PUDDI PUDDI~ Japanese GIGA Pudding!

Giga Pudding Review

I’m baaack!! A while ago, I bought a giant pudding kit from some online Japanese snack store because 1. I like pudding, and 2. I wanted to see if I could eat 3kg of it. I roped my lovely roommate mle into the shenanigans, and filmed us making it!

It was an experience, to say the least.

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Watch the video below:

the gathering 2014

Hi lovelies!

If you’ve been following me on my other social networks, you’ll have seen that over the past two weeks, I’ve been posting about The Gathering 2014 nonstop! In an effort to revive my blog,  here’s my Gathering experience masterpost, haha!!

If you don’t know what The Gathering is, check out my video on GeekandSundry Vlogs! :}

Basically, The Gathering is a huge LAN party held in Hamar, Norway. It’s filmed in the giant viking ship olympic stadium (which is named the Vikingskipet because it looks like an overturned viking ship!) Thousands of people flood into the ship, bringing their computer supplies and shelf equipment for 4 days of nonstop gaming fun! It was my first LAN event, and it was even more exciting because The Gathering had invited myself, Scott, Amy, and our producer Jenni, to host live shows!

Also, apologies for the quality! Pics were shot on my iPhone.

Flew with Norwegian airlines from Gatwick in London. Norwegian is awesome, such a pleasant flight. They even had free wifi! Definitely helped the 2.5 hour flight go by very quickly. I’m super fortunate as this trip was my third trip down to Norway. (First time for planning meetings, second time to film promos for the event.) Ya can’t keep my outta Norway!~ haha.

Walking into the ship and seeing this for the first time was definitely super exciting!! So many people! And so many cool shelves set up!

Here’s my walk-around vlog for the weekend! I tried to vlog as often as I could during the weekend, so much to see and do!

One of the cool events at the Gathering is that on the first day, after opening ceremonies, the lights are shut off revealing a dark ship filled with thousands of computer monitor lights! This is the magic button that Scott pushed to turn off the lights. DO I PRESS IT?? (You can’t see a giant red button and not push it!! ;D)

It looked incredible at night! You can kinda see some of the games that people are playing… Majority of people were playing Minecraft, League of Legends, and Counterstrike. Dubstep blasting 24/7.

As I previously mentioned, Amy and I did a talk show during The Gathering! We had a half hour show at 5PM every day, talking about the days events and highlights, as well as interviewing some guests and staff. I’ve never done live presenting on a talk show before so it was a new experience! I was really nervous about the studio headsets because we had our producer (Jenni), and the director (Kasper) talking into our ear, giving us countdowns, timing cues, and people giving us topics to bring up. Scary at first, but after the first livestream I found myself becoming more comfortable in front of the camera. We just derped around and chilled with the guests 8)

 Getting ready for the show! We dressed up in kigurumis which was really fun! I wore my Totoro one, which is too short for me hahah…. Oh well 😀

Jenni was sitting outside the Vikingskipet in a big media truck… She could see us on the cameras, and was sitting here giving us instructions during our show!

Scott had a late night talk show at 1:30AM. For one of his segments, he and Jenni had a nerf gun fight. Of course, we had to join in on the fun! Here we are as Felicia’s Angels. 😉

ON THE SECOND NIGHT, LEMAITRE DID A SURPRISE APPEARANCE. I PRETTY MUCH SCREAMED. I love Lemaitre, only recently got into them!! I thought they were french (because of their name), but apparently they were Norwegian! a;skfldjdklgdfkg so excited during their set, a little bit upset because the crowd really sucked haha. Lemaitre is indie electronic group, some of their music isn’t really suited for dancing, so a lot of people just stood there…. I was having my own little dance party though 😀

Got my crew sweater! They only had large sizes left when I got mine, so it’s huge!! Super comfortable though, I like wearing it when I’m lounging around my rooms in the evening. ~moe thugz 4 lyfe~

I also hosted the cosplay awards on the Friday with a Norwegian TV host, Kim-Daniel! He was super fun, great at hyping up crowds. So many people turned up, it was insane. There were so many fantastic cosplayers! Apparently there was a huge amount of people watching on the livestream as well.

Cameras on the main stage were really big! After a days work, eating at the crew house was great. Had bbq burgers which were amazing. Such lovely weather as well, bright and sunny.

A lovely woman from the Information:Games desk called Dawn, gave Amy and I a huge back of Norwegian candies!! I made a video tasting them 😀

 After everyone left on the Sunday! So much garbage omg it was insane… People also left computer parts, food, and chairs/furniture!! However, Sunday evening was also time for the crew party! Unfortunately Amy and Jenni had to leave early to catch their flight back to Los Angeles, so Scott and I had to party extra hard on behalf of them. 🙂

Me being a derp + Scott, Kasper the gorilla director man, and myself! 😀

All in all, The Gathering was a huge success! We didn’t really get to game or participate in the games, but we had a ton of fun hosting events and meeting our Norwegian viewers! If you’re thinking about attending the Gathering, you definitely should. There are so many concerts, events, contests and lectures/seminars to attend.

Thank you to KANDU, and The Gathering for inviting us. We really had such a fantastic time. Hopefully we’ll be able to attend again next year! :}


Wow, another blog post?
Yup, I kinda want to try blogging every 2 days now! To make up for all the blog posts I should have been writing before. So on every odd numbered day in August, I’ll do a blog post! 😀

Also changed my layout a bit, what do you think? Less monochrome now!

Also apologizing in advance, all of these photos are from Instagram! I didn’t bring my T3i with me on this trip because it was way to heavy and I didn’t have room in my luggage. :< Vlog camera takes poor quality photos, so these will have to suffice~

Now continuing with the July recaps, I only had a week to rest + get my second cosplay ready for my next con…. San Diego Comic Con! Yessir, back to LA! (Honestly I’ve done more travelling this summer than I have within the past 5 years, haha) Geek and Sundry asked me if I’d like to go to SDCC as well, which of course resulted in more happy dances and rolling around on the floor/foaming at the mouth with excitement.

Day 0~

Flew from Toronto Pearson International to LAX, then took a tiny express plane to sunny San Diego! Arrived on the Wednesday, giving us a day of rest before we had to leave for the con. Also met Katie / Beautyarmory from the G&S vlog channel for the first time! She does awesome makeup tutorials! I was so excited, Canadians unite~ (She’s from Vancouver, on the other side of the country.)

Photo – beautyarmory
I was trying to figure out what was in my mouth when I was looking at this photo. Lollipop? Pen? Then I realized it was a glue stick…hahah orz…

Between that time, got my sniper (TF2) cosplay ready! Paul made my Sydney Sleeper which turned out beautifully~ I was quite nervous because I’ve never brought props across the border, let alone a giant rifle lol… Had to cut it up and disassemble it in order for it to fit ;_;


Made a little hat for one of my koala toys = Koala Compact! Gotta have a melee too – progress shot of the Bushwacka. (Made from a Dollarama foam pirate sword.)

Based my cosplay off this fanart!

Day 1! 

Arrived SDCC was more than I ever imagined. First off, it’s MASSIVE. Probably 5 times the size of Fan Expo. Absolutely huge. Crazy too, so many people and promotional/PR events for movies and TV/comic series.

Only saw one Medic cosplayer though. 🙁 I thought there would’ve been TF2ers everywhere!

Had some footage in my vlog which shows the crazyness!!

Went to the Geek and Sundry space! They rented out this lounge/bar at Joltin’ Joes, just outside the convention centre! The whole second floor was dedicated to tabletop games, panels, and exclusive game demos.
Photo – beautyarmory
Katie and I being ~gamer gurlz~ and trying out new games! Experiencing bad hat hair because of my Sniper hat 🙁
Also met up with Felicia Day! She’s one of the heads of Geek and Sundry – her and Jenni (the producer) found my videos and asked me to be part of the Geek and Sundry vlogger project! Ahhh it’s so surreal. Katie was fixing Felica’s hair~ Felicia is super lovely, it was so fun getting to hang out with her! 😀
Did I mention that there was a photo booth? There was a photo booth. Met up with Becca and Neil again! It was lovely getting to see them again after Anime Expo! 😀
The day was really tiring, so we went back to change and get ready for the ~VIP party~. Katie and I left for the hotel first. When we got there (at about 3PM), we were told that our rooms weren’t ready. Although we were checking in after noon, it was understandable because of the sheer numbers descending on the hotel due to comiccon. So we decided to wait.
We waited and waited. In the mean time, I helped Katie put on her first pair of contacts! She bought these in the dealers room. Doesn’t she look amazing? Lizard eyes~
Anyway, Katie needed to get back to Joltin’ Joes because she needed to do Felicia’s makeup. After she left, I waited in the hotel for a room to free up. There was a waiting list, but most of the people in front of us had given up on waiting and just went back to the convention. Amy and Becca arrived (they were hotelling with us), and we waited it out together. After another hour, the lady at the front desk felt really bad for us and gave us a room upgrade. Instead of a room with two queen beds, we were given a room with a King bed, pullout couch, big bathroom, and balcony!
Got changed, and headed to the party! It was my first time going to a real VIP party, let alone a bar/lounge party. I’ve only been to a bar once with friends, but we didn’t stay long, and it wasn’t a super swanky type of deal either.
Immediately went to the photobooth.
I love this photo so much, we’re all having so much fun!
Bought that houndstooth print dress at Forever21… Got so many compliments on it! Yay!
There were lots of famous people at the party too which was kinda nervewracking… Of course, I didn’t know who most of them were because I don’t want many movies or TV shows. But, as pointed out to me by Katie, the Mythbuster guys were there, as well as Nathan Fillion (who was hanging out like 5 feet away from us), and Trevor Moore from The Whitest Kids You Know (who Katie went up and spoke to! Proud of her! ;D) Apparently the guys from Sons of Anarchy were there as well, along with John Barrowman. Didn’t see them though.
Also, Joey Graceffa, Meighan Camarena, Jimmy Wong, and Alex Carpenter were there! I saw them and wanted to go to speak to them but I was so nervous ;_; After I got some ~liquid courage~, I tried finding them but they had left. Super regretting not going up and saying hi!
Joey was actually the one who inspired me to start vlogging, so I was really sad for the rest of that weekend. v__v
The party was super fun! Went back to the hotel and totally crashed. Probably one of the most fun nights of my life. 😀
Day 2!
Gettin ready in Sniper. Super lucky with the pants! I was running around the day before I left trying to find brown skinny jeans… Found these dark brown skinnies in H&M for $15! Fate! 😀 Also the little hat fell off my Koala Compact, which made me very sad.
Katie was also cosplaying! She dressed up as Riese from a webseries called Kingdom Falling. She was wearing the actual outfit from the show! It was so well made. (Totally did a thorough inspection of if when she wasn’t looking haha :D)
As expected, the convention was a bit busier than Thursday. Lots more people, and a noticeable increase in cosplayers! I really commend SDCC for the ease of entrance, there were no long lines to get into the con!
Back at the convention centre. Finally spotted more TF2 cosplayers!! Stupid me forgot to put my sunglasses on. 🙁
Giant Ice King mountain at the Cartoon Network booth! I believe in this photo, the creators/artists of The Regular Show were doing signings. Also met up with Chanelle again! Oh my GODDD THIS GIRL IS THE PERFECT FIONA *fangirl scream/rolling on floor*
ALSO FOUND ANGELINA~ I love her videos! She’s from Ontario as well! Haha two Canadians meeting for the first time in San Diego. I was so happy I found her though, I really wanted to meet her! She actually knew who I was which was amazing, I was so surprised. I hope we can do a collab or something together in the future! ;0;
Found my halfu sista cosplaying TF2 scout! 😀 Met her for the first time at Anime Expo and she’s super cute! I’m sad that I didn’t get to see her fem! Demo cosplay though :< Next time!
Decided to take a break, went back to Joltin Joes.
Felicia doing an interview. Somehow overnight, blue streaks appeared in her hair! Magical~
Katie was setting up her supplies at the front of the lounge to do temporary tattoos with people!
After that, we had to go back to the hotel to prepare for…. party number two! Geek and Sundry community party! Much more casual than the VIP one, and really fun!
Party outfit! Tank top by 1% Talent, white jeans from Sirens. Wish I had brought accessories with me, something felt off!
This party was a lot more lively than the last one… The VIP one was more like a networking party. The community party sure was hoppin~ There were so many dance circles. And everybody knew how to swing dance. Kinda weird but very cool!
There was also this guy in a random Amish outfit… When “Livin in an Amish Paradise” by Weird Al Yankovic started playing, this guy ran to the middle of the dance floor and a huge circle formed around him. So funny!
After that fun night, we went back to the hotel. Didn’t get to crash right away because I had to film my vlog, which is why I look so exhausted haha. The night was super fun though! 😀
Day 3~~~~~
Saturday was the last day of the con for us, and Katie and I had flights that were leaving at 3PM that day. Woke up early that morning, got dressed, and brought our luggage down to the Jolt and Joes. Our first big event was the Geek and Sundry panel!


I knew lots of people were going to show up, mainly for Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day (I mean compared to them, I’m a nobody haha, but I was super excited to me on the panel anyway! :D) I think around 2000 people showed up.

Pre-panel group photo!
Obligatory photo against “the” background! Huge eyebags from all of the excitement that weekend haha~

When I was sitting at the front, I kept looking out into the crowd and tried visualizing the amount of followers I have laid out before me. I have almost 30,000 subscribers on my youtube page… So that would be 15 roomfuls. *brain explodes*

I had so much fun though! It was truly a crazy experience. I loved every second of it!

After the panel, Katie and I ran around the con one last time. Went back to Joltin’ Joes to get our luggage and say our goodbyes!

 Byebye Felicia and Harrison! ;_; Hopefully I’ll be able to see you guys next year!
Sad to be leaving but super happy because we survived our first SDCC!
Flying back to Chicago O’Hare then Toronto Pearson. I was so afraid of missing my flight at Chicago because I only had 40 minutes to transfer. Due to storms in the area, we were delayed landing (apparently a mini tornado passed through the area! D:) I was so scared that I was going to miss my flight – I was seated at the back of a big plane, and I kept calling out the flight attendant to contact my connecting flight and tell them to hold it!! I actually sprinted through the airport because I only had 5 minutes and was totally convinced that I had missed my flight… I’ve never felt so stressed in my entire life.
Luckily, because of the storm, my connecting flight was also delayed!  ヽ(;▽;)ノ Felt like crying.
But yeah, that was my SDCC adventure! One of the best weekends in my entire life so far! Honestly, I can’t thank Geek and Sundry enough for getting me out there, it’s a total dream come true. ;__; I really hope I can go out again next year! Definitely gonna work on some more intense cosplays! 
Such a long post… Thank you for reading! See you in two days! :} 

~The Youtube Panel~ A Heartwarming Story of 3 Young Youtubers


OH MY GOD LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS YOUTUBE PANEL. Oh lord. It needs a post of its own.

First, some ~background info~. I had been talking to Dom and Daryl about hosting a Youtube panel at Anime North this year. We’re all very involved with the Youtube community, not to mention that our subscribers wanted a place to meet us… So, we thought what better than to host a panel focusing on Youtube – presenting the opportunity to meet other youtubers, discuss content creation, and meet new friends!

(to make up for my lack of photos, i’m going to draw pictures :D)

Our panel was rejected, with the reasoning that it was not associated directly to anime, and therefore was irrelevant. One of Dom’s followers had connections and was talking directly to the panel’s coordinator to help us get it approved. We then got an email telling us that we could have our panel, but it would be merged as a part of the Reddit panel – kinda like a ‘social media panel’. We figured we’d settle with that, until we found out the panel was going to be held at 10pm on the Friday.

Our followers are primarily between the ages of 13-20… The majority of which would not be able to attend such a late time. So we dropped out of the Reddit panel and hoped that things would work out.

We got another email a few weeks later notifying us that our Youtube panel had been approved! But it was to be held at….. midnight….on the friday.


Ok, I know not everyone can get the time slot that they want, but midnight on Friday? Our G-rated panel following right after a “Sex and the Single Otaku (18+)” panel? SERIOUSLY??

We emailed back asking for a new time slot. We appealed saying our audience couldn’t really make it at that time. We tried reaching out to the general programming exec. No replies. So we were kinda pissed off. But we figured we’d make the best of it. We were expecting 10, maybe 20 people to show up. So we just said it’d become a crack panel and we’d joke around and have a dance party or something. No big deal!

Basically, the room that our panel was assigned to was the “Halton Room” in the Doubletree Hotel. The room is small, around the size of a classroom. Seats maybe 30 or so people. The hallway was located along a hallwall of rooms.

Ringo, Genie and I arrive at the hotel, dressed up in our Kigurumis. When we get there, we were quite surprised at the long line of people waiting at the panel rooms! I walked over to the Halton room, and it was really crowded. Maybe 50 or so people were in line! Finally met Natsumi, Lily, and Cody! They were super nice. Met up with Dom and Daryl. We all agreed that the turnout was pretty big, awesome news! As soon as the previous panel let out, Daryl, Dom and I were led into the room. Shortly after, we were pulled out by one of the panel coordinators.

“What’s going on?” I asked.
“We’re moving you to a bigger room (the Mississauga Room)”
“Why? Is our room too small?”
The panel lady looks at me like I’m stupid. She pointed to the really long line of people that goes down the hallway, wraps around, and comes back towards us. “All of these people are here for the youtube panel.”


There were at least 200 people in this line.

For a panel that was scheduled to be the last one on Friday. Going from 12AM – 1AM.

A WHOLE LINE OF PEOPLE. We all had such a huge shock! For a panel we expected maybe 20 people  to come to, suddenly, 10 times that amount show up! Nerves hit me like a wall of bricks.

We were ushered into the room. Now, this room was at least 4 times bigger than the Halton room. There was a lot of video/audio equipment set up. Lily and Cody were originally going to sit in the crowd, but since we had suddenly been given such a big panelist table, they were able to come up and sit with us as panelists! We even had a special guest, Dr Holocaust, show up at the panel unannounced! It was insane.

Soon, they opened the doors. People started pouring in. After a few minutes, the room was packed. And people were still coming in! This entire time, my heart was pounding. Daryl was freaking out. I kept exchanging nervous glances at Dom. I knew the majority of the people at the panel weren’t there for me specifically, but man, it’s quite nervewracking seeing so many people show up to hear you speak. My moetron waifus Genie and Ringo, as well as Thomas, were seated in the front row for ultimate Moetron support!

The panel started. We each introduced ourselves. Next, we talked about how we got into making content and video-making! I thought it was great because there was a wide range of panelist specialities. Clover knew most about film making, Daryl and I on vlogging, Dom for animation, Natsumi and Lily for parodies and songmaking, Cody for gameplay, and Dr Holocaust on character building/branding.

I tried my best as moderator to lead conversation / panel topics. I know some people were expecting the panel to be about youtube within the anime community, but we focused more on making content and starting up on Youtube! It was really fun. Even though we were all quite nervous, I think we relaxed a bit. About half way through, we did a bit of Q&A!

Finally, at the end of the panel, Daryl surprised everyone by doing a camera giveaway! NONE OF US KNEW ABOUT THIS! He said that a big factor in people’s decisions to make content for youtube is the lack of equipment. Cameras and video equipment can be quite expensive. He asked everybody who had considered videomaking to stand us. Then he asked each of us panelists to pick a person who was standing up. Everybody else sat down.

Then, we needed to choose somebody to win. One of the girls said she had a camera already. The people who were standing also said they had video equipment, and so kindly sat down! There were only two left. They did faceoff Rock Paper Scissors! One of the guys won, and Daryl gave him his own vlogging camera and 16gb memory card! Seriously, that was super nice of him.

What a great way to end the panel! After we left, we were all surrounded by people who wanted to talk to us and take photos with us. It was super surreal. I went from feeling like a total shut-in to feeling like a mini celebrity. Having people come up to me and say they like my videos, or how happy they were to meet me seriously made my entire weekend! You guys have no idea how happy you made me!!!

All in all, the panel was definitely the highlight of my weekend. I can’t express how much fun I had! You guys definitely showed the AN panel coordinators that the Youtube community is thriving and super active within an anime convention environment! Hopefully they’ll take this into consideration when Daryl organizes it next year! (Since I’ll be in the UK and and I think Dom/Natsumi/Lily/Cody are moving out to LA…?)

I’ll write up a full con report soon! 😀


Hello lovelies! Long time no see!

I’ve been quite busy starting up the new year. I’ve been working harder at my video projects on my youtube lately – getting myself into the habit of filming regularly for my exchange, if get approved for it! If you guys are curious, please check out my channel here <3

Anyway, I’ve been getting into ASMR videos recently! For those of you who don’t know, ASMR is:

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a term used to describe a sensory experience characterized by a tingling sensation in the head and scalp, which can be triggered by sounds like whispering or brushing, and visual stimulus like painting or drawing. On YouTube, the phenomenon inspired the creation of “whisperer” videos, in which people attempt to trigger the viewer’s ASMR by speaking in a soft voice and making various sounds with inanimate objects.

Here’s a great article on VICE that explains it very well. My friend actually showed this to me when he was explaining what ASMR is.

ASMR is a bit of a weird thing to talk about. I’ve tried to talk to others about it, but I get weird looks. But it’s understandable I guess, especially if you suddenly come across an ASMR video of somebody whispering, pretending to be a tattoo artist. (Refer to video linked at the end of this post~)

I’ve experienced ASMR triggers from as long as I can remember. When I hear quiet whispering or tapping/scratching noises, it sends a lovely tingle in my head, down my back and through my legs. Weird, I know, but it’s been very helpful! Usually around October, I tend to get depressed/tired/stressed, and this usually lasts until about February/March. It’s not a terribly bad depression, my general mood just takes a dramatic dive. But it’s a bit more complicated and personal, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Anyway, these ASMR videos have really helped me to ease up and relax a bit more. I went through this period around exams where I was sleeping about 3~4 hours a night and couldn’t fall asleep, felt super anxious, and generally tired all of the time. Listening these noises/whispering videos put me to sleep within minutes, so I really owe something to these youtubers who helped me ease up and restore a positive sense of mind.

Here are some of my favourite ASMR videos. Some of them are people softly whispering, some are crinkling/tapping noises etc, some are soft spoken relaxing role plays. They often use bi-aural microphones which are amaaazzziiinnnggg, especially when you listen to them with headphones on.

If you’re feeling stressed or sad lately, I highly recommend lying down, plugging in your headphones, closing your eyes, and listening to these whisperers!
…PS I’ll have some circle lens + beauty reviews up soon! :]

Emmy Altava – Cosplay Photoshoot @ Tiffany Falls

About two weeks ago, the photography team Reverie Creative Studios messaged me in regards to a collab photoshoot! They had never shot cosplay before and wanted to give it a go. They have some great work on their facebook page so agreed to work with them! I’ve never worked with them before, but they’re based in Toronto (quite convenient :D)
Anyway, they wanted to try shooting my Emmy Altava cosplay at Tiffany Falls in Hamilton, Ontario. I was super excited because I wanted to re-enact some shots from Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva! Even some similar shots to the scenes in Professor Layton and the Last Specter. 

It is a beautiful location! Great for foresty shots. I want to find somebody to cosplay Slenderman so we can do slender shots haha!

Here are some photos:

“…What’s this? Could this be another clue?…..A letter?”

(Context behind why I’m beating up a wolf – In the movie, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, puzzle 003 requires the Professor, Jenis, and Luke to escape from a pack of wolves in order to reach the castle. They trap themselves in a cage, pick it up, and use it as a shield as they carry it towards the castle!

You can watch that scene here: (starts about 3 minutes in.)

Although Emmy Altava isn’t in this part of the movie, I have a feeling that she would just beat up those wolves and carry on. EMMY USED ROUNDHOUSE KICK! YEAH!


After we finished shooting at Tiffany Falls, the photographers decided that they also wanted to check out Webster Falls! It was actually on top of the Hamilton mountain, but the park that it was located in was gorgeous! The path leading down to the bottom of the falls was closed off, so we had to try other locations….
…Like right at the edge of the waterfall/cliff area! It was a huge drop so I was kind of spooked the entire time,  but the photos look really cool!I love the editing! ( `・∀・´)
It was a super fun shoot! I caught a cold after though so I’m currently suffering from a sore throat and sniffles.  ヽ(`⌒´)ノ

I also filmed a little vlog. The beginning is just me rambling about things as I wait for them to come pick me up! 

Rorona Frixell- cosplay @ otakon!

Hello darlings~

Got the first legit picture back from Otakon of my Rorona Frixell cosplay!

Photo by Anna Fischer!

I’m so happy that I got to shoot with her at Otakon! Before meeting her, my friends and I used to lurk her wonderful cosplay photos on her flickr page… We called it the flickr cosplay hall of fame haha!  She was wonderful to shoot with in person! Sami and I were all fangirly because she actually directed us in the photos. As cosplayers, we shoot with lots of photographers who kind of stand there and don’t give much direction, usually resulting in a photo that could have so much more potential to look awesome. 
Anyway, I was rushing to finish this cosplay before the convention. Genie was kind enough to let me borrow her sewing machine because mine was broken. I sewed everything except for the collar which was stitched on in the hotel the night before the convention. 
This was probably the best cosplay that I’ve ever made myself. I’m so happy as to how it turned out! I was super depressed about it on the Friday before the con because I was convinced that I was going to look like absolute crap in it. (Kept moaning about how I would only wear it for a few hours and then change out of it.) On the morning of the convention after putting the whole thing on for the first time, I looked pretty awesome in it! Especially with all of my makeup and accessories on! 
Hopefully I’ll get some more shots when we wear it at Anime North 2013 next year! I’ll try to do a construction breakdown soon.
You can see shots of it in my Otakon 2012 highlights video! 

Bad blogger!

Hi guys!

I’m such a terrible blogger! I originally started this blog with the idea in mind that I would post multiple times a week/month, but that clearly hasn’t been happening! (Last year I did 5-10 posts a month, but in the past few months I’ve only been doing 2-3…. ) I do all posts for myself, as a sort of diary, but I’ve been slacking. I suppose I’ve been directing my energy towards my youtube channel (which has gained a sudden boost in viewers! Almost 5000+ in under three months)

I’ll be blogging more in a few days once I get all of the Otakon vlogs up!
I also ordered quite a few things (mainly makeup), as well as some cosplay posts!

Please look forward to those! 

For now, here’s a video that I was in! I’m at 1:45 in the pink hair (Rorona cosplay) with CourtoonXIII, Solo, Dejavudea, Genie, and Sami! Again at 2:00 as Emmy Altava from Professor Layton!


The Saturday of any convention is usually the biggest day for us, where we debut our biggest costumes. But since our planned costumes (Atelier) fell through, we didn’t really have anything to do. So we wore ‘maid version Black Rock Shooter’ aka super lazy last minute cosplay. 

Thomas wasn’t able to drive us from our hotel to the convention centre so we had to walk. We were super sweaty from walking in the sun with large weapons! To make it even worse, a skateboarder pushed past Ringo at top speed and knocked her and her canon over.   So dumb, seriously! Why couldn’t he just slow down? 

 We got to the con and met up with Karameru! Derpy faces yeaaah! 

After arriving at the convention, we rushed to catch the last half of the Pinku Project concert! They were so good! We all felt so enthusiastic while watching their performance. I didn’t have my camera with me, but I’m sure Sami will be uploading some pictures!  We did a bit of wotagei even though we didn’t really know how to haha, but it was a fantastic concert. Can’t wait to see them at their next event! So moee~ 
We left the convention in search of some food. 
This is what my cosplay looked like by itself. Just a basic maid outfit with red collar and thigh high bows, white apron, BGS horns, and my King Saw! I gave King Saw a moe little head bow too! 

 Photo with Ringo and my friend Julia! 
Ringo’s outfit was like mine – blue ribbons only on collar and on shoes! Her canon also had a big blue bow!
I tried posing like this because I figured BGS would be a tsundere or yandere character, but I don’t think I pulled it off well. I need to practice my tsundere faces! 
We didn’t stay in Black Rock Shooter meidos for too long. Ringo changed into regular clothes and I just changed circle lenses and transformed into moe moe kyun Mio! 
Now for some awesome cosplays!
Piranha plant!
Thornrose /Guy and his friend Iridescent-Fall / Chantal cosplaying from Ao No Exorcist. I haven’t watched the anime before but they had fantastic costumes! I wish I could cosplay as well as you guysss~~~ 

THE TRUEST OF LOVES. lol, honestly one of my favourite pictures of the weekend. The location of pedobear’s hand is so appropriate. 

Team Fortress 2 cosplayers! BLU team engineer, sniper, spy, and medic. Probably the best TF2 group at AN! They did a fantastic job. Ringo and I are pretty big fans of the game (we often play together on steam), we walked past the Engie and Spy and were like SPY IN THE BLU BASE,  and EEERECTIN’ A DISPENSER. 

YEAAH MUST TAKE A PICTURE OF HUSBANDO EVERY YEAR. I honestly hunt down Professor Layton cosplayers lol… After I took their picture I told the Layton that he should have some hint coins but he only looked at me and laughed nervously, orz. 

RED SNIPER YEAH! He had a jarate. +10 POINTS. 
 Another really great Mako cosplayer! He even had a litte Pabu on his shoulder, really cute! He did a great job! 
 Bolin, Korra, and Mako doing fanservicey poses.
Not sure who the Bolin is, but he, MeltingMirror Cosplay and Kyle were a fantastic group!

 Dragon Ball Z cosplayers! They had really great costumes, especially those wigs! The Vegeta even recognized me from youtube! 

Hands down favourite cosplay of the weekend. LEMON GRABBBBBB!!!!! 
I didn’t take many photos on the Saturday because I didn’t bring my camera with me when I was wearing maid Black Gold Saw. But I was able to film a vlog!


Hello everyone! It’s that time of year again – convention season! 

This year’s Anime North has marked the fifth year since I started going to conventions, and the third (I think?) since I started cosplaying. It’s quite strange to think that I’ve been attending anime conventions for half a decade now! But I don’t regret anything, I’ve made so many new friends and had so many great experiences. 

This Anime North was a strange one since we kind of lost motivation as the convention approached. A lot of it had to do with the fact that we weren’t able to put together our Atelier group like we had originally planned. My sewing machine broke about a week and half before the convention so a good amount of our costumes were rushed and attached with fabric glue.  We were also at the Courtyard Hotel which was much further than where we usually stay (due to last minute booking) and we had to walk for about 15-20 minutes to get to the convention centre.

Our hotel was really nice!  We stayed at the Courtyard Hotel, which is just next to the Marriott. Although it was far, the rooms were really nice. We booked a two person room with two queen beds. The room was spacious and there was a big bathroom!

We got to the hotel and unpacked. We hadn’t completely finished our Pokemon cosplays because my sewing machine broke. Ringo’s skirt was basically a cut and creased piece of fabric tucked into an elastic band that was died around her waist! Eheheh~ 


Headed to the convention after and met up with Karameru and Sami. Walking outside was death, it was about 30 degress outside and we were quite sweaty. We walked to the grassy area beside the convention hall and took some photos in the long grass!

 “I wonder where all the pokemon are!” 
 A wild Kyuubey appeared! 
 Kyuubey used Contract! It failed!
 Trainer Sachie used a net ball!
 Success! Trainer Sachie captured Kyuubey! 
Waha! Another …pokemon…. added to my collection! 
Also took some crack pictures of Ringo (Leaf) and Sami (Howl)!
Probably two of my favourite pictures this weekend! Sami and Ringo make such perfect Howl and Leaf cosplayers!
We took loads more awesome photoshoot photos with my T3i. Here are my favourite shots of each of us!
You can see the rest of the photos on my facebook page

After shooting, we decided to walk back and meet up with some friends for a bit. Saw Guy in his pretty Lelouch cosplay again, and also Kyle / Zacloudseth in his pretty Mako cosplay. So many pretty boys, makes me super depressed ~ 
Kyle got a pikachu plush for Ringo because she needed a pokemon. BUT IT’S ACTUALLY A PIKACHU THAT TRANSFORMS INTO A POKEBALL! So disturbing. 
Regular pikachu and kawaii desu Mako-chan~
Genie didn’t cosplay with us this year because she had only returned from her vacation in China two days prior to the convention. She just stayed at her artist alley table and sold prints. Her art is fantastic! You can check it out here. 
It was a pretty uneventful day. We returned back to the hotel to change and relax. We pigged out on instant noodles. 
Here are some pics of our hotel room after we unloaded all of our stuff lol, so messy!
 Alynn sewing the rest of her American McGee’s Alice cosplay! You can see her giant pepper shaker prop in the background. It was super well made!  Alynn, teach my your skills! Also my Pokemon wigs hanging off the TV because I didn’t bring my wig head. Thread and needles on the carpet lol…

Clothes, cup noodles and food everywhere.

….More of the mess. Even though the room was pretty big, our stuff was everywhere! 
And before we knew it, the day was over. Here’s the vlog for Friday! 

Cosplaying Rorona #1 : Making the Purse

Hello my lovelies! Long time no talk!

I’m back today with a cosplay post! Anime North 2012 is less than one month away, and I’ve been getting work done on my Rorona cosplay. For those of you who didn’t know/don’t follow my facebook or twitter, I’m cosplaying Rorona from the RPG game for PlayStation 3 – Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland 2.

I was drawn to this design because she’s so cute! Her outfit is very comfortable and she has a small but intricate prop. After I cosplayed Black Gold Saw last year, I wanted to wear something less painful with a prop that wasn’t so huge. I have a feeling this will be my favourite cosplay so far! Compared to the other cosplays that I have made myself (Meiko and Mio), this is my favourite costume design.

Unfortunately, it looks like Ringo won’t be able to join me as Totori for Anime North. Genie won’t be able to do Meruru either since she’s going to China and getting back on the Wedsnesday before AN so she won’t have time to work on it. If Ringo decides to go to Otakon, we’ll have out full group ready for then! 
Ringo and I are currently working on a backup cosplay for Anime North because we always cosplay together. I’ll still bring Rorona for a day though for a test run.
Annnyway, as you can see in the picture above, Rorona doesn’t have a bag. 
Totori does though (reference design above) , so I decided to design a bag for Rorona that looked in character, Atelier style. This way, I’d be able to carry around my stuff in a small pouch without having to carry around a huge bag that didn’t go together with the costume.
Went to Fabricland and found discounted leathery material, perfect for the bag! 
First, I made a pattern out of newspaper, testing out possible dimensions. I made the dimensions of the bag a small-medium size. I left extra space around the actual size to sew the pieces together. Then I transfered the pattern into the pleathery material and cut the pieces out.
Here are all of the pieces laid out. 
Since I bought too much pink sable suede for her cape, I decided to use the extra material to line the inside of the bag. I labelled the pieces on the ‘wrong’ side of the fabric (the side that wasn’t soft.)
The pink isn’t that bright either, it’s more of a muted raspberry colour.
Then, I sewed pockets made from white drapery material (also extra material from the pattern that I was going to use on the white part of her cape.) I sewed the pink onto the other side of the pleathery material. 

I attached the pieces side by side. This way, I’d only have to attach the bottom and then sew up the sides. (lol you can see all of my loose threads, oooops.) The pocket on the far left is for my iPhone, and the one next to it (which is the front of the bag) is for small things like cards or makeup, change etc.

When I sewed it all together, it looks like this! (The left side of the bag in the picture looks a bit wonky, but it’s because I didn’t straighten out the bag properly.) I folded in the top, still going to fix that.

Next, I cut out the patterns for the flap. I sewed them together like what I did with the other pieces.
The flap itself looked really boring so I decided to add some beaded designs! Totori’s bag has a sun and moon design, so I decided to use a floral inspired design. Beading took forever, orz. 

 Taadaa! For my first time doing pattern beading, I’m quite pleased with the design! I think it suits the Atelier designs quite well.

 Close up! 
What the inside of the bag looks like. It’s still a bit messy, I have to clip all of the loose threads and sew on the other side of the strap. 
Despite not being an official part of her costume, I’m glad I have a bag now! I’ve tried filling it. It holds my phone, camcorder, a bottle of water, my wallet, and some cosmetics. 
I’ll be posting more cosplay progress soon! Let me know if you’re going to Anime North this year! 
Oh, and I’ve posted two more videos on youtube. If you haven’t visited my channel yet, you should! 😉 I’m getting into the habit of uploading more often. I’ll probably vlog about my cosplay progress as well! 


Recently, I was watching Ackson’s new video;

When I noticed what looked like Tissue Hime in the background.


For those who don’t know who Tissue Hime is, he’s basically a crossdressing bass guitar player who became extremely popular on the japanese video hosting website called Nico Nico Douga.
He has amazing bass guitar playing skills, and has performed many covers of japanese/anime songs.

Sorry for the random post, I just really love Tissue Hime. XD Never expected anybody to cosplay him!
(Or, what if that actually WAS him? :O??) I hope to learn bass and maybe one day become as great of a bass guitar player as him! 


Hallo everybody! :3

It’s really hot here now because it’s summer. It’s like, 30*C every day!
Too hot! ;A;

So far my summer has just consisted of working on my Hiiragi cosplay and learning dances!

These are the dances I want to learn! 😀 (In order!)
-Renai Rider
-Princess Bride
-Ne Ni Ge De Resetto
-Cirno’s Perfect Math Class

I want to dance like my favourite dancer on youtube! 3wewewe3 ♥
She’s fantastic! 😀

haha! and new video!

Hallo everybody!

I’m really happy today!

This morning was a late start because of EQAO testing for grade 9 students… (EQAO is a provincial math test that all grade 9 students must take… It’s for statistics or something…) So first period I did my french oral exam… I think I didn’t do too well because I couldn’t remember my monologue! It was horrible!

Anyway, remember the french test I mentioned earlier? The one I couldn’t finish because I needed to go to the washroom so badly that I handed in early? I got 97% on it! Wow! I couldn’t believe it! o___o!!

I thought I did poorly, but apparently I did pretty well? I’m not sure if it’s a mistake or not, I’m basing these on the mark that was on my mark update sheet! So that test boosted my overall mark 5%!! YAY~~
I also got perfect on my final major project in comtec!

Life is good! Haha! <3

Oh, I uploaded Luka Luka Night Fever!
I made quite a few mistakes, but that’s okay since it’s just a practice video! I plan on doing it again in my Mio cosplay! 😀
It’s a really tiring dance though! It was hard to smile and do such a hard dance at the same time!

Thank you so much for the + subscribers! I still can’t believe it!


I’m excited! But the next few weeks are going to be really tough! D:
I have to learn a few dances for the Xacti Campaign!

It’ll be really crazy, but it’ll all pay off in the end, right? ;’D

I recorded the Fit’s Gum Dance! It was really fun!
Although I do have a few manly grunts inbetween because the CD player didn’t stay on repeat. D:

Oh well, I shall update later~
Byebye! :’D