real hair poking through!  The colors are actually quite close, which it blends so well. I don’t think bangs would work with my actual hair because I have very defined eyebrows that don’t look good under the bangs… I’d have to dye my eyebrows lighter?

Also, if you use the code sachie on, you can get -10% off your order! 

Lenses arrived from Mukuchu – Cafe Mimi Waffle grey! Can’t wait to try these out, since I’m super in love with the Cafe Latte ones. 

Oh, and an update on the rent. Well, it worked out (for now)! We had to make a deal though because S was having financial troubles, so the land lady said she could rent for only 8 months instead of 12 like the rest of us. It’s good that we have the place now but it kinda sucks that we have to pay 4 months more rent than her… We’re trying to find people to sublease it to over the summer.  We’re signing the official lease on Monday.

I swear if anybody else drops out or suddenly decides they don’t want to rent anymore, I will go into insane version Sachie. 

Hopefully everything works out. 

Room Tour!

The lighting in my room last week was really nice. I’ve decorated my room a bit more since my post about moving into residence. Maybe this is a bit of a pointless post but I like this post. Just something funny to look back on. 

Still a bit messy, I know. Most of what people see from my livestreams is just my bed and Totoro. The messy side is the part you’re not seeing lol. 

Kiki’s Delivery Service blanket that I won from x giveaway!  It’s super fleecy and nice, and the print is from one of my favourite Ghibli Movies.
Messy clothes, makeup drawer, hair products… 
This is actually what it looked like when I walked into the room. Had to scramble to clean it up in order to get the upper photos LOL.

I’ve also updated my layout after the longest time. I wanted to change it to a darker theme… What do you think? I still really like my old theme but it’s more of a fall theme. 


Hello earthlings!

I haven’t blogged in a while… I remember last year I had so much to blog about that I would write up scheduled posts in advance! Recently, I haven’t felt much inspiration to blog. My days seem so bland. Yuck. (゚⊿゚)

Happy February! Valentine’s day is coming up soon. Can’t wait to spend my 19th Valentine’s day alone!  I’ll probably spend my evening sitting alone in my room, stuffing my face with chocolates and watching romantic comedies or Mad Men. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ (That’s my new series to watch after I catch up on Community, which I’m on S3 EP8)

Here is a picture to break up the walls of text. ( ゚д゚)

Anyway, I wanted to blog about my exchange plans!  During the third year of university (we have four years of uni in Canada), we have the opportunity to spend a semester or a year studying abroad at one of my university’s sister unis! So of course I want to go to the UK! I’m studying communications and multimedia for my major. I’ve been looking at the sister establishments in the UK and only two offer specific courses for my major… University of Sheffield and University of Leeds. My dad was pushing for me to go to University of Bristol but Bristol doesn’t have the courses I need.    So my current first choice option is University of Leeds.

I have relatives that live in Cardiff, Wales, which is really close to Leeds! I think my dad just wants my Aunt to keep and eye on me..

I’m so excited to go to the UK! It’ll be so different from Canada. I know some people have issues with being so far away from their families. I’m planning to do the full year exchange there, so my parents said that they’ll come visit me over Christmas and we can spend it at my aunt’s place. And my aunt has a pretty big house, it’s so nice. So I’m kinda looking forward to it, hehe! I’m currently keeping updated with the blog of some girl from my university who is studying at Leeds, she says there’s a lot of independent studying, but she’s really enjoying it. She’s also planning quite a few trips to the surrounding countries, which is great! The only country near us is the United States. I’ve been there quite a few times, but I should think that it’s quite convenient having so many countries nearby in the UK! Oh, and I’m also really looking forward to checking out the UK cons like MCM Expo… Going overseas isn’t going to stop me from cosplaying. 😉

My second choice is to go to Australia! However my parents are kinda against it – apparently I won’t experience too much culture shock because Aussie and Canadian societies are generally alike? My dad says that Toronto and Sydney are very alike. University of Sydney offers communications and multimedia programs too. ( ´°ω°`)  I’d like to go to Australia one day though.

Now I just have to save up like crazy! Gotta go job hunting soon ><

 The blanket I won from x Jlist Christmas giveaway arrived! It’s made out of the softest fleecy material ever. Omg it’s so warm and nice    And bonus that it’s Kiki’s Delivery Service! Probably one of my favourite Ghibli movies ever.

My mom’s birthday was on the 29th of January. We got her a chestnut-cream cake! Chestnut cake is actually delicious. People tend to think that it’s gross but omg most delicious cake ever.

I apologize for not having much to blog about, but that will change soon! I’ve got a few reviews coming up as well as documenting my cosplay adventures! Anime North is in less than 4 months and I haven’t started. (Yes, it takes me this long to plan haha.) I’ll really need to plan patterns and buy materials soon. I’ll probably have to do these things myself  >< Also need to start planning Ringo’s outfit!

I have lots of ideas for our cosplays.  When it gets warmer and school lets out, I’ll be working on a cosplay video! Maybe like a showcase or music video type of thing.

I shall end this post with my current favourite song!

Morning Rage + Christmas Wishlist

Hello everyone!
Something incredibly stupid and annoying happened to me today. This is my twitter feed from about 8AM this morning. (; ̄Д ̄)

(swear words censored for your sensitive eyes~)

LOL so you get the gist of it right? Basically my roommate (we have our own rooms, hers is beside mine) went home this weekend because classes are over and exams start this Friday.  She has this stupid loud annoying alarm that goes off every morning which I can usually sleep through since it goes off a few times and then she turns it off and gets ready for class. (Her classes start 2 hours before mine hehehe, so I get to sleep in (=゚ω゚)ノ).

Anyway, she forgot to turn her alarm off before she went home for the weekend. So today at 7AM, it went off. It sounded like a truck backing up (those ones that go BEEP BEEP BEEP over and over.) I thought it would turn off… but it kept on going. ãƒ½(#`Д´)ノ I tried covering my head with my blankets+pillow+towel but I could still hear the noise. I was so pissed off hehe so I started sleepy-tweeting = all the rage in the feed above. I thought that maybe the alarm would turn off after an hour BUT NO, IT KEPT GOING. 

I had to walk down to housing services and get them to open her door so she could turn it off. Then I went back to bed and collapsed, woke up at 2PM… 

TL;DR – I hate living with other people. 

On a lighter note, many of the blogs that I follow are posting Christmas wishlists! So I figured I may as well do the same. ãƒ½(・ω・。)ノ

All I want for Christmas

LUSH — Holiday Bath & Shower Products: A Gold Star Bubble Bar (bubble…, $8.45

I don’t really care too much for the specific items, just something along those lines.  ~(-仝-)~ I do however want the Tsumori Chisato Tote + Wallet! I love the brand, it’s simple and cute (and there are lots of items that have cats/cat print on them!)

Super super want those Dr Marten boots. My wardrobe isn’t very exciting, but I do have some pretty cool shoes! I love metallic/shiny/glittery boots! (=゚ω゚)ノ

My WESC headphones died after a month which was stupid since I paid like $50 for them, I can’t even return them since I bought them online and the seller won’t do an exchange. 😐 I heard Beats headphones are really great, but so expensive ;_;

Want more socks + tights. I love socks, I always get them for Christmas hehe! The only problem with tights are that I have really long legs, so free-size tights usually aren’t long enough or rip when I try putting them on 

I’d love to have that Totoro lunch box, my lunch box lid cracked the other day and it’s not as cute. Also I’d like to get more hand cream/lotion from Crabtree and Evelyn (or body powder/scented talc stuff) because the scents are always very light and pretty! The English Rose/rosewater scents are my favourite.ヽ(・ω・ゞ)

Finally, I’d like a cute dress with the Peter Pan collar, and some lush bath products! Lush products are heavenly! Oh and also a DSLR since I’d like to take better photos/photoshoots with moetroncos!

(If you’re wondering why there’s a magical girl staff/wand there, it’s because I’d love to become a magical girl. But a proper one like in Sailor Moon, not a messed up one like Madoka. NO CONTRACT ï¼ˆï½‰Ð”i))

I know Santa won’t give me these (just the socks), but hopefully he’ll give me some…financial aid so that I can at least buy the lush products or maybe the boots. 

I’ll be scheduling a short post for this week before DTAC (December Toronto Anime Con.)  I’ll also be giving away some K-On figures later on, will explain more in future posts! If you could just take a second and CLICK HERE, and press the “I want this” button on the right hand side, that would be great! 😀
So, what do you want for Christmas? (◕▽◕✿)

PHOTO DIARY – November

I think I’ll make this a regular feature – monthly photo diaries! I’m going to warn you now that  they’ll be kind of boring since school is sapping the energy out of me like a spy sapping a dispenser [/lameTF2reference]

This month was probably the most stressful of them all.  My after-midterm projects and end of semester projects were due this month, as classes finish at the end of December! (; ̄Д ̄)

One of the most interesting lectures I’ve had so far haha! Guest lecturer came in and told us about cybersex and avatar sex culture in social MMOs like IMVU and Second Life. As for the picture on the right, apparently according to some statistic people who do cybersex generally get the same about of sex in real life? Food for thought. (」゜ロ゜)」

Went and partied with some friends! It was really fun since I hadn’t been out for a while. 
WIRED SACHIE! ãƒ¾(*д*)ノ゛

My university’s Japanese Connection club held a ‘Japanese Game Show’ event! It was really fun – basically there were different teams and they had to complete wacky challenges to see who got the most points! There was a V taped on the ground (might be hard to see) but you had to keep your feet outside of the wider parts of the V so you were almost doing the splits, and then try to blow ping pong balls off water bottles!

I didn’t participate in the game show because I ended up leaving half way through to finish my history essay  But it looked like lots of fun! ãƒ˜(^o^ヘ)

This was from a while ago – took a pic in my Mio/BGS wig! I love this hairstyle so much, why can’t my real hair be this nice? ãƒ½(*´Д`*)ノ Used the iphone app moreBeaute2 (which I believe is free). It makes photos so much nicer! ãƒ¾(*´∇`)ノ

As I said in the previous post, LIGHTS came and did a little concert at my university! I LOVE HERRRR /cannot stress this enough. After, Sonia and I went back to my res where we stayed up until 4 stalking Nightbox (the band that opened her set) and watching Sherlock Holmes. 

Started watching Gunbuster 2 (Diebuster), on the left, and continued watching some Hidamari Sketch! (right)
Some plans are forming for a Diebuster cosplay group involving me, Jeanie, and Sami! Not sure when though…

Also caught up with Bara de Hadashi wo Fume. (Left). It’s so cute! I love Rinko Ueda’s art style! It’s a bit weak on plot, but the cuteness and art makes up for it for me! Also started B.O.D.Y., which is pretty cute. I needed a new shoujo manga to read while waiting for class to start hehe, since I read it on the iphone app ‘Manga Rock’.

I recommend both of these if you’re into shoujo manga, but expect a lot of cheesiness.  ãƒ¼( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Super boring entry right? Don’t worry, I’ll have lots of interesting things to blog about next month! Exams, DTAC, shopping, Christmas etc! (◕‿◕✿) “A poor student’s guide to Christmas shopping”, lol orz. 

Apparently it’s snowing in Toronto? It hasn’t reached me here yet… Snow go away! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Time for me to go to bed! Good night~ 

Hellish Week + LIGHTS

Hi everyone!

I’m actually writing this post at 1:30am because I just finished playing Left 4 Dead 2 and can’t sleep because I’m still a bit scared… My friend and I were playing the last chapter of  “Dead Air” and ended up dying horrible in the hoard of zombies… Got thrown off the building by a Tank.

Anyway, I’ll just be updating on the past week! 

Last week was horrible… I think I wrote about another week a month ago that was horrible because of midterms… Yeah, this one was much worse!   Had my final term history paper, french mini-essay, linguistics assignment, and multimedia coding final assignment to finish. It was brutal, I didn’t sleep very much that week. Most of my assignments were due by Thursday, so I ended up sleeping through all of my classes on Friday… I just slept until 4 in the afternoon hahaha!()´д`()

This was my desk when I was doing research for my history paper! We had to write about the French Revolution or the effects of the Enlightenment on a list of topics… So I wrote about women. Writing the essay didn’t take too long, but finding primary/secondary sources took SO LONG. (,,#゚Д゚)

My friend and I were super dead because of the projects. Luckily, LIGHTS (one of my favourite music artists  ) was doing a mini concert at my university, the last stop of her tour. SUPER EXCITED AH OH GOD I LOVE LIGHTS. I remember seeing her walk past us at Fan Expo, I almost died.
She’s amazing. â™¥ï¼ˆï¾‰Â´âˆ€`)

Waited in this super long line. Got in, a band called Nightbox was opening for her.

They were all REALLY attractive. UNF UNF UNF <3 

 Their songs were actually really good! I liked one of their songs called “Pyramid”.

Pyramid by nightbox

After waiting quite a long time, LIGHTS CAME ONE. IT WAS GLORIOUS.
Lights is a super cute, super talented Canadian singer! Her songs are mainly electronic, pop genre! I LOVE HER SONGS  (ノ>▽<。)ノ

Here’s a little video I took! 

I have a super huge girl crush on her. She’s so cute and her voice is amazing. You know how some artists sound really different in concert from their song recordings? She sounds almost the same as her singles! 

My pictures were quite crappy… my camera has slowly been dying. (Sometimes it won’t turn on, sometimes the zoom lens won’t come out, sometimes the screen is yellow and only takes pictures in yellow… ;_;)

Lights’ set was an hour I think? Maybe longer? I didn’t really keep track of time. She played some of my favourite songs like Ice, Second Go, Banner, Siberia, Toes, and Cactus in the Valley!

I love this song / music video. Definitely going to her concerts again in the future!

One of her newer songs! Her style has matured a bit more, but I love this song.
You can listen to her other songs by clicking here!  

I’m glad to have been able to unwind a bit after this hellish week! This week will be fairly relaxing since all of my classes will be review classes. Classes end on the 6th and then my first exam starts on the 8th (Multimedia, which I’m pretty prepared for!) 
Also just found out that my half sister had her baby yesterday morning!  I’m going to be an aunty now, yay~ I will end this post with two random pictures of me. (My makeup in the left picture makes me look super asian hehehe!)

I’ll try to update later this week! Can’t wait for DTAC! (◕‿◕✿)


Came home from university on Friday. Mom had just come out of hospital from her examination in the morning and wanted to go out for sushi! Hadn’t been out to eat in a while, so we ended up going to my favourite sushi place! A little Japanese restaurant called ‘Sushi Tei’

The inside of the restaurant was quite cosy and was very nicely decorated! Lots of Japanese-style decorations.

Choosing our food!
Now, onto the food spam! Seriously the food was so good omg â™¥ï¼ˆï¾‰Â´âˆ€`) I ordered Chicken Teriyaki bento! It came with miso soup, a bowl of rice, chicken teriyaki, salad, 4 pieces of sashimi, and shrimp/vegetable tempura. Seriously my favourite meal ever, it was so good!

Ahh drooling forever! ï¼ˆ*´▽`*)
My mom was feeling kind of sick though so she ended up leaving halfway to go sit in the car. I hope she feels better soon.(/_;)/~ ~
It was such a nice change from eating crap university food every day! My appetite in university is so bad now… I don’t have breakfast, just two bottles of pomegranate green tea. Lunch is usually soup, dinner is either more soup or some other random stuff from the cafeteria. Then at like midnight I’ll have popcorn or something. Stress is killing my appetite ughhh (´∩`。)

I typically used cosplay as a way to rejuvenate my creative flow and relieve stress, but I don’t have the time/space to work on projects… I don’t feel like gaming or reading or hanging out with people either. I’ve recently started watching Game of Thrones which I quite enjoy at the moment, thinking about getting the books and reading those over Christmas Break! I want to find a small cosplay project that I can work on to distract myself. I was thinking female engie from TF2 or maid or something, idk. I just really want to make stuff (´;ω;`)

 I also really miss my moetron girls, hope I can see them soon! Looking forward to DTAC and Christmas shopping ~ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 


Now that my midterms are done, I’m ready to blog so more!

Made a little photo diary of the past few weeks~

Last week was probably the most stressful week of my /university/ life ever! Oh god, I had my cultural studies seminar presentation, history essay, two french tests, and two linguistics midterms! I basically had no sleep that week… so stressful oh god. To channel my stress I consumed this amount of pomegranate green tea (basically all I’ve been drinking for the past few weeks haha!) SERIOUSLY IT’S SO GOOD.

Sachie collapses after having only 10 hours of sleep over the period of 3 days. I was seriously in zombie mode, it was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced ): Sad thing is that I’ll probably be experiencing this quite a few more times during my time in university…
Friday Oct 28 – graduated from high school! Our school is super stupid – basically most schools held their graduation in June when high school finished. Nope, our school decided to have graduation, in the middle of everybody’s midterms. It’s supposed to be that we come back and meet our friends again after starting university to catch up and stuff…. It was fun, but I just want to be done with high school haha.

Had to sit through lots of boring speeches. Lots of people didn’t show up because they had midterm exams or were too busy partying since it was Halloween weekend. 
I liked high school but I’m glad to move on haha. I sure miss the easy workload and carefree days, but I’m enjoying university freedom much more.
Woke up one day with crazy bed hair </random>
I thought this was pretty cool – one of my Cultural Studies classes was a lecture on Lady Gaga! Basically we sat there and watched the Alejandro music video / Lady Gaga having an orgy on widescreen. After this PhD student gave a lecture on Lady Gaga and the cultural impact/influence she holds over people.

 SAW THIS CAT PRINT DRESS AT H&M OH GOD OH MAN I WISH I BOUGHT IT. Was seriously debating it but this dress was a little short on me ): Later I found a blue/white version of the same print in my size but the line was so ridiculously long so I ended up giving up and leaving. I hope it’s still there this weekend! If it is, I’m definitely going to buy it!

Entered my university’s Media Centre’s Halloween photoshop contest. The theme was to make a horror movie poster. I found this picture of a witch cosplayer on tumblr and thought it would be a good image for a horror movie poster hahaha. 
The winners for “People’s Choice” was determined on the number of votes one got when it was submitted, and “Staff Pick” was based on which one the staff liked the best. I won staff pick and got this ~amazing~ Mario figure! The first place prize for People’s choice won a $100 gift card to the school’s book store…. D:!!
Next contest I am spamming the hell out of my entry, I want a $100 gift card Q_Q
October 31 – was a kawaii meido-chan for Halloween. (Didn’t wear this to my classes though.) This was my first Halloween where I didn’t really do anything- no parties or dressing up for class. It was pretty boring.

Did murder-doll makeup (from Venus Angelic’s makeup tutorial) because it’s more fun being creepy.
That’s it for my little end of October photo diary! I hope you guys liked it, even though my days aren’t very interesting at the moment haha~ 
I’ll be updating with a little gets post soon!

New Circle Lenses + Headphones + Uni Life Update~

Hello darlings!

Sorry for the long gap between updates! University life has been pretty busy so far… so many classes and readings and assignments to do sob. ヽ(;´Д`)ノ I originally made this blog to be a cosplay blog but since school has started I haven’t had the chance to work on any projects! Depressing! I’ll try to blog more about my daily life though even though there’s not much to blog about…(・_・;)

Anyway, my parents came to visit me today! My dad brought my circle lenses and headphones that I ordered over!

I bought 14.2mm Hyper Brown lenses from TheDollyEye as they are having a promotion! Some lenses are $15, free shipping! This is a pretty great price for lenses since shipping is free! (/ω\)

Here’s a mini review! I’ll try updating this later with a proper review once I can use my dad’s camera which has the awesome macro settings.

They have a very simple design, which was what I was looking for. I wanted these lenses as a regular type that I could wear to class or just on that extra day I wanted dolly eyes without being too attention-drawing. They aren’t big either, they just have some slight enlargement which was what I wanted! ï¾(゚∀゚*)ノ


I like how well they blend in with my natural eye colour! My natural eye colour is a weird brown/orange colour with gray along the rims, and this colour is a brown/chestnut colour. I think they go well together!
( ´艸`)
I wish my bottom lashes  were longer though. I don’t wear mascara that often at school because I always seem to wake up with panda eyes. (I take it all off as well, I don’t understand ;_;)

These lenses are pretty comfortable as well, wore them for a few hours today and they didn’t feel drying at all.

The only issue I had with this store is that the packaging was pretty crap, the lenses were wrapped in random newspaper and it didn’t come with a lens case. ((゚m゚;) Luckily I had an extra~! Took two weeks to arrive after ordering.

Next, headphones!

Ordered a pair of WESC Chocolate Oboe headphones off eBay! I love them! (●´ω`●)ゞ The sound is really good in my opinion. Wanted colourful ones but then was having a hard time thinking of ways to match them to my clothes. Didn’t like the plain black or white ones, so settled for Chocolate brown! The brown + gold is a nice combo imo~ Haha so many brown things ordered!

  Was playing around with fimo slices that I also ordered off eBay. I love these fruity ones! They came pre-sliced so I just stuck them on with some clear polish. Took this pic a right after I painted them, that’s why they look a bit messy~ (ノ゚⊿゚)ノ

Some pretty sunsets from this week! It’s been quite gray and rainy outside though, at least the sunsets were pretty. My dorm has a pretty good view I think.  (ノ´▽`)ノ

Also first university paper is due this week! It’s for cultural studies. I’m actually quite nervous as it’s my first university paper… Even though it’s only 500 words I’m coming across some trouble! ( ´(ェ)`) It’s an analysis paper, and I find myself wanting to write more than the limit. I tried writing as much as I needed first and then trying to cut it down after when revising, but I don’t feel as though I’m conveying what I want to say as well as I could… It’s due on Monday, so I’m going to go over it once more tomorrow and try fixing it up. Hopefully it’s good enough… (´□`。)

University is stressful! ):

It’s funny…

As soon as I paid for an actual blog domain, I stopped blogging so frequently! ;_;

I’ll try to update more often! But I’m not really sure what you’d like me to blog about, so please give me some ideas!

I’m currently in my second week of university classes. The classes that I am currently taking are Linguistics, Multimedia, French, History, and English. All of my classes have between 200-400 people in a lecture hall, except for French which as about 25 people in our classroom. It such a big transition to make from the small classes we had in high school! Then again, I quite enjoy the big lecture halls! The lectures seem much more interesting because the professors are so passionate about what they’re teaching.

I am currently living on residence at my university, in apartment style res! Here are some pictures of the apartment!

 This was on the first day when people were still moving in! The view from my room is pretty nice, looks out onto a bridge~

 One part of my room. I have the biggest room out of the 3 bedrooms n the apartment. Since this picture was taken, I’ve obtained a shoe rack! I mostly keep my basins of stuff on the top part though.

My room! This room is actually bigger than the one I have back at home haha!

 Our living room is quite big! I think it’s kind of a waste since none of us really use it! We mainly just stay in our rooms.

 My little white Toshiba laptop and Mio booby mousepad. Desk is kind of messy

The photo doesn’t want to rotate, but here’s a picture of a cute dress I bought at Sirens last weekend! Need to get some pretty tights to go with this because it recently got quite cold.

I will end this post with some delicious coffees! My friend Jenna and I had these on one of our first days together on campus at a nearby cafe! I had a caramel latte and she had white hot chocolate. We felt like such university students – sitting in the cafe and talking about life! What a wonderful feeling :]

Uni Stress + Laptop help?!

(this will be a bit of a wordy post, so please bear with me!)

Okay maybe I wouldn’t call it full on stress, but it’s making me anxious haha!

Recently got my class timetable! Compared to other people who are studying engineering and medicine, mine seems really slack. All of my lectures/ tutorials (which are the classes) for my first term are an hour long (shorter than my classes in high school LOL).  (°∀°)b 

On Monday I’ve got 2 classes, 4 on Tuesday, 2 on Wednesday, 3 on Thursday, and two on Friday! But it says at the top of my timetable that I’ve got a conflict in classes… for communications studies! Which is the subject that I want to major in! (((゚m゚;) So when the course selecting database reopens, I’ll have to switch around the class times. Hopefully I’ll be able to switch my Friday classes to another day so I have Fridays free! ãƒ½(゜▽、゜)ノ

Oh and for those who are interested, I’m taking these classes!
Linguistics, history, communications studies, multimedia (once class which is coding, other for photo manip/video) , french, english/cultural studies.

In the Liberal Arts/Humanities faculty, there is no set list of classes you want to take, unlike those in medical studies/engineering who have to take physics, chemistry…etc. But people come under the impression that you’re dumb if you take Humanities, if compared to somebody in a science faculty? :1 People need to learn that there are so many jobs out there that require humanities positions! ï¼¼(゜□゜)/ For example, I want to go into advertising after I finish my degree. And many of those jobs are respectable! Not everybody needs to become a doctor or a lawyer haha… (asian parents orz)

Anyway, sorry for the little rant!
I need some help here! This weekend I’m going to buy a laptop for university. I’m looking for a computer that’s $700 at the most before taxes. I need a laptop that can handle high definition video / video editing software, photoshop…basically something that won’t lag. Not really too concerned about gaming (although it would be nice to play a MMO with my Moetron girls haha (●´ω`●)ゞ). Mainly looking for a 15.5″ size… 

I’m looking at the Sony VAIO right now! My friend has one and she says it’s really good, works well.
It sells for  $649.99 at Future Shop… Sony VAIO 15.5″ Intel Core i3-2310M Laptop (VPCEH12FXL).

(Added bonus that it’s pink ;])

Basically (for the techies), is this a good choice?

And for the rest of you, do you have a laptop? What kind / brand are you using, and would you say it works well? Added bonus if you’re a university student and use it for video editing haha…

Thanks guys! Hopefully I’ll have a cosplay progress post up soon. (`・ω・´)ゞ


Going to do a quick picture spam.
I’ll update my blog again later once I finish this English essay! I have to compare/contrast the two books “White Oleander” by Jane Fitch and “The Virgin Suicides” by Jeffrrey Eugenides.  IT’S GOING TO BE TEDIOUS.
On Thursday, I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario  (AGO) with my art class! I went with Monique, Marina and Amber. Our assignment was basically to go inside the museum, sketch a painting, and then we could do whatever we want. 
The weather wasn’t very nice.  The weather has basically been like this for the past week…
We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the artwork, which I think is really stupid because people are allowed to take pictures inside the Louvre wtf. 
I did manage to sneak one though, when the security guard wasn’t looking! /badass/ 
WE SAW THIS AWESOME EXHIBIT POSTER, oh god it made me laugh so hard! 
We all took pictures outside the poster with the same pose, Amber will upload them the her blog later! (If she doesn’t I’ll post them here~)

Colourful building across the street! 
Funky sculpture beside the AGO
You can see the OCAD building down the street!
The building has a very cool design! 
Anyway, we kept complaining about how hungry we were because I don’t think any of us had breakfast that day… So we walked down the street and found a little Japanese restaurant! Haven’t had bento in such a long time and it tasted really good!~ 
Teriyaki chicken, vegetable and shrimp tempura, salad, some noodle things, and sushi! 
Monique’s bento~
These cups look the same, but one was made in Bulgaria and the other was made in China. WHICH ONE WAS MADE WHERE?  
After eating, we decided to walk around the area for a bit because we didn’t feel like going back in the gallery any more… To be honest we thought the art gallery was really boring. They had some massive rooms with very simple paintings like red canvases with a black line down the middle or a piece of rope attached to the wall in a spiral shape… We were kind of like, “really, this is art?”   But art is extremely subjective so I’m sure somebody out there finds it amazing and complex and understands the hidden meaning behind the rope etc… 
Monique and I bought some icecream – Nestle sundae! It tasted really good~ 
We passed by the OCAD (Ontario College of Arts and Design) student gallery and decided to take a peek! I honestly liked the art in there much better than the exhibits in the gallery haha. And you were actually allowed to take pictures!!  
This painting was my favourite! It was so beautiful! The artist’s name was Japanese, and Amber kept freaking out over the fact that “OMG A JAPANESE PERSON PAINTED THIS OMG”  
A butt in the window of the OCAD building. 
A gallery across the street from AGO. I’m pretty sure those are colourful sperms on the side of the building, HAHA. 
We also went into the BAU XI Gallery of Fine Arts across the street! Marina didn’t want to go inside because there was a dog in there (his name was Rocky or something, pretty cute) because she’s scared of dogs. She ended up coming inside with us later though.
I think I liked the art from this gallery the best! It was a comtemporary arts gallery. 
This photograph is beautiful! It looked 3D! 
Two simple canvases but I loved the colours! I’d buy them if I was rich.
This was so cute! I really loved this sculpture!
Kinda expensive though 
Well, that’s it for now!
Some time this upcoming week, I’ll post a BLACK GOLD SAW progress update!
Need to go finish this stupid English essay… 
At least it’s the last one! Until exams. 

iPhone and photos!

Hi everyone!
On Saturday I went to go pick up my iPhone 3GS! There’s actually a funny story behind it.

Starting last Monday, I was emailing people who were selling their iPhone 3GS’ on Kijiji, which is a local classifieds listings. This means that when you search for things that you are looking to buy, all of the items listed are in your area. You can meet up with the person you want to buy from and give them cash for whatever it is of theirs you want! I found a good deal (or rather, I think it’s a good deal) on a white iPhone 3GS, 16gb! It was $300.  The guy selling it wanted to upgrade to an iPhone 4 so he was selling his practically new iPhone! Just my luck! 

He said there were some scratches, but when I saw it, it looked almost perfect! (just a black mark near the iPhone jack that was sooo small, not even noticeable.)

Anyway, I went to meet up with him outside a Canadian Tire that was nearby. (3 bus stops away.) I told my parents that I was going to the dollar store to pick up some folders/duotangs. (sneaky sneaky~ ) Just before I left, they decided to go on a walk.

I met up with the guy and his girlfriend, who were both really nice, and got my iPhone! Then I took the bus back. Right when I got off the bus, my parents were walking by the bus stop!  They saw me get off and were like ‘wtf’. Haha they were kind of against the idea of me getting an iPhone because they thought it would be too distracting and it was too expensive…etc. So when they got back home, they wanted to see my iPhone haha. 😛 They kind of stole it away from me for a while before I got it back! And when I did, I had a bunch of these weird apps installed.  Silly parents.

I’ve really been having fun with the photography apps!  My favourite apps are Cameratan (you can read more about it here on Jenny’s blog) and ShakeIt! Cameratan allows you to apply different filters onto photos! The ones I used in the first two was the ‘Milk’ filter! The last one was using the ShakeIt app, which makes your photos look like Polaroids! You have to shake your iPhone/”photo” to let the photo “dry”!  Here are some pictures I took! 

This is the view from my seat in art class. It looks out into our school’s courtyard. 

It’s still snowy outside! 
A sketch I did for my self portrait in art class. I look nothing like that haha!  It looks too animu. 
What I ate for dinner yesterday~ 
  • Vegetable soup
  • Pork chops
  • Perogies with peanut butter sauce
  • Asparagus

So excited to use these! You have no idea how happy I am!  (I’ve read so many awesome reviews so I’m really excited to try these out!) I’ll make a review on them later when I get the chance to use them! 
That’s it for now~ 

haha! and new video!

Hallo everybody!

I’m really happy today!

This morning was a late start because of EQAO testing for grade 9 students… (EQAO is a provincial math test that all grade 9 students must take… It’s for statistics or something…) So first period I did my french oral exam… I think I didn’t do too well because I couldn’t remember my monologue! It was horrible!

Anyway, remember the french test I mentioned earlier? The one I couldn’t finish because I needed to go to the washroom so badly that I handed in early? I got 97% on it! Wow! I couldn’t believe it! o___o!!

I thought I did poorly, but apparently I did pretty well? I’m not sure if it’s a mistake or not, I’m basing these on the mark that was on my mark update sheet! So that test boosted my overall mark 5%!! YAY~~
I also got perfect on my final major project in comtec!

Life is good! Haha! <3

Oh, I uploaded Luka Luka Night Fever!
I made quite a few mistakes, but that’s okay since it’s just a practice video! I plan on doing it again in my Mio cosplay! 😀
It’s a really tiring dance though! It was hard to smile and do such a hard dance at the same time!

Thank you so much for the + subscribers! I still can’t believe it!


Yesterday I went bowling with a couple of friends! It was really fun as I haven’t gone bowling in a long time. We went to Classic Bowl.

When you had to enter your name, we decided to make really random names to put in.
Sachie = Cactusman (because that’s the name I use on my DS, lol!)
Jenna = Ginger (Because she’s secretly a ginger, >:D)
Christy = Kotex (idk, don’t ask)
Calvin = Cowbin (because Calvin sounds like Cowbin)
Jakob = The Egg (Because he’s white on the outside and yellow on the inside, hurrhurr)
Victoria = Shawty (because she’s cool like dat)
Here are some pictures!

Victoria bowling! I love this picture!


Left: Calvin showing his ball off.
Right: Christy giving Calvin a lesson on how to bowl since Calvin clearly sucked at it.

Left: My turn! I rolled it really really hard and fast, haha! I look so…POWERFUL!

Left: Victoria has selected her ball and is now in READY POSITION!
Right: I really like this picture! Calvin bowling his ball into the gutter! xD

Left: Calvin is silly, he wanted to bowl like this since he already knew he lost the game.
Right: Jenna acting all innocent and happy after scoring a strike!

Left: Another powerful shot by me! >:D Haha, almost looks the same as the other picture of me!
Right: … But it rolled into the gutter. ORZ

Left: TEAM ASIAN. We’re pretty awesome, yo. (Eww bad picture of me, disregard)

Left: Jakob posing with his ball. Oh he looks so cool (not).
Right: Calvin in his weird squatting bowling position.

Left: Right: Everybody telling Calvin “that’s not how you’re supposed to bowl.”
Right: GUESS WHO WON~~ (One of the games, at least. :P)

It was really fun, and I hope I can go again with my friends during the summer!

Comtec Exam

Just finished my comtec exam. It was really easy. 😀
It was 100 multiple choice questions. And really easy ones!

Also, it’s Friday~ Yay, it’s the weekend! I’m going to rent Avatar over the weekend.

I can’t wait till I go on Vacation!
If you haven’t already heard, I’m going to…

Paris~ I’m really excited, I haven’t gone on vacation in like, 5 years.
(Not including going to the US because it’s right beside Ontario, lol)
So yeah! I’m leaving on the 26th I think~ A week after my exams!
I’ll make sure to update when I’m there with lots of pictures.

Oh, I also did a French test today. It was on the book we read called ’68 Boulevard St Michel’
It was about the strike on May 13 1968; the student revolution. It had to do with the université de Sorbonne
Anyway, the last part of our test was an essay type question.
I was trying to write it except I really needed to go to the washroom, lol. I asked the teacher but she told me to wait because there were only 15 mins left of the class. So I tried to finish writing it but I couldn’t concentrate, LOL! So I didn’t even finish it, I just threw my test at her and grabbed my stuff and bolted to the washroom.
tl;dr, I did an uberfail. xD I hope I did alright!

A new blog layout!

I finally got a new, cute layout! It took me forever!
Haha, I spent my entire comtec class and about 2 hours at home putting everything in and making sure it all came out nicely! I hope my hard work paid off! 😀

So, how is everybody doing lately? :3
Yesterday I was looking on curecos and I found the cosplayer “Yuzukotoki” – the girl who is cosplaying Miku in the image above! She’s so gorgeous! I’ve seen her in Vocaloid live action PV remakes, and she’s so pretty! *__*
Her skin is so nice and she looks so flawless! Click here for her Cure profile.

Tomorrow is my comtec inclass exam! I’m not really worried about it, haha. It’s only comtec after all~
I should probably be reviewing right now! T___T The exam is 100 multiple choice questions. It’s fairly easy. Still, I hope I don’t fail…

By the way, does anybody know how I can put a subscribe button onto my blog? I can’t seem to figure out how! D:
I don’t know how to put the feedburner/ Google Friend Connect codes in so people can subscribe to my blog!
Well, please subscribe anyway!
Here’s how~

Open an account on blogger, copy the URL of my blog ( and, press ADD in the Reading List, paste the URL, and my posts should appear~ At least, that’s how I do it!

Thanks! I’ll tell you how my exam went tomorrow!


I’ve started a little notebook to keep note of my days.
I just put in little jot notes about my day and the different things I did or how much money I spent.

For example, yesterday’s said:

I feel a really strong urge to buy sweat bath/onsen powers and just have baths all the time. Trying to find some online. I’ll look for them next time I go to PMALL. I want the bison brand from Jenny’s blog.

Also crazing gyaru style clothing. Love Korean/Japanese fashions.
I want a pretty blog layout.

Comtec final ISU due tomorrow.
I ♥ Angelababy
The Bachelorette is on in a few minutes.

Bought: Bag of Fritos ($1.25)

It’s really simple, right?
I want to look back on this book in a few years and just see what I did each day!
I think it would be interesting, don’t you think?

I’m reading a manga called Daddy Long Legs. It’s really cute! Alice recommended it to me.

Woot woot~

Hi everybody!

This week is really going to be hell for me! I’m going to be so busy!

Things to do this week:

Finish french essay – due Thursday morning, second period
Finish English ISU presentation and planning – presentation on Thursday morning, first period
Finish English Handmaid’s Tale package – due Friday
Get Ann’s Shinku bonnet ready – before Friday
Pack for AN – Thursday evening
Iron all cosplays – Thursday evening
Finish Chad’s Magnet Headphones – before Sunday
Finish Micheal’s Suikoden headband thinger – before Saturday’

Buy: Wig caps, lace for Suiseiseki shirt, sweet cherry Geisha Candy, strawberry cakie from the bakery, Dango, white eyeliner

I have to do more stuff! “orz
Please wish me luck! I’ll make sure to spam pictures of Anime North though! I hope to record LUKA LUKA NIGHT FEVER there with my Xacti! :3

Also, I finished my watering can for Suiseiseki!
Here’s a picture~
Do you like it? :3
Everything I used was from the dollarstore, tehe! 😀

Okay, need to go finish my English homework! I have a feeling I’ll be pulling an all nighter… ORZ

Byebye! xox ♥

Leah Dizon~

One of my comtec projects from the beginning of the year!
We had to make a CD cover for our favourite musician. Mine was obviously Leah Dizon!
I know the cover isn’t the best haha, forgive me! ;A;

It was made on Adobe Illustator…
I had to save it as a bmp file to upload it here so that’s why it’s pixelated. ;A;
Leah, I lav you ☺♥

Cell Phone pictures dump~

Y hello there. A new blog update!

My phone has alot of pictures on it, so I want to show you some of the ones I took! 😀
The first picture, at the top, is of a mask I made. Everybody was frightened by it, I don’t know why though…

My cat, Pingy! Her eyes are a really nice light shade of blue! I wish I had that eye colour~
She’s siamese! I love her~ ♥

The figurines that I currently own. I really wish that I had more! I may buy some at Anime North this year if I have money! I’d like to get a K-On or Vocaloid one~~

So far, the only ones I have are Gym Outfit Haruhi, Sexy Bikini Version Haruhi (mini) and a Megurine Luka from Vocaloid nendroid that Jon bought me from Japan! 😀

My friends Victoria and Jenna! This was taken at our school’s music night!
Victoria took somebody’s fishie hat and was wearing it around the school. It was really cute! xD

The trees across from my school were in full bloom! They had such a pretty colour!
It was like dark pink/magenta~!

Random picture while putting in my circle lenses! Ffff I look horrible. @___@;;
My right eye has a lens in, the left one doesn’t! You can really see the difference, right?
It’s Nudy purple except you can’t really see it… It just makes my eyes look more gray. xD

Last Tuesday’s dinner: Fish, some weird tofu with meat stuffing thing, spinach, egg + tomato, and soup~!

Somebody asked me how many piercing I have! I have 4.
3 on my left year and 1 on my right! I pierced the top one and the middle one myself!
The top on my 15 birthday and the middle one a few months later. I saw a picture of a girl who had one and then I decided that I wanted one too so I took an earring and stuck it in my ear… = earring! 😀 Same with the middle one!
That’s all for now! :3
Anime North is next Friday! 😀


Hello everybody~!
Sorry for not updating in a while, I’ve been really busy!

All of my school projects are coming up, and a big anime convention is next Friday! I’m really excited!
Is anybody going to Anime North 2010 this year?

Here are my cosplay plans:

Wigglytuff Gijinka – Friday
Suiseiseki – Saturday
Sailor Saturn – Saturday Evening (JPOP dance)
Megurine Luka (Magnet Ver) Vocaloid – Sunday
(And maybe Wigglytuff again if there’s a Pokemon photoshoot on Sunday~)

I’m so excited!

But I have to worry for now! I have a math exam in about 2 hours… I’m really nervous!
Wish me luck! 😀

Mr Carrot!

This is what I drew in Comtec today!

It’s Unfortunate Mr Carrot! (The character I use in my animations~)

He get’s dropped in a blender and made into carrot juice! ^____^ <3