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Hello 2019!

Hello all!

Happy 2019! I’m back after a few months/ years of hiatus lol… After much reflection, I realized what my issue with blogging was…

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2015 – A Year in Instax

A Year In Review

2015 has been a wonderful and fulfilling year, complete with new beginnings, huge life transitions, and multiple moments of existential crises. After digging through my blog archive, I realized that I never did a 2014 recap! (I did however do recap posts for 2012 and 2013.) I’d like to share with you some of my ups and downs, and how I’ve changed over the past year.

I also made an effort to use my Fujifilm Instax camera to take more photographs… They are always so pleasant and heartwarming to look back on. There is something special about looking at an Instax photograph, knowing that it is an instant, unreplicated physical copy of a special moment. More thought was put into Instax photographs as the amount of film I had left had to be taken into consideration… The photos are more special that way, I suppose.

For the second year in a row, I kept a Muji planner and jotted down what I did ever day. I taped in concert tickets and


The start of my second semester of my final year at university. This primarily consisted of working on my thesis project with my partner… A lot of graphic design work. I learned to love Adobe Illustrator during this period… Vector graphics are lovely to work with. Also attended Frost Con – a small anime convention down town Toronto. Didn’t cosplay, but did hang out with friends!


One of my good friends, Paper, visited from Ohio! Giraffage was doing a show at the Hoxton in Toronto. He visited for a few days, so Jord and I took the opportunity to show him around downtown, like Queen Street and Ripley’s Aquarium!

Also drove to Washington, DC for Katsucon at the Gaylord National Harbor Hotel. I debuted my Sailor Jupiter cosplay. I only cosplayed for a few hours on the Friday evening and Saturday and took it easy, but it was still quite fun.


Essentially spent the entire month working on my undergraduate thesis project. Presented it to my thesis class at the end of the month, and received an A! If you’re interested in reading about it, you can read the entire post here! My partner and I designed a children’s environmental activity kit. The information was based on the senior elementary science curriculum! I felt so relieved when it was done – definitely one of my biggest projects.

I also started dating my current boyfriend Matt after a few months of awkwardly talking and being nerds and bonding over cute animals and Runescape.


Started blogging again after a five month hiatus. This is still surprising to me, because I absolutely love blogging! I’ve been blogging since 2010, but my break was accredit ted to the fact that I had no life thanks to final year projects.

April was also when my friends introduced me to Escape Rooms! Escape Rooms are essentially a room, or series of rooms, that a group of people must escape from. There are many puzzles and locks and activities that are all linked. They are fantastic team building activities and they’re super fun! I highly recommend Escape Games Canada in Toronto.


May was also the month I visited British Colombia for the first time! My mother booked a bus tour that took us through the Rockies, Kelowna, and Banff. The tour was all in Chinese and everyone seemed to be over the age of 60, so it was a weird experience… Still incredible, none the less!

May is also the month of… Anime North! I attended my eighth year of Anime North in 2015, and my second year on the Youtube Panel. This year’s panel was a massive success – a huge thank you to everyone who attended! Despite the fact that I had brought three costumes to wear at the convention, I only ended up wearing Sailor Jupiter because of the terrible weather that weekend.


I graduated university! What a weird and satisfying experience. I received my honours Bachelors of Arts in Communications and Multimedia. I feel like my time at university was shorter than everyone elses… My exchange to the University of Leeds in third year was so much fun, it didn’t really feel like I was at university! For example, my first two years of university were true self discovery and improving my confidence. In my third year, I was thrown into a completely new environment overseas. By the time I came back, the friends I had made in second year had already formed little groups and I felt a bit out of it, but I was welcomed back soon enough.

Degree in hand, I (thought) I was ready to face the world!


The highlight? Anime Expo, of course! Jord and I flew to California for my favourite convention of the year. We stayed with our friend Tako. The convention was fantastic, of course, but two events really stuck out to me. The first was my impromptu meetup, where over 100 people showed up! This still shocks me as I don’t think that amount of people showed up to my Anime North meetup. For over an hour, people lined up to take selfies with me and chat… I was so happy, I wanted to cry. The second event was the Saturday late night dating variety show, so funny!

My time in LA was a lot of fun, including beaches, a house fire, good food, surprise Porter Robinson concert, food trucks, ramen… did I mention food? You can read my California food tour posts here, and travel posts here!


August is my birthday month, and this year I turned 22. I finaaaaallly got to see Mystery Skulls in concert when he played his Toronto show a few days before my birthday. All of my friends attended, it was so much fun!

I also went to Niagara Falls with Matt and booked a super big hotel room with a really nice bath tub and a view of the Falls and entered my 22nd year of life feeling happy and relaxed. Oh, I also won a dollar at the casino. Free ice coffee for me, woo!


Fan Expo was at the beginning of September this year. I got to work on an awesome campaign with Hallmark and the launch of their Itty Bitty toys. I held a mini meetup at their booth, and later changed into Shokugeki no Soma cosplays with Emily. I made a mini tutorial on how to make plaid pleated skirts for cosplay which you can read here.


I started hosting youtube videos for Smokebomb Entertainment‘s VervegirlTV channel! I conducted interviews, attended launch events, and got to act silly on camera! The people down at Smokebomb are all so lovely and I have so much fun working with them. You can check out more of my videos on their channel here!

My love for Team Fortress returned with a vengeance and I spent the latter half of October playing the Halloween update for hours and hours every day….


November was a bit of a slow month for me… Visited Matt in London, ON, where he’s currently doing a postgraduate program. Mainly just lounged around, but I had a great time, and his roommates are all super lovely.

The highlight of my month was probably Black Friday shopping (lol so sad to say). I was smart and planned my Christmas gifts early this year, so Black Friday definitely helped easy the strain on my wallet! Also ordering things online is so much fuuunnnn!


Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!! I absolutely love the Christmas season, so at the beginning of the month, the tree was up, the decorations were hung, and the gift wrapping had commenced. I also developed a penchant for baking, and made about 3 dozen gingerbread cookies. (If you’re interested, I posted the recipe here!) Christmas was relaxing, and I was able to spend time with friends and family. A very heartwarming way to spend the year.

2015 was a pretty cool year. Not my best year, I think, but it’s up there.

Now, for my 2015 resolutions. I tend to keep the same resolutions, but here are my revised ones.

  • Continue with Youtube. THIS IS THE YEAR I WILL HOPEFULLY HIT 75K. Maybe even 100k! I have a lot more cosplay and anime content lined up for 2016.
  • Continue blogging. After my absence from the bloggosphere earlier this year, I realized how much I miss it! I have planned out a blogging schedule, and I’m determined to continue with it!
  • Budget more wisely. I spent more than I meant to this year, as I seemed to have developed a constant “treat yo’self” mentality. I said I could have a small “treat yo’self” moment at the beginning of each month but nothing to huge. Just a small makeup or clothing related treat! 
  • Complete BBG, and continue with it. I’ve done a few of Kayla Itsine’s popular BBG workouts. Yes, I would like a more toned and fit body. After my back got messed up in early December, it finally hit me that my back muscles need to be improved or else I’d had to suffer through a ton of pain again. This includes improving flexibility, muscle tone, and overall body strength.
  • Move out. I’m applying to a post graduate program, and that means I’ll likely be moving in with Emily! WOO GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!
  • Improve eating habits. Stop eating so much junk food. Stop drinking so much pop. Stop eating after 10PM.